Questions for You

In preparation for a new and improved blog, I have a couple of questions for you.  You don’t HAVE to answer if you don’t want to but if it matters at all to you, will you please let me know what you think:

  1. Twitter – I’ve been trying it and I just don’t get it.  I can’t imagine that anyone cares what I’m doing every minute of every day.  I can see how it’s good for some people but I think between this blog and facebook, everyone probably knows as much about me as you care to know (and too much probably!).  So, I’m thinking I’m going to do away with Twitter.  No one cares, right?  What?  You’ve never been to my Twitter page?  That’s what I thought!
  2. The free patterns – I’m trying to make it easy though it seems that when I try to make things easier, I usually send a few people over the edge.  When we do free patterns on the blog – either Quilt for an Hour, Quilt-Along or whatever . . I sometimes do them in pieces on the blog.  But, once we’re finished, in the future, I’ll offer it as a .pdf via the Patterns for Free page.  I have re-organized that page.  Will you please take a look and tell me what you think?  Now when you go there, you see a picture of the quilt, most are the EQ drawing.  You click on the picture and that takes you to a page that has a little more info about the quilt and if you click on that picture, it takes you to a .pdf page.  Is it easy to find what you’re looking for?  Does the organization make sense?

What I would like for you all to do is if you’re going to share the link to a free pattern, please link to the Patterns for Free page, not specifically to the pattern.  For instance, if you wanted to share the Peaches and Dreams quilt with your online group, would you please use this link – Patterns for Free.  If ever I change web hosting companies or make changes in the pattern, the file may not get renamed what it was before so if you wanted to share the Peaches and Dreams pattern, you could say . . the Peaches and Dreams pattern is available here:   If you say . . the Peaches and Dreams pattern is available here: then they’re going only to that pattern and not seeing anything else that I have for free and in the unlikely event I’ve changed the file name, they’re not going to get there.  In the process of re-doing this page, I did change some of the file names from the old names so anyone linked up with the old name is not going to get to the pattern.


Questions? Comments??



  1. 1

    Glenda says

    Well Judy, I must be honest here. Twitter ? Facebook ? Never been to either site ! Now I visit this blog several times a day ! Your patterns, I love and thank you so much for making them public ! I enjoy reading your blog and love to see the things you create. Of course we have the chicks in common and I always want to know what’s up with them. Keep on bloggin’ ! Glenda

  2. 2

    Gwynette says

    Don’t do twitter OR facebook, but do read your blog at different times through the day. Like the free patterns PDF… good job with your organizational skills. Easy to find the patterns. AND thanks for the free patterns. By the way, I visited MY LIME GREEN KITCHEN a few times and now it’s gone. Love your recipes.
    Chicks in common, also!! Gwynette

  3. 3


    Twitter? NO! Not enough hours in the day for that. I enjoy reading you blog as a relaxing time in my day.

    Facebook? Been there, done that, forget to go back!

    Free Pattern section: I really like how it’s set up now. You might want to give instruction about clicking on the picture of the quilt to navigate to the individual quilt page and to again click on pic of quilt to access the PDFs. Some people might mot realize that they are links. Thanks for your generosity in providing there patterns free!

  4. 5


    I don’t do Twitter, Facebook or MySpace. I have trouble keeping up with blogs, so do away with Twitter if you like.

    As far as the free patterns, your organization make sense to me.

  5. 6

    Barb in MI says

    Judy, I thank you regulary (in my mind, ususally) for the patterns you post FREE for us. Your ‘filing’ system to get to them is very easy and logical for the reasons you mention.

    My life is too busy to follow people on Twitter or Spacebook, but I so enjoy following your blog, as I have many of the same interests as you.

    Much appreciation, Barb in MI

  6. 8

    Ellen says

    Hi Judy,
    I read your blog almost every day, but never knew you had a Twitter feed. I think you could drop it without too many people noticing.
    The pattern page is great. As a previous comment noted, you might include a sentence about clicking on the picture. I waited a long time for the pattern instructions to appear before finally figuring it out. The patterns themselves area super, and beautifully illustrated.

