Design Wall Monday – June 22, 2009

I’ve made a little progress this week.  After I finish the Chicken Dance quilt (the one in the center of the design all), I’m going to work on the quilt that goes with the ribbon border; then maybe I can work on those pinwheels that have been on the design wall for more than a year!


Will you share what’s on your design wall?


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    Gwynette says

    Love your Chicken Dance quilt. Reminds me of little chicks chasing bugs!!

  2. 3


    This quilt may be on the wall for quite some time as I am not sure how to accomplish what I want to do so we will see. LOL

  3. 5


    I like the chicken dance quilt too….just can’t *see* the chickens(?) Working on making curtains today to keep some of the heat out! We’re too used to winter here, I guess!

  4. 6


    The chicken dance quilt looks lovely! All those HSTs make me sigh in awe!
    I’ve been visiting all the blogs linked on Mondays and wishing I’d been able to post an update. My design wall has been static for a few months now. I am hoping that needing to post an update every week will get me moving.

  5. 7


    Nothing going on here as “stuff” is going on in the family (health issues)……so I’m in a limbo mode here for awhile. (I’m afraid I’ll make too many mistakes if I sew when I’m worried and upset.) I do love what you have shown on your design wall and will look at the others in a little while.

  6. 11


    I think this is the first I’ve read about your “chicken dance” project and although it’s just a few blocks it sure does look fun! 😉 I have to ask… are you using your triangulations? 🙂 and also that turn table cutting mat a reader sent to you a while back?

    I wish my design wall had changed some so I could play along. maybe next week? well actually no b/c we will leave for KY this weekend… oh well one of these weeks I’ll post on the linky thing 😉

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  7. 12


    Well mine almost looks the same as last week since I was gone but I did manage to get more half square triangles pieced and even one more block together on my Stars and Pinwheels quilt. I hope I can get a few more blocks done before leaving again on Friday but I’m not making much progress.

  8. 13

    Denise says

    The stash stars have come done – all sashed and will probably be quilted without adding any borders. The cowboy fabric came down – got tired of them staring at me – so now have some antique store blocks up and I still haven’t figured out what I want to do with so maybe some “staring” time at the wall will help. Love the fabrics in the chicken dance!