Perfect Half Square Triangles

If you’ve paid much attention at all to the quilts I make, you know that most every one of my quilts has more than a few half square triangles. . I’m always looking for a “new and improved” method for making perfect half square triangles. Maybe I’m the world’s worst presser because no matter what method I use, they get distorted when I press so the only way I can get my half square triangles to come out perfect is to use a method where I trim after pressing.

At quilt market in May, June Tailor’s booth was across from us and Katy and Kristie were demoing a new half square triangle ruler. As best I could, I was trying to watch what they were doing from across the aisle and never quite figured out what would make their Perfect Half Square and Quarter Square Triangle Ruler so great. The last day of the show, I walked over to their booth and Katy explained it all to me. It seemed easy enough and after market closed, she gave me the ruler she’d been using for demos.

Once I tried this ruler, I don’t see that I’ll ever use another method for making half square triangles. I love it! The half square triangles come out so perfect but what I like best is that the half square triangle is under the ruler so when I hold the ruler down, the fabric isn’t moving at all and I have the whole ruler on which to place my fingers . . no reason at all to get my finger too close to the rotary cutter!

Please click on this video link to watch a little demo of the ruler in action. It’s an amazing new tool for those of us who love half square triangles. I’m sure using the ruler to make quarter square triangles is just as amazing but I haven’t done that yet. I’ve been too busy making this quilt, which by the way, has 614 half square triangles. I put the ruler to a good test and I do love it!

After watching the video, if you think you would like one of these rulers, please ask your local quilt shop to get them! They’ll be more than happy to do so . . and maybe you can even do a demo of the ruler at your local shop!

June Tailor has very generously donated 5 of these fantastic rulers to be given away on my blog. All you have to do to be eligible to win one of them is to leave a comment about your experience with half square triangles! You can tell about a quilt you made, when you first learned to use half square triangles, a big mess up you made with them .. anything related to half square triangles will get you eligible for the rulers. The winning names will be drawn June 15 about noon and the rulers will be shipped directly to the winners from June Tailor.

And . . remember what’s on my design wall?  Next week I’ll be sharing that pattern with you.  Yep, 614 half square triangles but you can do it . . especially if you have this handy dandy Perfect Half Square Triangle Ruler!

Also, the cone thread racks that readers often ask about are a June Tailor product also. I don’t think a lot of quilt shops keep these cone racks in stock but your shop can get it for you if you ask them to do so.

Thanks June Tailor for a great new tool and thanks for the rulers for the giveaway!



  1. 1


    Wow, I’m #1!

    My experience with HST has been awful. I’ve tried hand sewing. I’ve tried the paper pieced methods, I’ve tried trimming them down afterwards. They never stay square and the points are never in the right place. If I can find a tool that makes this easy, I’ll be able to get off of squares and rectangles!

    I really want one, can you tell?

  2. 2

    Michelle F says

    Judy I love your blog. I have used the paper for half square triangles and I like the accuracy but hate removing the paper. I also use bigger squares and then square it up but don’t like how the ruler wiggles as you are squaring up. I think this ruler might be the answer! (Don’t you always think that when you buy a new gadget!) Thanks for an informative and entertaining blog.

  3. 4


    Wow, another ruler I can’t live without! 🙂 I’ve used the ez angle ruler with sandpaper dots to prevent slipping (this is my preferred method), paper-hate removing the paper, trimming down-most accurate but not my favorite, most new and improved methods/ruler. I like the other June Taylor rulers I own, so I will get this one also. Thanks for sharing something new.

    Oh, my new Fay Feathers panto arrived yesterday and I plan to test it tomorrow. 😉

  4. 5


    I tend to go back and forth between different ways of making half square triangles…my latest is the *no waste method*! But that ruler definitely looks interesting!

  5. 6

    peg says

    I, like you can only do accurate 1/2 square triangles by making them bigger and squaring up. I’ve tried the paper foundation way and find it, let’s just say lacking for me. Triangles and I have a stormy relationship but I do so love quilts made with oodles and oddles of 1/2 square triangles. It’s the same way with flying geese, they squawk and fight me every step of the way

  6. 7


    I have seen this demonstrated and thought it was great.

    My experience with half square triangles is like some others, make them big them cut them down. Even then I try to hold my mouth just right so I don’t mess them up. 🙂

  7. 8


    Okay, I’m intrigued. I use a variety of methods for 1/2 squares, depending upon how many I need at the time. I can see that this would be handy for the “cut ’em a tad bigger and square ’em down” method that I sometimes use.

    If you like June Tailor products, I highly recommend the Shape Cut Plus for cutting strips, squares, units, and subcutting. I thought it was gimmicky at first, but now I’m a believer!

  8. 9

    Cynthia says

    I don’t make them anymore. Never straight, never the same size, never match up. I failed the 1/2 square triangle class.


  9. 10


    That ruler looks great for squaring up but the rest of the process looks a bit fussy. The best method I’ve used is Eleanor Burns’ grid method. It takes a bit of time to mark the lines, but the sewing goes fast & so does the cutting apart. Of course you still have to square up for accuracy & it looks like the June Taylor ruler might work well for that. I’d have to try one in person though before I laid out the money.

  10. 11

    Linda says

    I’ve not worked with half square triangles very much. When I have, they almost always have come out wonky. This ruler looks like it would really help stop everything from slipping and sliding.

  11. 12

    Nancy says

    Who knew? I’ve never known about making them larger and then cutting them down! So that would have helped, I’m sure. Mine are often “wonky” and I don’t help the situation by trying to press them “right.”

    Would love, love, love the ruler! If I don’t win, guess I’ll hunt down a place to buy one, huh?

  12. 13


    I love quilts with half square triangles in them. I’ve tried the paper way. but if your not really careful taking the paper off you can pull out your stitching & then there was the time I made 400 HST on paper only to find out after they were finished that I had made the grid the wrong size. I usually just make the squares 1/8″ bigger & trim down now. But this ruler looks great!

  13. 14

    Jeanie says

    I have the same trouble making those HST’s. And most quilt blocks have them. Would love to try this new ruler. It seems to have everything I use in one tool!

  14. 15

    peggy says

    I’ve always been a “trimmer.” And I’ve always hated how the fabric stretches on the sewing line anyway. With all the care I’ve taken, I still usually end up frustrated with the results. Could this ruler be the answer? Like others have said, finding the newest tool is such a GOOD thing.

  15. 16

    Elaine says

    I use the paper way so far. Would love to try out the new ruler!


    PS My bear in the farmhouse quilt is almost done — except for the HST on the border……..

  16. 17

    Coleen says

    I watched the video even though I don’t have working speakers at present, so I could at least “see” what you were talking about! I’d love to try out this ruler, which I have not seen before… My preferred method for sewing triangles is also to begin with over-sized squares and trim away the extra after sewing and pressing…

  17. 18

    Bessie H says

    Unfinished half square triangles have resulted in more than one
    UFOs in my closet.

  18. 19

    Kathy Boehm says

    I have tried many ways of making half square triangles. Most of them I like, except the bias square method. ACK!!!! Would love to try this new ruler, as my next project has many, many, many HSTs in it.