  7. 9


    I signed up for Twitter and Facebook just because a couple of friends asked me to, and was immediately inundated by folks I didn’t know who wanted to be my friend. No, don’t think so. I’ve never looked at either of those pages for you. Sorry! 🙂

  8. 10

    Judy in Michigan says

    Good organization on the free patterns. I agree with Lee Ann – just add a sentence “Click on the picture to link to the pattern.pdf”.

    Don’t twitter and don’t see the advantage of facebook either. Just love your blog! What about the border day? Keep up the good work – I enjoy checking in on you every day and sometimes more!!

  9. 11

    pdudgeon says

    nope, don’t do facebook, twitter,or MySpace.
    I loved adobe7 but adobe 9 is not my friend. every time i try to get a pdf file Microsoft charges me for the download–even if the site says it’s free. It’s probably just my bad luck, but unless instructions are on a blog page i won’t be doing any patterns.

  10. 12

    Madison says

    I’ve used the social networking sites only to “keep up” & stay informed. I know how popular Twitter has become, but honestly Judy, I’m not sure it’s worth your time. For me blogs are best, especially those w/feeds. They’re there when I have the time to read them. Of course, I read Patchwork Times daily!

    Pattern page is fine. Easy to find, easy to use. A “click on the picture” couldn’t hurt. I like the EQ pictures, but then I like EQ.

  11. 13

    Marla says

    Twitter? I had to ask my son what it was. Still don’t understand it so do away with it and make your life easier! Love your blog and like the special link to your patterns. Really appreciate all you do for us.

  12. 14

    Dot in GA says

    Regarding Twitter, tried that and just too much wasted time. So I think you can drop Twitter. Regarding Facebook-I had an account and then all the relatives got on with all their problems which I took on as my problems and finally decided to cancel that account. But I do enjoy Facebook and will open another account and be more selective about who I add as friends. So hope you keep the Facebook account. I love your patterns and I like the new format you are thinking about using. Really enjoy your blog.

  13. 15

    Pam says

    I don’t tweet.
    Free patterns and clicking on the picture for the pdf is wonderful.
    I appreciate all of your free patterns. As I have told you befoore, your pattern directions are clear and accurate. (Of course, so is my quarter inch!)
    Your blog is still my favorite.
    Keep up the good blogging!
    Hugs from the steamy south.

  14. 16

    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    No Twitter here, either (think about the first 4 letters….). No Facebook, MySpace, or other self-promotional, “I have way too much time on my hands” sites. I read the blog a couple of times a DAY, support a few quilting Yahoo groups with my posts and advice, and moderate a gardening forum (not a Yahoo group, a forum). I think Twitter is way too self-absorbed for most people to follow.

    When/if I find regular full-time work again, even this much Internet time will drop. In the meantime…the free patterns page looks fine to me!

  15. 17



    Don’t worry about pleasing us……. please yourself. If a person really wants to find a pattern on your site, they will. You will never totally please everyone that comes here and will only frustrate yourself trying to. Then the fun is all gone and what you do becomes a chore.

    I thoroughly enjoy your blog and the patterns, well Geeze!!! You’re giving them to us….. why would anyone bitch about it.

    So much for my 2 cents.

    Hope the weather has calmed down……. never heard a tornado siren, not sure what I’d do if I did.

    Quilty Hugs!


  16. 18


    I tried Twitter for about two weeks; drove me nuts. It would be perfect if I was still in junior high and needed to know what everyone was doing every minute. I joined Facebook, mostly to see if I could get in contact with old high school friends (the jury is still out on whether I’ll stay in Facebook). Re: your new free pattern set-up — looks great to me! I like the pdf files you’re offering, and linking to the Patterns for Free page sounds like good advice. Thanks for all you do!

  17. 19


    um…signed up for Twitter and then could never get back there to do anything. Too proud to ask the teenager for help…

    The pattern page works good. Very simple and easy to use..

