Going in Circles

That’s what I did today . . just spent the day going in circles . . here, there, yonder and accomplishing absolutely nothing!  The good news is I got something really neat but I can’t show you yet because I can’t help get it out of the truck and Chad doesn’t get home from work til about 10:30 tonight.  He’ll help Vince get it out and then I’ll show pictures.  Stay tuned.

Early in the day I said to myself that I was going to find that darned iPod or bust.  I busted! 🙂  In the process of looking for the iPod, I said to myself . . Where is the remote to my iPod docking station? Beats me!  Couldn’t find it anywhere.  I always keep it in one of those trays on the longarm.  Not there.  When it isn’t in one of those trays (guess it isn’t always there afterall!), it sometimes finds its way into my pocket or at my computer or at my sewing machine.  I then said to myself . . If I find that darned remote before I find the iPod, I’m just giving up and buying a new iPod!


This remote is 2″ x 3″ and flat as a pancake.  Tell me how anyone could think *I* could keep up with that and yet I’ve had it for maybe 5 years!  I kept thinking and thinking and trying to remember where I’d last seen it, all the while looking for the iPod.  Finally found the remote.  That was enough . . I went and bought another iPod.  And can someone tell me why they cost more at Wal-Mart than they do at the Apple store or why they cost more in the Wal-Mart store than at Wal-Mart online?  But I wanted it now!  I can lose and find it a dozen times between now and the time one could arrive by mail.  Too much fun! 🙂ipod2

I got the 120 GB Classic . . which means if I put every song on it that I have in my possession, I’ll still have about 116 GB if storage left! 🙂

But then I came home and had a talk with myself and assured myself that I will never, ever lose this iPod.  My poor lost iPod is 5 or 6 years old and it’s probably been lost for three of those years.  So, I will never, ever lose the new one.  A couple of hours later, Vince comes home and I’m going to show it to him and guess what . . I cannot find the darned thing!  I haven’t even used it yet.  I did look at it and made sure the little adapter thing worked with the docking station I already had but darn it . . where’s the iPod?  Ever think maybe I just wasn’t meant to be an iPod owner?  I did eventually find it.

So, let’s just get my itunes off my computer and on to my new, shiny, not lost iPod!  Where’s my iTunes?  Oh .. yes . . I have changed computers since I last messed around with iTunes.  The old computer is still set up in the kitchen downstairs so I turned it on and guess what . . no iTunes on there either.  Apparently it was on the old laptop that went back to Office Depot.  I remember now thinking that the iPod was old and I probably wouldn’t be adding to iTunes so I didn’t bother to back it up.  Smart thinking, huh?  Vince cleared the hard drive before we sent it back so my old iTunes is lost forever.

The rest of the day has been spent importing all my CD’s to iTunes . . on a separate hard drive that I won’t discard with an old computer but . . I will probably lose it!

Did I read somewhere in the last year or so that someone thought I was organized?  Want to change your opinion of me now?



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    Yep, we’re sisters. I can put something down, turn around and it’s gone. It happens to me every single day of my life.

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    It must be something in the air – I needed to download some pictures but couldn’t find the cord. Put the camera down, found the cord, but then couldn’t find the camera. Batteries low, found batteries, couldn’t find the camera and the cord.
    I finally got my act together and got everything in the same room with the computer to download the pictures.

    It’s just been one of those days…. but at least I made it to a quilt show, where the “new” batteries fizzled out. Didn’t take a picture of every quilt, but got the ones for inspiration.

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    Sounds like my kind of day. Tuesday I planned to finish a quilt I’d loaded on the machine & started on Sunday. But I got sucked into fooling around with my mp3 player…Sandisk Sansa 8GB…as nice as iPod, cheaper & don’t have to mess with iTunes. I wanted my songs in the genres I chose, figured out they had to be tagged differently….how long will it take to tag over 700 songs? … better search for a program to do a global change…found it. With a certain amount of fiddling around I got everything the way I wanted it. So then I had to record more songs from the Internet with Total Recorder & tag them & put them on the player…..now I have over 800 songs….me, the person who actually kind of likes silence. Anyway, guess how much quilting I got done that day. If you say none, you would be correct!!

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    I know your day wasn’t funny but I did chuckle a few times when reading your account of it. (What is that “stuff” up above the comment area?? Do you see it or is it just on my computer? It starts out with the word Warning……)

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    Norma in Baton Rouge says

    I must be your sister too! Thursday I walked into the kitchen with my reading glasses on and haven’t seen them since. Of course I have backup pairs, but that pair was so comfortable, and the rest of them are not. I can’t imagine what happened to it. And I lost my digital camera last fall and grumbled till Warren bought me another one for Christmas. He still tells me to remember where I put my camera, like I’m going to lose another one. Ha!

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    Have you tried listening to books on your Ipod? I get some of my books from Audible.com………..

    Our library has an inter-library loan system and I can even go online and download books to my computer. Then I can either listen to them from the computer or load them to my MP3 player. That means I can sew and listen to a book at the same time. You might like to try that.