  19. 20


    That is an amazing tool. I usually draw a line in the centre of the square and then stich next to it on both sides, but often my stitching is not accurate and it is very frustrating to end up with a block that is too small. This is like 3 tools in one. Fabulous. I am definitely going to search for one on line, can’t wait for the quilt shop to get them! Thanx for showing us.

  20. 21


    The first three quilts I made had HSTs in them. I was teaching myself from books and just sort of guessing how to do things. I don’t think a single square in any of those quilts lined up the way they were supposed to, unless it was by accident. 🙂 I’ve learned a lot since those first attempts. Often I look at complex patterns and try to figure out if I could create them using simpler blocks like HSTs.

  21. 22

    Jackie Hicks says

    I’v tried ever method available and don’t just “love” any of them – guess that is why I keep trying every new method presented. I find one of the biggest problems is cutting that 7/8 of an inch. I’ve really like the June Taylor rules for cutting strips and squares so maybe I will love this one.

  22. 23


    I am looking for a better way to make halfsquare triangles because it takes me forever to do anything. I am measuring, ripping out, and resewing. I am not a very experienced quilter yet and I do like something that makes it easier to be accurate!

  23. 24

    Debbie S says

    My 17 yr old daughter picked out a pattern for her 2nd quilt – LOTS of HSTs. She tried the paper method – didn’t work well. She’s totally off quilting and won’t finish the quilt top because she became SO frustrated.

    If this ruler works well, I might be able to persuade her to give it one more try…. Or I could try and finish it for her.

    Love your blog and keeping up with you on Pam’s RealWomenQuilt Yahoo group!!

    Debbie in KY

  24. 25

    Cindy B says

    I always make my triangles over size because no matter what method I used I never had perfect sized ones after sewing and pressing.
    I feel like I’m wasting a lot of fabric by oversizing to much. I’ve been avoiding triangles unless they were super sized. I’d love to try this ruler.

  25. 26


    Looks like a great ruler! I use the June Tailor strip cutting ruler and love it. I don’t have any special way to make half square triangles except that I make them big and trim them down…the trimming down part makes them sort of a pain.

  26. 27

    Linda says

    Apparently I have the same wonky iron you do! and I also do the trim thing (often making them bigger and cutting them down)…maybe I need a ruler!

  27. 28


    I’m with you, Judy. I oversize a lot of my triangles and square them down. I’m currectly trying to figure out something to do with all my 1/2 square triangle units leftover from a jelly roll project. Been playing around with ideas for that. They square down to 1.5″…so some pretty darn small pieces!

  28. 29

    Ida Lively says

    I must be a heavy ‘ironer’. I know that I don’t “press” my fabric, I iron it … which distorts the blocks.

    So, like you, (like the OLD you?!) I find that the best (ONLY?!?) way to get perfect half-square triangle blocks is to cut/trim. I also know that the rule is 7/8, but that rarely makes much difference to me, so I’ll go the full inch up … which means I’m trimming anyway.

    There’s a ruler out there that’s amazing? I might just have to buy it … if I don’t win it. 😉

  29. 30

    Toni says

    I have tried every way possible to make HST. After watching the video, I think this might be the answer to making them accurate.

  30. 31

    Marla says

    My experiences have been hit and miss. The larger the triangles, the wonkier they get. I think this ruler would be the cat’s meow. Thanks for the chance to win one of these!

  31. 32


    One of my first efforts with HSTs was a disaster. I cut everything to exact size and stitched, only to discover why most people cut oversized and trim. Nothing came out the right size! I wasted enough fabric for a border entirely made of HSTs and then didn’t have enough of those fabrics left to redo it. Ack. Now I cut oversized and trim. I hate wasting the fabric I trim away, but at least I get the pieces I need.

  32. 33

    Julie says

    I’ve tried making HST by hand and finally found doing them on paper was the easiest. This method looks even better. I’, too, have never done much with HST until Bears in the Farmhouse! I’m ready for the HST border – but the HST’s are made just have to make into strips to add on! Judy, thanks for all you share with us!

  33. 34


    Every quilt that I fall in love with has TONS of half square triangles. And I hate how mine always end up all wonky too! Thanks for sharing a better way to get them made!

  34. 35

    Paulette says

    I’ve done the paper method, which I think I learned about here, and thought was great. I’ve also made them by hand using about the same method, drawing lines, sewing, and trimming to size. This tool looks so much handier!

  35. 36


    I love the accuracy of paper…but I really can’t stand all the time it takes afterwards to remove the paper! This ruler sounds like it would solve all of these problems…!

  36. 37


    No matter what method I use, I always get skewed HST’s and have to square them up. The easiest method, I guess, is triangle paper, but I hate taking the paper off! I’d love to be able to win a ruler and demo it at the quilt shop 🙂

  37. 38


    I wish I knew how many HSTs I’ve made in my lifetime. Or maybe not!! I am currently working on a project for a quilting class I teach that has 320 HSTs. I have a little over 100 done, and it has been daunting and tedious. I’m thinking of making it smaller now!! For years the only way I could get them to come out square, like you, is to make them slightly larger and trim them to size. I decided that this was too much work for my current project, so I am using Thangles. These seem to come out square enough that I can use them without trimming. However, there is a cost to that method. A good ruler would be nice!!!

    Thanks for your great blog. It always inspires!

  38. 39

    Kristie says

    I usually make mine larger and use the Angler 2 on my sewing machine’s bed so that I can skip the marking step. I then trim with just a regular square ruler. This method looks interesting. Hmmm….

  39. 40


    What a great tool! I love the look of HSTs in my quilts. There are so many possibilities using them. I didn’t used to square mine up. I would just make them the size they were supposed to be and sew them into the quilt top. I made a friendship star quilt with my sister and she said we had to square up ALL the HSTs. I grumbled through the whole thing but was so pleased with the final product that now I always make my HSTs a little bigger and then square them up. It looks like I could save a lot of time with that handy dandy tool!

  40. 41


    I haven’t had any major mess ups with HST……I usually use the easy angle for sizes over 2 inches and for smaller I use the bias strip method………where I have had a major mess up was my first experience with quarter square triangles……when you cut them like HST and make QST the edges are all bias………not a pretty picture!!!!

    Karen L

  41. 42

    Pat B says

    I usually make the 1/2 square triangles larger so I can cut them down since they always seem to not be quite the correct size. I have tried many different methods too. Like so many quilters I am always looking for a better way.

  42. 43

    Tricia says

    Two half-square triangle quilts that I am working-on right now:
    -a blue and white Flying Dutchman
    -an aqua and red Oklahoma Twister
    Right now I don’t even trim up my units, I just end up stretching or squooshing them to fit! (Is that too horrible to admit?!)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. 45


    I lost my Angler 2 somehow! Nice to know someone else has one. I’m pathetic. If it’s an intricate design, I make templates or make a square, rotary cut and draw a 1/4 inch on each side. Then I pin at where the drawn lines meet together and carefully sew them. I just liked how Sally Collins does it in her “Precision Piecing” DVD. Does it work? Yes. Does it take forever? Yes.

    Told you I’m pathetic. Something faster would be nice.

  44. 46


    Half-square triangles are no trouble for me at all — as long as I am willing to accept 5-sided triangles. Some of them even have 6 sides. My triangles are SPECIAL.