    Don’t do Facebook…

  18. 20

    Denise says

    Judy – new pattern page set up is great! No tweeting here – there aren’t enough hours in the day and after spending all day at work on the computer, the last thing I want to do is spend all evening on it too. 🙂 I read just three or four blogs on a regular basis, pop into a few more on stash report days, but forego all the twitter, facebook, myspace, etc stuff. I’ve got quilting to do – can’t be sitting on the computer and wasting that valuable quilting time. LOL

  19. 21


    I signed up for Facebook at the urging of a few friends but rarely use it. I don’t do Twitter or My Space. So…I’m perfectly happy right HERE with you. (I’m another one who didn’t know you were on Twitter and Facebook….LOL). The organizational ideas you are using for the free patterns seem quite good.

  20. 22


    I recently subscribed to Facebook but I really don’t know what to do with it. Twitter, never have or probably will. Now, I do read your blog everyday and sometimes more just to see if you’ve posted anything. I think the blog is more informative. For instances, your recipes, patterns, and daily doings. I do like your new Free Pattern upgrad.

  21. 23

    Another Linda says

    The changes you have made to your free patterns page are great! Thank you for sharing your designs with us!

    I don’t do the Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, thing, but I do read blogs, yours in particular. I check your blog several times a day. You update a lot with quilty stuff, and cooking stuff and life in general stuff. Thanks so much!

    Happy Father’s Day to all readers’ special guy”s

  22. 24


    I don’t do Facebook or Twitter. It’s all I can do to keep up with blogs 🙂 Which takes enough of my time in a day. If other people have more time then I do, go for it. But personally I don’t use either.

  23. 26


    Boy, we quilters certainly have lots of opinions. I see that you have Facebook and Twitter. I don’t. But I read your blog everyday and I love your free patterns. I listen to my boys talking about who has Facebook and when it’s someone older they kind of give me the impression that it’s not cool for parents to have Facebook but that it’s just for them. But my youngest son who is 16 keeps on telling me I have to get Facebook. I can’t seem to blog every day so why make more work for myself.

  24. 27

    Kathie L. says

    Twitter and Facebook have no value to me. Your blog is wonderful and enough. Thanks.

  25. 28

    Chris says

    I don’t get Twitter – no idea how to do any of it! Blog browsing works just fine for me

    I think the patterns page works great – and lovely things to see too, thank you

    Chris x

  26. 29


    The free pattern page looks great! Nice job! As for Twitter, Facebook, MySpace…I don’t have time for that nonsense. Keeping up with my blog and reading the blogs on my favorites list keeps me plenty busy!

  27. 30

    Karla says

    Judy, I follow you on facebook and I love your blog, I do have a twitter account but rarely use it as I keep pretty busy with the blogs and emails. I truly enjoy your blogging and have laughed more since I became acquainted with you than I ever thought of and of course being a displaced Missouri girl your blogs bring me closer to home, Keep up the good work, If I could do the techno that it takes I would help but as is I am just a quilter who loves your site.

  28. 32

    Hazel says

    Patterns are great! Very easy ! I also think the file recipe is great! I have never had fresh and if I can find somewhere around here( very close to your area) maybe I can make some fresh. Sassafrass trees always grew by my Grandparents land in Southwest MO, we used it for tea, but never for file.
    I don’t get twitter either.

  29. 33

    Carla says


    I check you blog a couple times a day to see what you have been up to.
    You already share so much of your life with us on your blog, I can’t imagine there is much more to Twitter about.

    I have to say you are one brave women to share your life with us. Thank You
    I enjoy watching your quilt come alive, having a good laugh once in a while and I have learned a few things along the way about quilting, cooking, chickens LOL and many other things (like how not to loose my MP3 player) LOL

    I love what you did to the Free Pattern page. It’s simple and easy to use.
    No matter how hard I try I just can’t get the hang of all this computer stuff, never mind Face book or Twitter.


  30. 34


    I don’t do Twitter or Facebook. I have pictures on Webshots and Multiply but don’t get into the social networking. I have accounts on Twitter and Flickr and some other places because of a class I took but don’t really see the point. I have a blog and read blogs and enjoy that a lot. I just can’t say much in 140 characters…not in my nature.

