The Line Up


Yesterday evening I passed by the breakfast room window and noticed the chickens all staring off in one direction.  Then I realized there were a dozen or so deer in the back yard.  I wish I’d taken the time to run downstairs and get the camera with the 15X zoom but I grabbed the little one off the counter which has only a 4X zoom.  I went out the garage door to “sneak” around back, though I can never sneak up on the deer . . their sense of smell and hearing is way too keen.  Chad was working on his car and I told him there were a ton of deer in the back yard so he came back there with me.  He was saying “does it have *something* (baby antlers) . . but I forgot what he called them.  He was saying “zoom in and see if it has *whatever he called them*!”  Yep, it does . . so that means it’s a young buck.

Then it ran off into the woods and when I walked out there, there were three more lined up . . all perfectly straigh in in a line.


I couldn’t get a great picture of them but it was so funny to see all three of them lined up perfectly.  This one is blurry but it’s the best shot I had of them all lined up.


So much for city living, huh?



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    Lucky you! I live in the country but there are so many homes with 5 acres now and each home has dogs–or so it sounds sometimes–that our deer population is very small. Once in a while we will see some in our yard but not often. Our dogs are afraid of them! Big scary deer!!

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    Perhaps it was a good thing that your raised veggie garden was not completed as planned – you really do need a deer fence to enclose the garden.

    You need to get Vince working on the garden fence as soon as he finishes up the chicken coop!

    Did he like the picture of the garden that I sent you a while back?

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    That’s cool, I swear I’ve never seen deer anywhere like you have them! We had some come up and strip 3 of our new fruit trees though… I’m not so keen on them at the moment 🙂

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    Looks like a nice young well fed buck. I can taste those steaks now…………Actually the younger does are the yummiest.