  45. 47


    I think I have used every method around to do HST. I love them in a quilt but not piecing them and I haven’t really found a prefered method to do them. This ruler looks great!

  46. 48


    I love to make HST’s! I’ve tried using the square-sewn-down-the-center on both sides and trim method, I’ve used both Thangles and the other HST papers. I’ve tried cutting the squares into triangles and carefully sewing (on the bias)….there just doesn’t seem to be a fool-proof method to these necessary little buggers. I’ve always believed that the secret lies in the alignment of the planets and whether I’ve been a good girl that week! I’d love to try something that might, just might, make it easier to make HST’s! Cause, I surely do love those things! Hopefully, the planets will align and I’ll win one of them! Thanks for hosting this, Judy!

  47. 49


    Well, for some reason I can’t see the video. It isn’t there in the post for me….
    I have a wonderful pattern hanging on the design wall that I would like to do but it is ALL half square triangles and maybe a special ruler will be the trick…. \

  48. 50


    I make them big, oversize!! cut them down..square up I should say…a lot of work…thanks for sharing this Judy and June Taylor!!! Now I won’t be intimidated!!!! and wow that thread rack is awesome didn’t know where they came from will definitely mention both to local quilt shops here in NH!!!!

  49. 51


    I’ve definitely had more than my fair share of cutting HST to the “correct” size only to find out that they’re too small! Extremely frustrating! I’ve graduated to the “cut big and trim down” method as cutting, sewing and pressing HSTs only to find out they’re wrong gets old fast. In fact, I recently had to go out and purchase another 1/2 yard of fabric because my QSTs ended up being too small and I had to wash, press, and cut another set of QSTs. At least now I have a bunch of QST to use as stash! 😉

  50. 52


    I usually cut 2 squares in the right size and sew a 1/4 inch on either side of what would be the center of those squares. Then when cut I have 2 perfect HST. Always looking for a better way though!

  51. 53

    Sara says

    Just watched the demo. That’s great. I, too, make alot of hst because the pinwheel is my go-to block for everything. I also have alot of June Tailor products. Keep up the good work Judy, i love your blog. I live south of you in NW Arkansas, so we usually have similar weather, etc.

  52. 54


    I love HST’s and I think every quilt deserves a triangle! May favorite method is triangle paper. I hate cutting everything larger, sewing and then cutting it to size.

  53. 55

    Janna says

    oh! I love that ruler … what a great idea! I hate to admit it, but there have been times when I’ve completely changed a pattern just to avoid those triangles.

  54. 56


    I’m currently working on a lady of the lake quilt where each block uses 16 half square triangles. It’s for our queen bed and I put it away for about 3 years!!! Now I’m down to my last 30 blocks and need – 480 half square triangles. still! This ruler might be a little late for me. I cut my squares at 2 7/8, stack light onto dark right sides together, draw a pencil line down one diagonal corner, sew 1/4 on either side, then cut on the line. Then press. It’s a looong process! I do press them now whereas when I first started quilting I didn’t think I had *enough time* to!! What a difference flat blocks make! Thanks for the chance at the ruler. You can check out my progress every week on my blog Of course, this week, I’m behind!:)

  55. 57


    I pretty much make my HSTs the same way but with conventional rulers — it would be kind of nice to have all those cutting lines in one easy tool!

  56. 58


    I have a HST square-up ruler from Eleanor Burns. One that does 1/4 squares too would be so nice! I save the Waste triangles from my Flying geese blocks, stitch them up. Squaring them up would be so much easier with the ruler. I can always use another ruler! Can hardly wait to see what’s on your Design wall next Monday…

  57. 59

    Peggy says

    I also like to use half square and quarter square triangles. I do not like to square up using a square ruler, because they like to move because of the bulk of the seam to the one layer of fabric. When I am making something using triangle I cut 7/8″ larger then the finished square. Then I usually use the Quilter’s Rule Quick Quarter ruler. The basic idea is the same as the June Taylor Ruler by marking the stitching line. The difference is the June Taylor Ruler is marking with in the ruler and not to the outside, plus the ruler for squaring up is attached. I think the June Taylor Ruler would be one that I would like and be less apt to loose or break.

    Thanks for the heads up about this ruler.

  58. 60


    That ruler is pretty slick! I NEED one of those! If I am making lots of HST of the same colors, I will make a grid with 1″ bigger boxes on the lightest fabric, mark them, pin and sew them all at the same time and then cut them apart, trim, press and trim again squaring. It saves time doing it this assembly line way than individually. If it is to be very scrappy w/ lots of combos I do it the same way you do. All the same steps. I have tried the 7/8″ more method and it never works. You say this ruler is accurate and works? I’m there!

  59. 61


    The first quilt I ever made was a Christmas wall hanging consisting of a “zillion” half square triangles. I managed to finish it and declared quilters were crazy and I would never quilt again as long as I lived! That was quite a long time ago. I started to quilt about 5 years ago. I am having a wonderful time with it.

  60. 62

    Helene says

    My quilt shop is recommending using Thangles, though tearing the paper off just adds another step. This ruler looks like a “must have.”

  61. 63


    I LOVE hst but I HATE trimming after I press. Especially when there are a lot of them. I would love to find the perfect method. I have choosen to deal with wonky blocks rather than trim 100 of them, so this method soulds like a must have for me.

  62. 64

    Mary Jo Jones says

    I am such a perfectionist that I cut the squares larger, sew them and then trim to size…it works but it makes more steps. I think June Tailor has a great concept! Thanks for all that you share!

    Mary Jo in Iowa

  63. 65


    I have tried Thangles & Triangulations but still don’t get the result I would like. I usually cut my squares bigger than the necessary 7/8″ and trim after sewing the diagonal. I would be really anxious to try this method.

  64. 66


    I am having a weird time with this post….there are big grey numbers in front of each comment (with Rhonda Phillips’ being 64 and so on before hers) and also the video isn’t showing up for me. I want to see this. I”m sure it must be MY computer since nobody else is mentioning having trouble seeing the video. I guess I’ll have to try again later. As for having trouble with HST, I nearly cried the first time I had to make some of them…..near the beginning of my quilting days…..and nearly gave up quilting because of how distorted they were. It sounds like this is a tool I could use.

  65. 67


    I can’t see the video. I currently use Easy Angle ruler for my HSTs – I don’t like cutting fabric to odd sizes. And if my triangle distorts… well, that’s what the bias edge is for, right? 😉 Just stretch the sucker to the proper size!

  66. 68


    I love the look of HSTs and find so many of the patterns I’m drawn to have them in at least one size. I’m up for an easier way to make them!

  67. 69


    Wow!! What a great way to do one job with one tool. My first experience with HSTs was the old fashioned way…… cutting triangles and then dealing with bias edges…….EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

    Thanks for sharing!


  68. 70

    Cynthia says

    Perfect half square triangles??? I didn’t think that was possible…..mine are “wonky” at best! LOL. I think I’m failing in the pressing stage as well. My ears perk up whenever I see someone demonstrating half square triangles. I’ve studied, in depth, EXACTLY how they place the square on the ironing board, how they open up the triangle, how the iron is positioned in relation to the diagonal seam, do they use just the tip or the side of the iron etc., etc., etc.
    All this, & I still end up with WONKY….I tell you it’s just not fair because I LOVE half square triangles! (I’m plotting to make a Lady of the Lake, wonky or not….ha!)