    You’re giving us free patterns and I thank you for that. People should not complain about how you choose to organize your site when you are giving them things for free. I, for one, will be happy with however you choose to do things. I think you will have to accept the no matter how you decide to do it you can’t make everyone happy, just delete the messages from the whiners.

  31. 35

    Amy C says

    I feel terrible. I didn’t realize you were on Twitter. I love Twitter and I am now following you. I love that the tweets are short and sweet. Many direct you to links on blogs to get the rest of the story. If it is something interesting, I check it out.I don’t tweet daily. Only when I have something to say or I am responding to something that piqued my interest. I have to confess. I’m not into Facebook. I have an account but for some reason, it isn’t that important to me. My kids tried hard to get me into it but it just isn’t my thing. However, I love reading blogs.

    You are so good to offer free patterns and your quilting tips to the rest of us. I think the pdfs would be great. Always nice to have all of the instructions in one place. Easy to save and print off as well. I do like the page showing the quilt pictures. The organization makes sense to me.

  32. 36

    Becky I says

    Twitter is out for me. Why would I want to tell someone what I’m doing every minute of the day. I’m with you on that! The patterns page looks wonderful. Thanks!!

  33. 37


    Pattern link is easy to follow. I don’t do Twitter or Facebook, so deleting one or both of them wouldn’t matter to me. Thanks for all the patterns and the blog. It meets my needs / wishes.

  34. 38

    Sibyl says

    you know I love your blog. I have yet to figure out twitter. Haven’t tried it by following you, but have with the Astros. Doesn’t make sense. I do facebook, well at least read it. I do read all of your posts. I am trying some of your quilt designs. If I do share them, using the link to all of the free designs is quite easy. Thanks for sharing, not just your quilting, but life in general. Be surprised how many things we have in common.


  35. 39


    I love your free patterns page! It is very easy to navigate~ and I love your patterns! Thank you!! 🙂
    As for twitter, it seems a little TMI for me generally. I don’t really need any info that fast and wouldn’t spend time on it. But that could just be me. 😀 LOL
    You have a great blog Judy, and I love reading it.

  36. 40

    Becky says

    If you have too many of these other type of sites to keep up doesn’t that take from your “creative” time? That’s how I look at it. I mean with the time you put to this, the receipes and the free patterns, quilt, make quilts to give away, write your books – doesn’t leave much time for you and taking care of your family.

  37. 41


    I don’t get Twitter. Do people really have nothing to do with their time than post online what they are doing every 5 minutes. I’m sewing, I’m still sewing, Still haven’t stopped sewing. That would be my twitter. Seems like a waste to me.

    The free pattern page is cool. It is user friendly. I like it.

    I also have joined facebook but only because that is currently the only way for my husband to post pictures from Iraq. I don’t chat on that either.

    Just my opinion for what it is worth.

  38. 42


    I do use Twitter, it has great potential for sending little bits of interesting info to interested people. I seldom tweet myself but would if I had anything valuable to say. 🙂
    Like anything else it can be overused.

    I like the reorganization and have linked your Free Pattern Page in my Quilting Library.

  39. 43


    thanks for the reminder Judy – I had been thinking months ago I should stop using twitter b/c the only real person I knew on there was my nephew – but he also has FB… and recently I’ve been getting emails saying someone was now following me on twitter – people I don’t know! so I just went and did it – I deleted my account and doubt I’ll ever miss it.

    I’ll have to click over to your free patterns page and take a look around later tonight after the kids are in bed and see how easy it is to click around… 🙂 I think it is great you value our opinion. Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  40. 44


    I love the new revamped free patterns page – everything easy peasy to find all in one place. Not that I don’t read everyday, but sometimes miss a step in getting the pattern together when you blog as you make. LOVE LOVE LOVE the peaches and dreams!!!!

