The mulberries are ripe and the deer love them.  There’s hardly a time I go outside that there isn’t a deer, or two or ten in the back yard.  This particular one is so skinny.  Most of the deer are real nervous and run off the minute they hear us but this one . . it just hangs around and keeps eating.


She looks up at me when I walked out with my camera.


But then went back to munching on mulberries.


Then she decides to walk on over towards the chickens.


They’re watching the deer!  The chickens are so inquisitive.  They watch anything that moves out there.


Moving on to greener pastures . . where there’s hopefully no one with a camera and no gawking chickens.



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    Judi says

    We have a little guy that hangs in our front yard and we found a bedding area in our field. He graced my grandkids with his presense when they spent the night last time.

  2. 4


    Does kind of look like poision ivy! Don’t brush up against it!

    I love your chickens! They’re so cute!

    If the Sunday meatballs are made with ground beef, I couldn’t that as a ground beef day and make Saturday and Monday your non-beef days. You can do it!

  3. 5

    Kathy McC says

    Deer are getting TOO domesticated and I think your ability to get close to it is one of the things that is going on.

    The chickens really are getting big and now look like chickens! I LOVE the tarp over part of their run way. WIll we get to see close up pictures of them sometime soon?

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    Your house is probably only about a good day’s drive from mine, but oh the difference in seasons. Our mulberries are still just little green nubbins. And if it stays this cold & wet maybe that’s all they’ll ever be. Yesterday it only made it up to 60 & today doesn’t look much better. We have the deer just like you do though. Almost every day my husband comes in & says the deer have plowed across the garden again. They like strawberries, too. Green, ripe, they think they’re all yummy. As many as you have you may as well give up the idea of a garden unless you want to build a 12 ft. fence around it. Deer are beautiful, but what pests they can become.

  5. 10


    Wow, how lucky you are to see deer so often. I’ve seen a few from the side of a road, while desperately hoping they won’t jump out in front of the car, and then one last year while at the Shenandoah National Park that I got a couple pictures of.

    Such beautiful creatures.

  6. 11


    You think my deer know your deer? We aren’t really that far away. I’m just south of Jefferson City by 10 miles.
    Our mulberries are just starting to ripen too. So are the wild rapsberries!

  7. 12


    I am ashamed to say I don’t know what a mulberry is! Is it a tree or shrub/ We have deer and they are cute to see but like to eat all that I plant. Love those chicks!

  8. 13


    When I was a little girl there was a mulberry tree in our yard. I used to climb as high as I could with my book and sit reading and eating mulberries til I was nearly sick. I never see a mulberry tree any more. 🙁 blessings, marlene