  69. 71

    Nichole says

    I too can never get the triangles perfect unless i make them slightly larger and sqyare up afterward. This ruler would definitely make that process easier! I don’t mind the work of squaring up if I have something to listen to …tv, music, talking on the phone, etc. Recently I made a quilt for my son with tons of little tiny pinwheels. It was so cute, but I swore off making any more HST for awhile after completing it. Thanks for telling us about the new ruler. Crossing my fingers for luck in the giveaway!

  70. 72

    Diane says

    I use HSTs a lot. I use two methods to make mine, either cut two squares 1″ larger than the fisnished size of the HST unit then trim or I use Triangulations for paper piecing them if I need several made with the same two fabrics.
    This ruler looks very interesting! I have another June Taylor ruler and I really like it so I am sure this one is made just as well.

  71. 73

    Robin says

    Wow- that looks like something I’ll keep an eye out for (if I don’t win one!) Mine always turn out lopsided also or too small. And I haven’t figured out how to make them bigger and then square them up

  72. 74

    gina says

    I tend to shy away from hst;s. Maybe until now. The last one I did was with triangle paper, and still the dog ears bark at me:(

  73. 75


    Really interesting video. I use the June Tailor mat to cut strips. It looks like the same process. The times that I have used half-square triangles I used Triangle Paper. I had to remove the paper and still had to square up the block. I’d love to try this ruler. I have a project that is square blocks and half-square triangles. It must take 100 or so half-square. I use just going to markt them by hand and use The Angler, but this looks easier. Thanks for providing additional education and quilting knowledge! Love learning new things.

    Have a great weekend!

  74. 76


    I have stayed away from triangles until the past couple of weeks. Wish I had heard about the ruler before I started my pinwheels it would of saved me a bunch of extra effort.

  75. 77


    I waste SO much fabric making half square triangles. I make them too big, then cut them down. But for some reason, I can’t do math when it involves triangles, so i’m always cutting off like 1/2″ of fabric. Either that, or it ends up like 1/4″ too small…

  76. 78


    First I learned to make them by cutting squares the size of the finished 1/2 square triangle and sewing diagonally from corner to corner, cutting off and WASTING (my pre-Bonnie-Hunter-save-all-the-scraps days 🙂 ) the triangles of fabric on one side…..the corners were always getting squiggled and mashed when starting under the presser foot. In fact I started placing a strip of paper at the start to try and prevent the the squiggle/mash problem. I later moved on to triangle paper but find it way more tedious than chain sewing squares. I’m thinking this ruler will be a huge help. Thanks for the product review!

    • 78.1

      lesthook says

      My very first quilt was the half square triangle. Was lucky I was hand sewing because my machine experience with them later was definately a challenge!

  77. 79


    Earlier this year I started on the “Brrr Park” quilt by Minick & Simpson. I bought the kit because I loved the fabric colors they used (very “icy”). The downside — six Pine Tree blocks requiring 54 1-3/4″ finished HSTs FOR EACH BLOCK! And I stilll need to make another 166 for an inner border!

    The only reason I was able to start on the project was that Quilt-Pro came out with “Print & Sew” HST software that enabled me to print out HST grids for the size I needed. Definitely good for when you need to speed sew tons of small HSTs!

    But I could see where this ruler could be helpful when I need to make larger HSTs since the software grids only print a few to a sheet for larger size squares.

  78. 80


    Great demo! Thanks for sharing it! I love their slotted ruler also, for cutting a lot of strips. I think hst’s are the best thing for movement in a quilt. I love the versatility of using them. A square is a square….but a triangle gives a quilt the movement in my opinion. I love them!

  79. 81

    Debra from MD says

    It seems that every quilt I make has half-square triangles in it. I usually cut large and trim down my units after they are sewn and pressed. This new ruler looks interesting.

  80. 82


    I’m very lucky that I don’t have any overuse syndrome or even aches and pains in my hands, wrists or forearms from quilting — with one exception. Yes, the day I tried to trim one zillion (at least) HST’s that I had made by drawing my own grid, a bit oversized so I could trim them down. The end result was good, but what a pain!

  81. 83


    This new ruler looks mighty interesting! I’ve been a quilter only 5 years but I have a good sized stack of rulers because I always want to try the new one, you know?
    The quilt I’m working on now has loads of half square triangles…it’s from Heather Finnel’s Burning the Midnight Oil BOM. You never know because sometimes even when a new way is easier you still do it the old way because that’s what is comfortable. It’s an adventure for sure!!

  82. 84


    I love this ruler. Last time I made QST after squaring them up with my ruler and rotary cutter and ended with blocks that were 1/4 inch smaller than they were supposed to be. This ruler seems the perfect solution for making half square and quarter square triangels. I love to make HST and QST for a border.

  83. 85

    Quiltinggranna says

    I make HST’s a lot as I really like all the different ways they can be used. A few years ago, several of us in my Bee did a HST swap and I used triangle paper which allowed me to get many from a light and dark fat quarter from a continuous line of sewing. I ended up making (and receiving) over 1600 HST’s and they have been so fun to use! I have about 300 left.

    • 85.1

      Bobbie says

      After trying some methods for 1/2 square triangles, I resorted to Thangles and I even have trouble there–I think I distort them by pulling the paper to hard???? So I end up pressing and pressing them to make them half way square. Hoo-Ray for a ruler that looks like all the trouble is gone. Hugs, Bobbie

  84. 86

    Lina says

    I love pinwheel quilts but put off making them because of the half-square triangles. This ruler looks like it would solve my challenges in getting them squared off properly!

  85. 87


    I like using the triangle paper, because it is so quick, but I generally use the draw a diagonal line on two squares and sew both sides of the line. I’ve also used the Easy Angle which helps avoid having to draw the line.

  86. 89

    Kathie L. says

    I’ve tried Thangles to make HST, but I find I always go back to the method of sewing the block a little big and then trimming down to the finished size I need. I recently made an Ocean Waves quilt which had HSTs that just didn’t quit!! I’m impressed with the June Taylor tool mainly because it has the marking and cutting all together in one. Plus I when I trim now, I will trim a side and the top, but am always wary of cutting finger in the process as I twist my body to cut. I’d love this tool, and can see buying it if I don’t win.

  87. 90


    The ruler looks amazing!!! I usually make my HST’s by cutting my squares 1/8″ too big so I have room to trim down. That way I know they are perfect. This would be so much easier and quicker.

  88. 91

    Mary Lea says

    Judy, that is a great ruler and the video is a seller for me. I know it would help me a lot with quarter square triangles. Mine seem to always come out uneven.

  89. 92

    Laura says

    When I can’t change my mind about using a pattern that requires lots of 1/2 or 1/4 square triangle blocks (which is -usually- what I do!), how I make them depends on the finished size. If they’re to be larger than about 3″ inches finished I use the draw the sewing lines across the diagonal method. Smaller than that I resort to the sew and tear off paper method. Neither method seems to be as comprehensive as what this new ruler will help with as far as accuracy goes, thanks for the chance to win one!