    In my life, Twitter has two purposes – updates from the Alaska Volcano people, and the folks we watch “24” ‘with’ (it’s like having a room full of people laughing at the same dumb thing on tv), and “Spacebook” none at all… But for every day use – give me a good old fashioned “blog” LOL
    Thanks for all the things you share with us – who’d have thought that chickens could use solar power! ;0}
    Bobbie in Texas

  41. 45


    Hi, Judy, I like the new pattern page. Very organised! I don’t do Twitter (don’t understand it, really), but I do have Facebook to stay linked to my American friends and family. My teenager also has Facebook but we are not “friends” on there. I think she would be embarrassed to have mum see what she and her friends are talking about! 😉

  42. 46


    Don’t do Twitter and only do Facebook because I get to see pictures of my grandbaby. Love your blog and the free patterns. Are we doing a Quiltathon anytime soon? Love the stashbusting and the quilts you design too!

  43. 47

    Linda C says

    Not interested in Twitter or Facebook, and like you I’m not sure I see the point to Tweeting. May be an age thing, I don’t think I am in the demographic.

    The patterns page worked well for me. I’d like to request some more info on the individual pattern pages before you click through to the PDF; I find the stuff you write in your blog about the patterns to be cool and interesting, would it be simple to provide links to the blog posts or a synopsis on the pattern page? As you get more free patterns loaded it might be worthwhile to consider sorting them by type so that people can go to a category rather than scrolling down a long list. My 2 cents, for what they are worth.

    Thank you for all the work you do on the patterns and the blog, I really enjoy reading, though I will probably never make file, but I could, now..

  44. 48

    Bessie H says

    No twitter, no facebook, no my space page. I don’t even text on my cellphone.
    I only have time to keep up with so much and to my enjoyment, your blog is part of my day. My kids and grandkids think I’m a fuddy-duddy but who cares.
    I really like the new link to free patterns. Works great for me. Thank you so much for all you do for us.

  45. 49


    I love your blog and your pattern page is great. I have never been to your twitter or facebook as I don’t want to sign up for something I will not use. My husband has facebook and I looked at his account. I don’t like the way everyone can read what everyone else is doing….just my personal opinion. Maybe I don’t understand the whole thing?????????????????

    Like someone else said, “Do what you what.” I don’t know how you would be able to take the time to do everything that is offered on the net.

  46. 50


    Judy, Love your free pattern page with the photo and pdf link to each project. The key word is that it is organized! If you know someone good with SEO, ask them how searchable this format is, if the individual projects will show up via a search.

    Regarding Twitter and Facebook, I have to disagree with the majority here. There are hundreds of quilters on Twitter who do use it. You don’t have to post everything you do or post many times a day. Just post once a day or just when you have a new blog post or new project. You can follow only quilters and if other types follow you, you don’t have to follow them back. (also if there is too much chatter from someone you follow, you can unfollow them.) I use Facebook mainly for friends and people I know, but it has gotten me invites to guest blog and even an interview on an internet radio show. Also, through my twitter followers, I’ve grown my newsletter list as well as my blog readership.

  47. 51

    Kathy B in TN says

    I’m another fuddy duddy I guess – no Twitter, no My Space, no Facebook, hardly ever text – I don’t have a blog, just love reading everyone else’s.
    One favor – if you’re still reading the comments – can you put back the recent posts listing? I miss that and the little calendar.
    Thanks for sharing bits and pieces of your life with us!

  48. 52


    I haven’t read all of the comments above – but my two cents –

    I don’t do twitter or facebook – you can delete those and simplify your life. At my age, I have plenty to do and I would rather live my life and check on yours daily since you do have a bunch of helpful hints on quilting and cooking. But, I really don’t need to track you minute by minute. heck, a couple of friends were complaining about cell phones and how easier life was when you couldn’t be found every darn second of the day!

    The pattern links looked ok to me – at fist I was wondering about the double click on the pattern, but the more I thought about it, I like it since it does give you a chance to tell people about copyright and proper linkage. And the pattern that I did click on did show the copyright notice on the bottom of each page, so that is good.

  49. 53

    Judi says

    Twitte I have never been to it but I do like the way you have your free patterns.

  50. 54

    Bon says

    I started an account on Twitter but that is about it. You don’t need to do it on my account. But I do follow you on Facebook. Like the idea of the .pdf files for quilt patterns.

  51. 55

    Marie says

    Never been to twitter but I do like the way you do your free patterns! Thank you!

