Want to see the Chickens?

Living right in the middle of town, we seem to have lots of people just stop by.  Most of the time we’re outside and they stop to visit for a few minutes.  Vince always says “Want to see the chickens?”  I think he’s really wanting to show off his handiwork on the chicken coop (still not finished) and so far, everyone has been really impressed.  He’s proud of it and he should be!  But since he’s showing off the chickens to half of our town, I figured I’d share some current pictures of them here.


This is one of the Ameraucanas.  They’re not usually real friendly but this one was pretty interested in what I was doing with my head and camera down in the coop.


Here they are outside in the run.  Haven’t they grown so much?  I still can’t get over how friendly the Gold Stars are.


This gray one . . still not so friendly!


They’re so nosey!  Always looking around to see what’s going on.  When I walk by the window, if all the chickens are in one corner looking in one direction, I know there’s a bunny or a deer or something out there that’s gotten their attention.

Last night we moved them so they’d be back on fresh grass.  See the dead spot behind where they are now?  It takes them about one week to destroy the grass!


Someone told Vince that if we’d put the water up on a cement block, they wouldn’t get on top of it.  When they’re on top of it and they need to relieve themselves . . into the water it goes!  So, we’d prefer that they not sit on top of their water.


Obviously, the cement block trick didn’t work!  Oh, well . . what else would I be doing if I weren’t changing out their water 10 times a day? 🙂



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    Hmmm… well obviously you can’t do this from the pvc structure, but I always hang the waterer and feeders from the rafters, the rope makes it pretty tough for them to stand on the top.

  2. 4

    Diane says

    Apparently no one told the chicks about the water / cement block thing. LOL
    It is amazing how fast you can go from lush green grass to dirt! WOW! Maybe Vince could build a machine to move the girls around slowly all over the yard, you know kind of like a Roomba for the yard.

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    Judy, they’re beautiful. Almost (I stress the word, almost) make me want to have chickens. What happens when you run out of grass?

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    Kathy McC says

    Thanks for sharing current chicken pictures. I’m amazed at how fast they have grown. And a good question….when will they start producing eggs?

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    I’m thinking that I saw a water dish that someone had hanging. If its got a wire/rope coming out of the top of it, they couldn’t sit on it, but then again, it would make changing the water more difficult.
    Congrats on an evening free of storms!

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    Your girls look so happy!!! Eggs will be dropping soon. Anyway chickens like to be up high where the view is better……and the waterer is the highest spot to sit on and its so flat!!!!

    Karen L

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    It’s fun to see the chickens! They have grown a lot! I read a whole article Martha Stewart had about her classy chicken coop once in her magazine and thought she had the best idea for round feeders like your water container. Her feeders were suspended on a single heavy wire from the top of the enclosure. Suspended just high enough that the chickens could drink or eat. I thought if I ever had chickens I would try that. The tops of her feeders were just slanted enough the chickens couldn’t hop up on them and stay there…they would just slide off. Maybe something like this would work for yours—–

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    Coleen says

    I am enjoying your chicken posts, and it does seem amazing how big they are now! I wouldn’t like to have to keep moving them around to fresh ground every week or so… I had to smile reading Diane’s roomba idea! Like some of the others, I am curious as to when you expect to start seeing eggs?

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    Marla says

    Can’t wait to see the eggs. Bet it won’t be long now! Love the first picture. She is so inquisitive! I bet Vince isn’t too happy about the dead grass problem though.

  10. 14


    I like to see your chickens and hear about them. I think I’d not be so good at having to change the water a lot and move the coop around….and I’d be afraid they’d be pecking at me if I poked my head in there with a camera, too. But….lucky for us, you aren’t afraid of that and we get to see these great photos. From the size of them, I’d think eggs would be pretty soon???

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    carol craven says

    I agree with Diane, no one told the chickens this-lol
    they like to roost
    so up they go

    that ameriacus is really something, is the gray one that is not friendly a rooster?

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    Love these chicken updates, but I think the gray one has a problem. Maybe he is the chicken Benjamin Button, lol…he looks old and snarley. The other are looking like chickens, lol. I am sure you will solve the water problem one way or another. Maybe if you search on Martha Stewart you will come across her water solution for chickens.