  90. 93

    Yvonne says

    Instead of adding 7/8″ to the finished size, I add 1″ and then trim down. It’s a pain when I have a lot of HSTs to trim, but it’s the only way that I’ve been able to get them accurate. It looks like this ruler would make the whole process a lot quicker, easier and safer.

  91. 94


    I love to make “bonus” half square triangles by sewing behind flying geese or similar flip and sew blocks. I throw these all in a baggie and periodically trim them to the biggest size possible for each square. I have a different HST pattern going for each size block. One broken dishes one depression blocks….. you get the idea. eventually I’ll have several quilts all from the scraps most people throw away.

  92. 95

    Jeanne says

    Judy…. I think we must have been separated at birth! I too am half-square challenged! No matter what “procedure” I use, they just always come out a little skewed. :=( Doesn’t matter the size… large, small…. I’m an equal opportunity half-baked half-squarer. I have resorted to using the paper piecing method on more than one occassion, but alas, I usually mess them up when tearing off the paper. Make them oversized? Done that… then I will mess up the trimming ! Who has time to lament all these bad half-squares? I’m the 9 patch queen!! (Peaches and Dreams is looking really good to me these days!!!)

  93. 96


    Oh Judy I just got through making a children’s quilt with some fabric triangles given to me. The quilt is a charity one – a project of my guild. It was awful! The fabric wasn’t great anyway but every other half square triangle I made seemed to distort when I ironed them! Of course, then they when I sewed the blocks together they didn’t match. 🙁 I ended up adding some machine appliqued stars and circus figures to brighten up the ugly brown fabric and to cover the worst of the non-matching places! blessings, marlene

  94. 97


    If I have to make a lot of the same HST, I use Triangles on a Roll. I like to use Thangles for all other multiple HST. This ruler looks very handy. I always have problems with QST turning out to the correct size so I hope this ruler makes them easier.

  95. 98

    JoanS says

    The only way I can make HSTs is by wasting fabric, making them larger than necessary and cutting them to size. This ruler sounds like just what I need!!

  96. 99

    Carol says

    I’m interested in this ruler! I always use a grid, making several at one time, and then squaring them to size.

  97. 100

    Jackie says

    I could never get perfect HST until I started using the Easy Angle ruler. I bought the Companion Angle and now my flying geese are perfect, too. I like being able to use the same sized strip for triangles and squares.

  98. 101


    Hi Judy! I started out cutting triangles and joining them. When I came across the ‘easy’ method which would yield two HSTs at one go, it was like I’d found treasure! When I was in a hurry and couldn’t spend time to trim them, I used these HSTs as is and suffice to say the result was not good! Now I avoid HSTs/QSTs or try to keep them at a minimum. Anything that would speed up the process of marking and trimming is welcome and this ruler looks like one such tool. Thanks for sharing your experience with the ruler.

  99. 102

    Patricia says

    I’ve been a fan of the EZ angle for years. I usually modify directions of any quilt with triangles to use them. if I have a large quantity to make I’ll sometimes use Thangles or Triangle paper. The marking feature on this ruler looks like it would solve the wiggle problem.

  100. 103

    Evelyn says

    I LOVE HST’s! I’ve made a green ocean waves quilt and cut each and every single triangle… then I repeated the process to make a red ocean waves and don’t you know – I cut those triangles a bit too big so have to re-think what my design will be. This winter I made my Happy Jacks quilt – I KNOW I used a ruler to make those HST’s but I can’t remember off hand if I used the Wondercut Ruler or my triangle one… hummm. But, I am always up for trying new ways to make this great shape! Cheers! Evelyn

  101. 104

    Rebecca says

    I’ve used the Quilt in a Day ruler, where you line up on the stitched line to trim. Closer, but not perfect yet. This looks absolutely foolproof! And there’s no way you’d come out 1/4″ off.

    p.s. I notice you have the numbers back. Easier drawing! (except for the XX.1 answers).

  102. 105

    Joan says

    Half square triangles….now that’s a scary thought!!!! I haven’t made any in ages. Mine always ended up distorted after ironing. I had to make extra large ones and trim them down. I would love a chance to try out the new ruler!

  103. 106

    sue williams says

    I cut two squares 1/2″ larger than what I need. Put right sides together and draw diaoonal line. Then I sew 1/4″ on both sides of this line. I then cut along cut line press and square up to the size I need. This new ruler seems interesting and worth trying.

  104. 107


    If I have to make a lot of HST’s, I use the Triangulations method. but when the number is small, or the squares are big, I draw the line and stitch on both sides and square up. I usually ruin a few by cutting them wrong, or slipping when squaring up. This looks like a very slick way to prevent that. Thanks for the drawing Judy!

  105. 108


    I think I would love this ruler. I have made a few quilts where it takes HST to make small stars. I really stuggled with these. Then I started lining up my two fabrics, drawing a line from corner to corner, then drawing another line 1/4 inch on each side of the center line. I sew on the outer two lines and trim down the middle. Basically it is the same way as using this ruler, only lots more steps. I still have to square up after all this too. So I think I would be prone to make more quilts with HST’s in them if I had this ruler. Thanks for sharing this with us. I made a Thimbleberries pattern called My Friend’s House. It had 3 small stars that were made with HST’s. Mine were so horrible. I finished the quilt anyway. (grin) Winona

  106. 109

    Billie says

    My first mystery quilt was full of 1/2 square triangles….and the pieces are still in a draw. I didn’t know what I was doing and they all came out two small. The only way I can get them to work now is cut up to the next inch, use scant 1/4 inch, and square up.

    Of course, I would love to win one of the rulers….grin.

  107. 110

    ewellette says

    Wow! I guess its all in the outlook. I have used several different methods of making 1/2 square triangles. My current favorite is the trianglations papers. I get the best luck with them. But I also tried 2 new rulers this year on other techniques and have found they are great, I bet this ruler would be too.

    By the way, don’t try to make 1/4 triangles when you are sick, they took forever to get done, but I was on a deadline and had to have them done. ONE BLOCK with them took 3 DAYS. ONE BLOCK!! How sad of me.


  108. 111


    Half square triangles – I hate squaring them up. I’ve tried every method invented – this one looks really interesting. I see another ruler in my future. Right now, my current preferred method when I have to make lots of the same HSTs is Triangulations papers. It’s really fast to do them that way, but if you are doing a lot of different fabrics in HSTs for a scrappy quilt, this would be great.

  109. 112


    Oh my. I hate those things. I have to make them way big and then trim down. I have tried barely pressing, steaming, dry iron, really ironing hard, wet then pin down in place to dry, yuk. I have a couple of rulers to help but so far I still am not what I would like to be in this area. It sure would help to have a try at this new one. Thanks Judy for keeping us up to date. It was really bad this year when we were doing a block to turn in for a charity, and they gave you one little piece of fabric to tie it all in, then mine was messed up and I had to search high and low for a close clone to original fabric. Not good!