  52. 56

    Patchkat ~ Susan in TX says

    No Twitter here and I seldom post to Facebook. I love my blog site too much, lol. It tells everything anyone needs to know.

    I like the free pattern format. Good job!

  53. 58


    Judy, I’ve never tried twitter – I have enough trouble navigating around Facebook.
    I tried the Patterns for Free link – I love it. It’s very easy to navigate.

  54. 59


    I don’t Twitter, I don’t Facebook. I barely have time for my own blog and reading blogs. I love .pdf and that’s it, of course, photos.

    I follow my favorite blogs via …. for some reason none of your photos show in reader. I have to come over to your actual blog. Do you know why?

  55. 60

    Lizzy Hentze says

    1. Twitter is not on my agenda nor is it likely to be and Facebook is only something I look at to keep tabs on family, mine, not others!
    2. Your re-vamped pattern page works fine and is easy to follow and self explanatory!

    3. Thanks for all your sharing!

  56. 61

    Bonnie says

    I enjoy your blog but don’t twitter, I do have facebook but only with family.

  57. 62

    carol craven says

    Twitter is beyond me
    I dotn have time for it, and dont want anything to do with it
    I visted the free pattern page and it works fine as does this blog
    i dotn even have trouble leaving commetns on yours, unlike others
    and I appreciate your wanting input

  58. 63

    Jeanne Jones says

    I don’t do twitter, do have a facebook account, but rarely talk on it. I love the idea of a pdf file for the free patterns.

  59. 64


    Not a twitterer and I like the new free pages. I’ll still read your blog no matter what. I do miss being able to read all the comments though. 🙂
    Have fun with the revamping.

  60. 65

    Ida Lively says

    I have both myspace and facebook accounts (I use facebook more than myspace — daily vs. maybe every other month).

    I don’t twitter. I don’t quite understand all of it, and certainly don’t want to update everyone on eveyrthing I’m doing it as I’m doing it. There just isn’t a need. And, I don’t need to know where my best friends are every minute of the day. If I really want to know … I call them on the cell phone. 😉

    I’m a bit anal retentive when it comes to organization, so your ‘new’ way of organizing free patterns makes complete sense to me. At work, in order to find the form for the Centre Daily Times, one must go to
    Forms > Master Company Forms > Newspapers > O-P > Pennsylvania> PA, CDT the last being the actual form. Similarly, the Dallas Star would be Forms > Master Company Forms > Newspapers > T-V > Texas > TX, DST. [The nameing convention becomes Dallas Star, Texas ]

  61. 66


    I’m flattered that you want our opinions Judy. Thank you for sharing bits of your life with us on a daily basis. I remember when you said you were taking a break from blogging, and I thought about how much I would miss living vicarously with Judy! Quilting, cooking, gardening, and hearing about Vince and the chickens! So, I’m glad you didn’t take a long leave from blogging, although you are certainly not under any obligation you know. I have that little icon on my blog so I don’t have guilt pange if I take a break for a week, or even a month at a time from sharing my life with family and friends.
    I just barely have time to write in my own blog—and read some of my favorite blogs, and keep up with my Picasa albums. My life is full, and the computer is just a small part of it. I’m sorry to report I’ve never read your Twitter or your Facebook page, and while I have a Facebook account, I’ve never set it up. I’m not really sure what the twit is about Twitter! and who would want to know what I’m doing every moment of my day…not even my dog cares about that! and she follows me most everywhere, but when I get to doing boring things….even she leaves my side and goes and curls up in her bed. LOL!
    I do love what you’ve done with the free pattern page! Lookng forward to new changes on your blog. Hope Vince had a great father’s day!

  62. 67


    Tried the pattern link…worked well and I like that format.
    I cannot be bothered with Twitter. We cannot do everything so why not do one thing as well as we can.
    I am facebook wary. I know I miss out on pictures etc. But I hate the way it is often used to cause pain. So for me it is a no no…Ditto My Space.
    One spot for me to blather is probably in many peoples opinion…one too many.

