Peaches & Dreams Finished


The quilt was finished and taken to the wedding.  There were so many gifts and so little time . . the bride and groom didn’t open any of them at the reception so they won’t even see the quilt til they get back from their honeymoon.


Here’s a closeup of the quilting.  I used the Fay Feathers panto by Lorien Quilting and available in the U. S. and Canada from Willow Leaf Studio.  That’s really a fun panto!

Hey . . not only were there so many gifts . . there were so many people there.  Even one uninvited guest showed up!


This poor snake got scooped up by some kids and no telling where he ended up!




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    It’s lovely. I especially like the colors – definitely reminds me of a dreamcicle.
    The snake looks huge – never seen an all green one before. Hope never to see one again!

  2. 6


    LOVE the quilt and HATE the snake!!! I am NOT a snake person……very afraid of them even though I know most will get away from me and not hurt me. I can’t wait to hear how they like the quilt….I’m sure they will be amazed with it. They should only know how little time Chad gave you to MAKE it!!! LOL

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    Beautiful the quilting. I love dense quilting. Ugly snake. Hope he is not on the honeymoon with the newly weds.


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    The quilt is fabulous and I love the panto and will have to add that one to my collection. The snake–not so fabulous–I have never seen a snake so green! Pretty color but eeeuuuuuu…..

    I do miss the bride and groom not opening gifts at the reception though. I understand why they don’t but I still miss it. Just my nosy nature I guess.

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    Robin says

    The quilt looks lovely- I’m sure they will love it! As for the snake- well the only thing I can say is the only good snake is a dead snake!!! I don’t care what kind they are or how much they help out.

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    Toni says

    I think this has to be my favorite of the quilts you have made. I’m loving the more modern quilts in my old age.

  7. 11


    The quilt is gorgeous! Forgive my ignorance, but when you say you purchased a panto, what did you purchase? I looked at the web site, but what is a “roll”? Do you get a paper pattern that you have to stitch onto? Doesn’t that take forever to remove? Or do you mark it on the quilt? Did you have to do that for mine?


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    This quilt turned out to be really lovely. I am sure the couple will be really happy when they finally recive it. I would be… 🙂

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    This is definitely on my list to make! I love the monochromatic look, and I have a ton of purple scraps in the bottom of my scrap bin from a scrappy purple and white quilt. Maybe next winter I can do this. I’m in completion mode right now, as I’ve enjoyed way more starts than finishes the last couple of years (or longer). Now is the time to put my quilt world back in order, and I’m on a mission!

  10. 15


    That panto is absolutely perfect on this quilt!! Plus, I really like the peach/orange color combo.
    I’m sure you’ll hear them across town after they open it. When are they coming home?

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    Coleen says

    I have enjoyed seeing all the pictures of this quilt in progress and love, love, LOVE IT!!!. What a delicious quilt!!!

  12. 17


    My experience is:
    They begin to get it together by the time they are 40……. Til then you just shake your head a lot……………………

  13. 18


    The orange has grown on me, still don’t think I’d want my bedroom this color, but its beautiful!
    Cute little snake! Never seen one that shade of green before.

  14. 19

    Sandy says

    Your quilt is beautiful. Don’t you wish couples opened wedding gifts at the reception “like in the old days” lol instead of opening them at home? I bet this was the nicest present of all. Great job!

  15. 20


    What a beautiful quilt. I really love the colors…….and is that a SNAKE???? Eeeeekkkkkkkkkk!!!!! LOL
    Take care.

  16. 22

    Sherry Bobak says

    Very pretty quilt! Love the feathers! Can’t believe you got close enough to get a
    pic of the snake. I actually like snakes as long as I know they’re not venomous.
    Crazy me!

  17. 24

    Regina Scott Brooks says

    Judy, Judy, Judy. When there is going to be a picture of a snake in your post we need a heads up in the post title so I can prepare myself! Yeah even that little ones gives me the heebie jeebies.

    That Peaches & Dreams quilt is DEVINE!!!! Right now I am on an orange buying spree for my stash. I have been collecting them for at l 1/2 years and without knowing it I might have been preparing for just this pattern. Thanks for the instructions.

  18. 25

    Terri says

    I’ve never really been an orange fan but man I love this quilt! I can taste the dreamsicles from the ice cream truck when I was a kid. I even looked thru my stash (which btw is itty bitty since I’m new at this lol) for oranges so I can do this. Didn’t find but a couple so sadly I’ll have to go shopping…..