  110. 113

    anna says

    I just learned to quilt a couple of months ago. As a beginner I HATED doing the HST on my 1st “beginner” quilt. I hope this neat tool/accessory will get me over that.

    thanks –

  111. 114

    carol craven says

    i showed this to my friend and she ordered one, and when i saw it I knew I couldnt afford it anytime soon, but every BOM I do at a LQS has HST’s in it, and I really would like one. I have never made perfect ones, they are always wonky, but adding
    the extra to it, and I size it up with a 2.5 inch square I made from a piece of old plexiglass works okay. But the new one would give me a better cut, and sew line
    and too, its bigger. Thanks Judy for sharing this and deers and patterns.

  112. 115


    I am about to start a quilt with a zillion half square triangles. I have got to get this before then! I waste a ton of fabric usually when trying to get the right size.

    Thank you!!

  113. 117


    Looks like a cool tool to have. I few times I’ve made quarter square or half square triangles, I have to use 2 or 3 different rulers and guides before I’m done. Love to have one of these!

  114. 118

    Kathy C says

    I use the same “2 at a time” method that Sue Williams above uses. And I too get the ‘almost good enough’ results. I have tried the “paper *angles” but find they waste too much fabric and only come in limited sizes.
    I think I may have to investigate the Perfect Half Square and Quarter Square Triangle Ruler.
    If YOU like it, it must be a winner.

  115. 119

    Kathy C says

    I just watched the video above. It was a good demonstration of the ruler.
    BUT my question is “Does anyone ever cook in that kitchen. It is WAY TOO CLEAN!”

  116. 120


    I saw this ruler at a quilt store last week during a quilt shop I went on, and almost bought it and couldn’t decide if I really needed it. Now I know I do, so I will have to find it again. Looks fantastic to me!! especially for the quarter squares.

  117. 121

    Marilyn says

    I stink at half square triangles so avoid them like the plague. I have a quilt half done with a zillion of those little buggers, all wonky and crooked and pathetic looking sitting there laughing at me, waiting to be finished.

    I mostly use squares, strips and rectangles. One, day, when I grow up, I will learn to make triangles too.

  118. 122

    Jackie Warren says

    Enjoyed watching the video. Made it look so easy. The first half square triangles I ever made was following your instructions for “Bears in the Farmhouse”. Would be great to own one of this”smart” tools….

  119. 123


    I remember the first demonstration of the Perfect pieced triangles at a guild meeting over 20 years ago! I was blown away… so excited that night I couldn’t sleep until I had drawn my little squares on some fabric and made some triangles of my own.

  120. 124

    Cynthia Fisher says

    I avoid HST if I possibly can, but when I can’t, I sew 1/4 down each side of a center line, then square them up. This ruler looks likes it would simplify that process. Thanks for the information.

  121. 125


    I like HSTs, but I’m not the master of precision that you are… so it doesn’t seem to matter if mine are “right on” or not. I’d love to be better at HSTs, but I don’t seem to have the talent or persistance to master them. Maybe a fancy JT HST ruler would help??!!

  122. 126


    I’ve used the larger June Taylor Shape Cutter to do this with Tribbles blocks. I didn’t mark with it, but squared up the HSTs 8″ (by doing the math and using the diagonal lines), then did the 2″ cuts at the same time I did the second part of squaring it up. The quilt store sold a lot of them when I taught tribbles, also known as buzz-saw. This would be handy for the smaller stuff. Right now, if I only need a few HSTs I usually just cut them and sew them together. I trim my points before I start, and use a single stitch throat plate to keep from sucking the corners down in the machine. I think for 600+ I would try most anything.

  123. 128

    Sandie says

    About 6years ago, I spent a whole day laying out triangle paper grids for HST’s using my drawing program on my computer, and could not believe my eyes when 3 years later I found the Bear Paw Productions computer disc for doing them that way Who knew ! I thought everyone would have figured that out and instead I should have marketed it ! Woulda coulda shoulda!!!

  124. 129

    Lydia says

    I first learned to do HSTs by drawing the grid on my fabric (it looked just like triangle paper, but without the paper), 1″ larger than finished (in the quilt) size. Then sewing both sides of all diagonal lines, cutting apart, pressing and squaring up. I never liked the squaring up, as it seems like a big chunk of time spent redoing stuff — I’ve already cut once, why am I cutting the same thing again. Then I found triangle paper, which I still love in some circumstances. Then I found the Easy Angle, which I now use for most things. I also have the Wonder Cut ruler, and use it sometimes as well. But my favorite methods are the Easy Angle or preprinted Triangle Paper.

  125. 130


    This looks really great. I do have some trouble with 7/8″ and really don’t like Thangles. But I would love to try this.

  126. 131

    Sherry Bobak says

    I always have a hard time getting them the right size and shape when using
    pattern cutting directions. I have to figure out how much larger to make them
    so that they end up the correct size. Sometimes that doesn’t work out so
    well. Being a newbie, it would really be nice to have a ruler to help get them
    the right size. Thanks for this contest.

  127. 132

    Jill says

    I have tried not to do any quilt with a lot of 1/2 square triangles. Only because I get so frustrated. I have tried many mathods and recently used Triangulations as you recommended. Would love to try a new way to get over my fear of using any pattern with them.


  128. 133

    KMcCall says

    Sweet. I am putting off a quilt with half-square triangles right now. Although there are 125+ other comments so far so the chance of winning is already slim and well will probably get slimmer. Oh well, it is probably my 125 UFO so my chances of finishing it soon are just about as good;)

  129. 134

    Mary on Lake Pulaski says

    I am very interested in a new way to make half square triangles. I made a zig zag quilt that was all half square triangles and used the thangles paper. I was so tired of ripping paper (which ripped out the stitching on the ends) that left little scraps attached or all over my house.

  130. 135


    I have been too scared to even try HST’s or QST’s! The last time I tried to do the HST, I was using the last of my material, cut them all up to the size blocks I “assumed” they should be, (5 1/2 for a 5 inch finished blk) and cut up all the material! You know what the outcome was…..complete waste of material and time!

    I sure would love to win this tool! Maybe I would try again!

  131. 136


    Wow, that ruler looks so cool. i actually cut my finger with my rotary cutter squaring up half-square triangles about a month ago. I don’t know what happened but the cutter jumped and sliced through my finger on the ruler. I went right out and bought one of those gloves to use when squaring up HSTs or any other close in work with a rotary cutter.

    I love my June Taylor Shape Cut and this ruler looks like it is on the same theme.

  132. 137

    Quinta da Quilter says

    No matter how I hard I try, which ruler I use, which methode I use – they always turn out wrong – somehow I manage to mess them up and it is usually very obvious to all – yikes. This looks like a perfect new ruler to come live at my house and play!!

    Hope my LQS has one!

  133. 138

    Donna says

    Quilts NEED triangles of SOME sort to make them interesting. I’ve had a hard time with hst all of my quilting life, too. Like you, the best way for me to get perfect hst is to cut them down. Maybe I should give one of these hst rulers a try. It looks easy enough!

    Thanks Judy and June Tailor for the give-away!

  134. 139

    Susan says

    Looks like the answer to a quilter’s prayer! I always have problems with half-square triangles, but this ruler looks to have all the angles covered, in every sense of the word. What a tidy kitchen, too.

    All the best, Judy, yours is the first thing I read every morning.

