Solar Panels for the Coop


Jerry’s the alternative energy enthusiast and he’s been giving Vince advice on how to get a heater, light and fans running in the chicken coop via solar energy.ย  They’re getting it all set up now.


Two heads are better than one . . sometimes! ๐Ÿ™‚


The fan works but there’s still work to do . . it’s hooked up direct and they have to hook up the battery and all but I was told . . Go away! This is the man cave!

So, I went and spent time with those who appreciate me!


They’re so soft . . I just love them!


Well,ย  I’m not sure Smokey is soft and I’m not sure I love her but even though the smoker is going today, Smokey isn’t in it.


She’s really a pretty chicken but . . pretty is as pretty does and therefore, well, she really needs an attitude adjustment!



  1. 1

    Linda says

    Maybe is Smokey is destined for the smoker she has the right name. LOL

    My Mom always had chickens and they never had a fan or heater. Sometimes they tips of their little combs frozen off in the winter ( it gets darned cold in Nebr. in the winter) but they always survived. Vince is really having a good time with this whole chicken adventure.

    Hope you got my e-mail thanking you for the June Tailor ruler. I’m forcing myself not to use it until I get the quilts for the July quilt show quilted and bound. Incentive, you know?

  2. 2

    Linda says

    I need to proof read better…..IF Smokey is destined for the smoker…blah, blah, blah

  3. 3


    I gotta say Judy, these are some very pampered chickens, and I hope they appreciate their new diggs when they get moved in! LOL! Maybe even Smokey will chlll out once she has a new large coop to perch in! I wonder what Vince will build for those lucky chicks next?

  4. 4


    I think Vince has a soft spot for his “girls” and doesn’t want them to get too hot or cold. I wonder if he’s thinking of installing an a/c. Maybe just a window unit. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The 3rd photo looks like he’s saying “Hey Jerry, do ya think…”

  5. 5

    carol craven says

    PAMPERED no kidding ! need solar panels inside-lol the HUMAN House! LOL
    i never heard of such a thing for a chicken coop. I might have to move in there Judy!
    this is so great to follow, what great memories you are having . Those chickens ought to lay eggs that are gold OR, already cooked-roflmao

  6. 7


    We’re in the process of setting up a Square Foot Garden and I’ve just learned that chicken manure is fabulous for compost. So save that poo for a garden!

  7. 8


    Didn’t you say you wanted some source of backup power? Well, if you can get the hens to move over, you can stay with them in case of loss of electricity. How long will those solar panels keep that house warm?

    Vince sure knows how to make a chick happy…………..

  8. 9


    I was telling my husband about the chicken coop and we thought this should be called a chicken mansion; not fair to call this a coop! My husband said that any more elaborate work on this one and you may need a building permit for it! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Hats off to Vince; it may take a while, but it is so going to be worth it. You may have folks visiting you just to take a look at the pampered birds in their mansion. I think you should charge admission. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. 10

    Ronda K Beyer says

    Chicken mansion is right, WOW, I could live in it, you two accomplish so much I am amazed and need to spend some time with you, maybe it will rub off… Hugs

  10. 11


    I looked at Smokey up close and she really is a pretty chicken. She has beautiful colors…..You need to paint her or make her up for a quilt….she really is gorgeous.

  11. 12

    Angie S. says

    Judy – your Smokey looks just like a chicken we had who’s name was “Nasty” because that was what she was. Yet, we had another one, who’s head feathers weren’t quite so dark, and she was called “Cocoa” and was the sweetest, friendliest thing we had – and it was hard to get rid of her! We got rid of all our chickens a year ago, and I still miss them, but they just don’t fit into our lifestyle now….maybe again, someday!