  63. 68


    I am another one who doesn’t “do” Twitter. I have enough other things to do, like keeping up with blogs. I also do not like Facebook – heard too many horror stories associated with it.

    The patterns for free link is a good idea as it gives people other ideas too.

  64. 69

    Kathy says

    I don’t “tweet”, so I won’t miss Twitter.
    I like the new organization of the free patterns! It’s easy to use, and it makes sense to me.
    I love reading your blog. It’s like we having a conversation. You do the talking and I do the listening. It (listening) is what I do best!

    Kathy in FL

  65. 70

    Darlene B says

    i don’t do twitter or facebook, so no need for any extra work for you! The free patterns page looks great. I looked at your Peaches and Dreams quilt to check it out and I noticed there are no yardage requirements listed. Is this because it’s supposed to be scrappy? Just checking if I missed it somewhere…. I enjoy your blog!

  66. 71

    Kathy McC says

    The new organization of the free patterns page is great. I found it easy to use. I did find that you can click on the needle and thread between the patterns, and i’m not sure that needs to be a link.

    Regarding Twitter….I don’t do Twitter. I have recently started using facebook and am enjoying looking at the pictures there. BUT, if you need to simplify your life, that would be one place you could cut back.

    Thanks Judy for all that you share and offer. I read your blog just about daily.

  67. 72

    TerryG says

    1) Twitter diesn’t interest me, so do whatever makes you happy!
    2) I love the .pdf format for the free patterns. The set up makes sense and works just fine. Thanks again for sharing your beautiful patterns.

  68. 73

    Candace says

    Twitter….not for me, I’d rather be sewing
    I’m a newbe to your blog and I found the free pattern page easy to use and sensible as well.
    I enjoy reading about what goes on with you and yours. As I am a Northwestern person having never been to the South, I always wondered what file’ gumbo was and now I’ve learned something new today!
    Thanks very much for your time spent blogging for all of us ;). Candace in WA

  69. 74


    I barely Twitter but I do Facebook. I think you should do what makes your life easier. I really admire all the love and work you put into your blog.

    I like the way you reorganized the free patterns page and the PDF format is great. Thank you for offering your free patterns.

  70. 75

    Carol says

    I don’t blog – no Twitter, Facebook or whatever. I have no interest or time for it. I like the patterns in the PDF format – However, I do like to read your blogs —-

    Putting patterns in the Free Pattern’s section works for me.

    Thank you for all your effort and ideas – love them!!!

  71. 76


    What is this Twitter thing that everyone is talking about? I have trouble keeping up with my friends on their blog.

    I just went to your pattern page and it is a delight. You did a wonderful job of organizing them.

  72. 77

    peggy says

    I guess so far it’s pretty clear your readers don’t tweet. My daughter in law (blogger, a mom, an etsy seller and a maker of personalized paper goods) does tweet. I check it out, but I don’t really get the need to be so exposed to the world. I do use Facebook on a limited basis, to see what my friends and family are up to. Even with that, it’s not something I spend hours on. The pdf format is great.

    Now, what I really do like is the saga of the chickens and their home construction project!

  73. 78


    I have a blog. Don’t post, I’m really bad, I’ve never been a diarist. Twitter, facebook, my space can all disappear tomorrow and I wouldn’t even notice. I love your blog and your free patterns. I am fascinated that you can keep coming up with new stuff all the time. I love it, even though I may not make every single one. I’m champing at the bit here waiting for a new one NOW!!!
    Thanks for all the work you do here; I know it’s time consuming and frustrating at times. There are many, many of us out here in cyberland who really love what you do.

  74. 79

    Marsha says

    Never use Twitter or Facebook. Tried and seem to take up too much of my quilting time. Love the new format for patterns for free. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  75. 80


    I don’t twitter, but love your blog, facebook and free patterns. Thanks to you so very much. You didn’t ask about recipes, but I love it when you share your recipes that you like.

  76. 81


    You’ve probably already decided this but I just can’t get interested in twitter….I can barely do the basic at Facebook and that’s only because there are some people there that I don’t have contact with anywhere else (nieces and nephews and some high school friends)