  135. 140

    Jerzydeb says

    It’s only 6 a.m. here on the east coast – if it were later, I’d already be on the phone to my LQS ! How cool is that. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent trying to square up 2 HST’s that weren’t square to start with. This’ll make life so much easier. We just did an online exchange of star blocks made with HST’s – My seam ripper got a really good workout !

    Thanks for the heads up on this one !

    • 140.1

      Linda Zeider says

      I am sure glad someone is looking out for us. HST & QST have been a problem since I started quilting in the 80’s. I have used several rulers and gadgets to try and find success. LOL! However, I never seem to be perfect. Just a smiggen off in some cases and I cheat a little until I get it right I would never make a quilt with 614 of them. I would get to frustrated. BTW I hate those dumb Thangles. To much playing around for me.

      Linda Z.

  136. 141

    Diane H says

    I always have the hardest time with hst. They are always wonky and it seems to take forever to get them square. This ruler would be a great help in getting them square.

  137. 142

    Audrey says

    I guess by the number of comments, I know that I’m not alone in having problems with half/square and quarter square triangles. I’ve used every method known to quilters but still end up with the corners being just a little bit off. the paper triangle paper seems pretty good but all that paper dulls my rotary blade and it’s annoying to have to rip it all off. I’d LOVE to win one of the rulers


  138. 143


    I’ve been doing half-square triangles for over 30 years and have tried almost every “new” method that has come along. The techniques I use vary with what I’m making and what I think I may have the patience for on any given quilt. Right now I have a whole pile of them to square up because they were the second set/left overs from another quilt. I’ve never found a method without some kind of challenge, so I’m thinking I need to try June Tailor’s ruler and method. Somewhere in my mind I’ve convinced myself that if I have enough alternative methods, I’ll magically get the patience to make dozens more quilts featuring half-square-triangles!

  139. 144

    Deli217 says

    Gosh, I don’t use any special ruler or gadget to make my HSTs. I prefer to stitch the triangles together instead of marking on the fabric. Why add steps? I square up after pressing.
    I’ll watch the video and see what I’m missing, I too make a lot of HSTs.

  140. 145


    Is there an easy way to do HSTs??? I’ve tried everything and they all seem to need lots of trimming or else they are all wonky. Maybe that’s why I’ve started wonky quilting. Maybe June Taylor could help me.

  141. 146


    I would love to win this ruler because I would love to make a scrappy Broken Dishes quilt.

    I am not a fast quilter and I need all the help I can get for accuracy and speed.

  142. 147

    Bon says

    HSTs. Oh boy. I’ve tried Thangles and the Quilt In A Day ruler plus just plain measuring. Do I ever get two the same size and true? Hardly ever. I tend to shy away from HSTs even though I like the looks of them in a quilt. I’d love to win one of these.

  143. 148

    Rita E says

    The video makes it look so much easier than my (time consuming) current method of measuring, sewing and trimming. I love the look of half and quarter square triangles in quilts and this certainly looks faster than what I do now.

  144. 149


    Oh my goodness! I LOVE gadgets! And this sure looks like a ‘must have’.
    Maybe I’d even consider making a feathered star if I could get this.
    Until then….

  145. 151


    My half square triangles always seem to be a little curved along the center seam. I’m not really sure what I’m doing wrong but there are a lot of quilts out there with “smiling” half square triangles.

  146. 152


    I seldom make a quilt that doesn’t have lots of HST”s. My very first quilt was composed entirely of 2″ HST’s. This ruler looks great. It’s basically the same method I already use with a regular ruler, but how much easier this one will be.

  147. 153

    Judy C in NC says

    Sure do wish I had seen this sooner as I am just now finishing up another of Bonnie Hunter’s quilts – My “Sunny” Blue Heaven – I know I follow all the directions, and when finished I sometimes I scratch my head “why do they look so out of square?”. I could most definitely use this ruler as I have 98 quarter-square trianges to go for the border and would appreciate being one of the gift recipients.

    That magic machine we keep rambling on about should also include half-square and quarter-square triangle square ups. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  148. 154


    I love using HST’s but don’t have a quarter inch foot so I have to first mark the center line (cutting line) and then mark the sewing line on each side of it. Then have to trim them down afterwards. So I don’t use a LOT of HST’s – this looks like it would be SOOOOO much easier and faster!

  149. 155


    I am currently handquilting the finishing touches on a quilt I made for my DH that had eight half-square triangles in each block, for a total of 336 in the size I made. They all turned out pretty well, but of course I did have to do some trimming. It would be great to learn a new method since so many quilt block patterns have them! My first real quilting project was a small “weekend project” that had lots of half square triangles. I used plaids in homespuns and some cheapo fabrics and boy, they stretched. My weekend project took months to finish. I was so new at quilting that I didn’t know how to make a binding and just brought the backing to the front and folded it over, mitering the corners and sewing it down into a sort of binding. It is definitely primitive! If I get brave, I will post it on my blog sometime….

  150. 156


    I, too make soooo many half square triangles and I also have an issue with pressing – it seems so hard not to distort along the bias no matter what I do.

    • 156.1

      Virginia says

      Regarding pressing the bias on a triangle. Do not move the iron except in an up & down motion. Then you seams will be flat. Think, down, steam, — up, move.

  151. 157

    Margo says

    This tool looks great! The 2009 BOM on has lots of HSTs and this tool should be a big help!

  152. 158


    Half square triangles are my nemesis! they are so difficult to get ‘right’ and I’m doing many of them right now in my BOM from The Quilt Show. Designed by Sue Garman for TQS, its a beautiful quilt – maybe this would make it easier! I’m getting ready to make bunches more and dreading it!

  153. 159

    Janet P. says

    Wow! Neat ruler! I am not overly fond of half-square triangles since they are so slow to square up (for me). This would have been an awesome tool when I did Sheryl’s mystery with her (estimated) million half-square triangles! lol I found if I used dry heat to press the seams I had less distortion, but still have to square them up.

  154. 160


    I’m working on a quilt now where this ruler would come in so handy. Being able to mark the two outer sewing lines would be so helpful! Mine seem to become distorted so easily. Crossing my fingers to win one!!

  155. 161

    JudyB says

    I just viewed the half square triangle video. I am an appliquer trying to improve my piecing skills. It is much harder to piece than applique. I am doing a BOM that has 1.5 inch squares that are half sq. triangles. My -O- My!! I am getting better. Sounds like a nice ruler to have. If you say so, it must be so. I get your newsletters and read all of them. Thanks for all your help and encouragement.

  156. 162

    Heidi says

    When I first started quilting 9 years ago, my first experience with half square triangles were a disaster, as I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I literally cut the square fabric in half, “then” I sewed the triangles together, needless to say the outcome was not very efficient at all, it’s a wonder I didn’t give up this great passion after that, thank goodness I’ve learned since then. I sew the fabric squares together with the two seams, then cut in half. This ruler seems pretty foolproof to me, thanks to the great thinker behind it.

  157. 163

    Lisa says

    I have been so intimidated by making hst that I haven’t made many quilts that include them. And when I do, they don’t end up quite right. Unfortunatly, It seems like a lot of the patterns I like, have hst in them. Maybe I will have to test out this way of doing them.

