Garage Sale Find


Yesterday afternoon Vince got home from work and said there was a three family garage sale in a subdivision not far from our house and he wanted to go.  NO!!  NO!!!  We don’t need more stuff in this house.  I always feel bad when I tell him “no” so I said ok . . but we’re not getting anything! It’s an old White treadle machine and it sews beautifully!  I can’t set it up til Vince re-attaches a cable that holds the machine up.  When you open the cover, as it folds out, the sewing machine comes up and the little wooden section in front that says “White” goes up  underneath the machine.

It’s all in good (not fantastic) shape.  I’d love to have the cabinet refinished by someone who does great work.  It’s been refinished and while it doesn’t look bad, it could look better.


Look at the tension dial!  Love it . . I think many of us would have better luck with tension if we had a similar tension gauge on our machines.


This little box was in one of the drawers.


The contents of the box.  Isn’t that just so amazing?


A Greist buttonholer in a perfect box.


A very old instruction manual.


Last but surely not least . . the machine!  I’ll get better pictures of the machine and something special on the cabinet as soon as Vince gets that cable hooked up.

This surely made my day!!




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    WOW…….what a find!!! That was your lucky day. I’m off now to be one of the quilters in a garden tour in a nearby town…hoping for no rain. OH….I”m going to paste below what I am seeing above the comment box on your blog this morning….with both posts I read…and it appears multiple times. I’ve not seen this on your blog before and am wondering if you and anyone else is seeing it, too????

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    Congratulations one your new beauty. If I were near you, I’d volunteer for the refinishing. DH and I bought a New Home oldie, and it also raises magically on a cable. I won’t refinish that one, however, it is still has its original finish, so is a “better” antique because of that. I don’t try to sew on the treadles we have, they don’t stop a 1/4″ away from the edge, have a reverse button, or needle up/down like a Bernina. Nothing sews like a Bernina.

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    Cindy says

    How neat and that is a perfect spot for it!

    Now you can sew when the electricity goes off too!

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    Oh, that makes my day too! How fun to see your find, and it does look like you’ve found a perfect home for it.

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    Keryn says

    Good shopping Judy, that’s a treasure. I hope Vince got something too, so he can’t complain about you spending money. Have you told him about the new ipod?

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    Becky I says

    How cool is that! About 10 or 12 years ago Bob found me one at a yard sale and bought it for my birthday! It too sews beautifully! It is a shame it is stuck in the corner of my sewing room with stuff piled high. 🙁 Such is life when you live in a small house.

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    Norma in Baton Rouge says

    What a treasure. I never see things like this at garage sales around here. It looks great in your house too. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.