  158. 164

    Cher says

    The ruler makes it look so easy, I have in the passed had every other triangle just a little off. Will have to get myself one of these. Wonder if they are available in Canada yet?

  159. 167

    Jeanne J. says

    I love making scrappy quilts – this ruler would be great for all of those triangles

  160. 168

    Susan Henyon says

    I need another ruler like a hole in the head, but this one looks great, especially with a testimony of people who make lots. I have found that pressing my blocks is a lot more accurate with my homemade pressing board made with 100% cotton canvas, cottonn batting & plywood. I think I would oversize the squares a bit more than shown in the video. I want one!

  161. 169

    Carol says

    I never end up with perfect half square triangles. I’ve tried everything – I think it is probably my pressing – but I keep trying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. 170

    Evelyn B says

    I, too, can only make half square triangles by making them bigger and squaring them to the size I need. Even then I have been known to trim one side more than the other. I could use a new method to make them as I now avoid them.

  163. 171

    Betty says

    I never seem to be able to get them the same size. Usually one is always smaller than the other. I need all the help I can get when makins half square triangles.


  164. 172

    Cindy says

    Oh, yeah, I got to get me one of these. I either cut my triangles crooked or I sew them crooked. If I have to make 8 1/2sq triangles, there are never 2 that are the same size.

  165. 174

    Darlene B says

    I’ve tried several different methods for making half square triangles. I pretty much do what you do, Judy. I make them slightly oversized, then go back and trim them down. Extra work, but at least all the pieces will fit together properly!

  166. 175

    marge davies says

    Judy I just finished a quilt called tumbling squares. I would love to have had this ruler. No matter how hard I tried every time I pressed one I would have to square it up. I really enjoy piece quilting and you usually have hst. Please enter me in your contest.

  167. 176


    Wow Judy, that ruler is slick! I’ve been using another ruler designed for squaring up HSTs and QSTs, but the deal is that you have to move the ruler to trim each side. With this ruler, you get to do two sides at once, thereby decreasing a few steps. Nothing like saving a little time. I’d love to win one. Looks like there’s lots of competition. At any rate, thanks for the tip. Looks like a great product.


  168. 177

    Patchkat ~ Susan in TX says

    HSTs….the little blocks from h*ll. I have yet to sew a perfect one, so this ruler sounds like the purr-fect tool for me!

  169. 178

    susan rizzi says

    I always have the hardest time when triming the finished block. I make sure I have an oversized block to begin with by starting off with the full 1 inch measurement rather then the 7/8 inch. I press well and find that when I trim the diagnol seam seems to rock sometimes under my square so I feel as if I have to be double & triple checking before I trim the second time. This ruler looks like it would be much easier to trim with and more safely also. Definetly going to look for it in my local store.
    Susan R.

  170. 179

    Peggy Gilkey says

    Thanks for taking the time to post the video about this neat tool. I too have trouble when ironing the HSTs. I try to remember to press and not move the iron but they seem to come out stretched more often than not. Also thanks for the video on machine stitching bindings on!! Peggy

  171. 180

    Jill B says

    I finally got to watch the video, and am I impressed! I’m not a very experienced quilter, and the few HSTs I’ve tried to sew have come out in a variety of ways…all wrong! This ruler would make such a difference – I hope they’ll be available soon where I live.

  172. 181


    Hi Judy, like you I always have to trim my blocks after I sew them to get them accurate. I cut them at 1 inch larger than the finished size (because I don’t like messing with that 7/8 inch measurement then square them up afterward. This ruler looks like a great addition to my other notions that I use on a regular basis. I would love to win it. Terry

  173. 182

    Gail says

    Wow!!!! I would pair that nifty ruler up with a lazy susan cutting mat and my life just got easier. I, too, cut my squares 1 inch larger to make allowance for my “shortcomings”. thanks for the chance to win the ruler!

  174. 183

    Beth P. says

    My first try at half square triangles was in a beginning quilter class a few years ago. This method sure seems much easier and seems to make more perfect half square triangled and quarter square triangles. I certainly want to add this ruler to my collection.

  175. 184

    M S says

    Can’t tell you how many messes I’ve had w/HST’s over the past few years. I’ve tried many different methods. Some w/more success than others. I’ve become much more adept at pressing, and successes are beginning to out number failures. I think I’ll purchase this June Tayor ruler though, for the ease in squaring up! Regardless of which method is used, this will still be a super duper square up ruler. Thanks for including it on the blog Judy!

  176. 185

    Nancy says

    I had given up on any patterns that called for HSTs, regardless of how much I loved their look. I could never get them to sew up properly. This ruler looks like a dream to use and will help so much with the accuracy. Thanks for offering this!

  177. 186

    Anne Brennan says

    Wow, that ruler is brilliant!

    A few years ago I was part of a team making up an educational display for our quilt show. I volunteered to do a display about the different ways to make half-square triangles. I figured there might be three or four methods.

    I quickly found myself overwhelmed! There were Thangles, Triangles on a Roll, Triangulations software, rulers for marking the sewing lines to either side of the diagonal cutting line, papers containing printed grids, acrylic templates for drawing grids, instructions for drawing a grid with a ruler, and more. I finally realized I couldn’t describe and demonstrate every method in one display.

    It was sure interesting!

    Anne in Vancouver, Canada

  178. 187

    Suzanne Green says

    I love HSTs, but end up having to make them bigger and then cut them down. This ruler looks great! Thank you for the opportunity to win!!

  179. 188

    Terry says

    My half square triangles are always cut bigger to give me room to cut them down to the correct size. It does not seem to matter which directions I use to make my HST’s I always get them off enough that they need trimming. Anything that would help with this would be well worth the price : ). Thanks for your giveaway!

  180. 189

    Martha F says

    When I first started quilting (many years ago) I just sewed two triangles together and “knew” it would be perfect. WRONG!! After that didn’t work, I started sewing two squares together, but I don’t like trimming up HST because I never seem to get them square. You know the saying measure twice cut once? Well I always seem to cut and recut and recut and they are still crooked… or too small.

  181. 190

    Kathy C. says

    I had a lot of practive with hst’s when copying a quilt my great-grandmother made. Each block takes 16 hst’s, similar to broken dishes, but not quite. I have yet to find the pattern name, but I keep looking!

  182. 191

    Sharon says

    The last few times I had to make them I used one of those Easy Angle things and they work okay but I still have trouble getting them all the same size. This sounds like a plan for me.

  183. 192

    Barbara W says

    HSTs. are not my friend and vice versa. Although if Judy has some problems ….being the newbie to quilting that I am, I guess I don’t feel too bad, and maybe if I had a really cool tool to help me with HSTs I’d do much better!! Thanks Judy, I have learned so much by following your blog.

  184. 193

    Cher says

    We have a good laugh about HST’s. A couple of years ago a woman wanted to commision me to make her a quilt. She had bought the fabric and had a pattern. On the phone she said it was stars. I had her drop everything off at the LQS and I went in on my day off to pick it up. Stars, I don’t think so. I don’t remember the name of the block, Kansas City something. They look similar to bears paw blocks. This king size quilt had 1500 HST’s. I had to get a friend to help me make them or I never would have made the deadline. Everytime someone mentions stars we look at each other and have a private laugh.

    Cher in BC