New Look


Have you noticed a new look to the blog?  Thanks to Michele from Quilting Gallery . . I love it!  When we first began talking about a makeover, I thought I wanted a magazine style layout. The more I looked at some of the possibilities, the more I decided I liked clean, crisp and no frills.  I think that’s what Michele has created.  I’m real happy that she set up recent comments and recent posts over on the righthand side.  And, she has all the free patterns listed so you can see them easily from the main blog.

Much thanks to Viviane who did the logo.  Graphics amaze me and she did a wonderful job without much help from me.  I just couldn’t visualize what I wanted and she went through my blog to determine the “feel” of it and came up with the fantastic logo.

I’d love to know what you . . the readers think about the new look.

Thanks again, Michele and Viviane!



  1. 1


    I love the look of the “New Blog” . I thought my refresh button took me to the wrong place. Maybe if I would work on my blog to clean up the look I might post more…..just a passing thought.

  2. 2

    Cynthia says

    I really like your blogs new look. The recent comments on the right side is great. I always forget to look at comments when I have to open them.

  3. 6

    Gwynette says

    You have outdone yourself…. well, you AND Michele. I like the crisp and clean look.

  4. 9


    This looks much more like *you*! I like it a lot — kind of homespun in a fresh way. I like the recent comments on the left as well! Nice job.

  5. 10

    Diane says

    It looks great! I don’t like the magazine look so I am very glad you went with clean and crisp!

  6. 22


    I like the new look of your blog…..especially the chicken in the logo. When I see it, it reminds me of your chicken adventures.

  7. 23

    peggy says

    I notice you’ve evolved from the Judy who wept when Chad left for college. It happens to most moms, I think. Congratulations to another one of us survivors of Empty Nest Syndrome. Now you’re bonded to the chickadees.

  8. 25

    Deb says

    Like it, still the same, but “different”.
    I noticed you still have Twitter, I thought you decided not to? Not that I really CARE, just curious, because I dont use twitter. I am ON Facebook, but dont use that either. If anyone who matters wants to get ahold of me, they know where I am…and as they say…TMI-too much information. Who would care that much about what I am doing?

  9. 27

    Carol says

    Love the new look and the logo, especially the chicken! Kudos to Michele adn Viviane!

  10. 32


    Looks great!!! That’s what you are all about, chickens and quilting, lol. And you left room on the graphic for whatever the next thing you add to it, actually you should have a pound of some ground beef on there, lol!

  11. 34

    Donna in KS says

    You’re looking good, Judy! I don’t quite “get” twitter, so have never been to your twitter page! But then, I’ve just recently learned to text. The free pattern page is great. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself.

  12. 35

    Ronda K Beyer says

    I thought I was on the wrong blog LOL… I love this very bright, crisp and clean, and it stands for who you are, great job…..

  13. 37

    Evelyn says

    It is so much work to do a re-design – it looks great! You might consider a Tutorial tab – you always give such great advice! Like the binding by machine series you just did! I searched for binding and it all came up, but I am sure you have given us all lots of other hints/tutorials before – I just can’t think of another one off the top of my head – so having them all in one place would be handy. Or how about Judy’s Gadgets? You always keep us all up-to-date with the newest technology from kitchen, to i-pods, cameras, kindles etc. – always fun to see what you are considering next! But really, it is just perfect the way it is – just tossing out ideas.

  14. 38

    dawn says

    Love the new look Judy. Sometimes you just need a change to perk things up. kind of like Spring cleaning. the purge makes everything feel fresh and new.

    great job!

  15. 39


    LOVE the new logo and the layout is very good….a truly workable blog page. (Sometimes it’s hard to find things on blog pages…but not here!) Your “helpers” did a fine job for you.

  16. 41


    Very pretty! I like the chicken and the sewing machine in the banner. And I *really* like the Latest Posts being listed like that. I frequently return to your blog to read posts again, and now they will be so easy to find! 🙂

  17. 44

    Bessie H says

    Love it! Has a sorta fifties farm look to it. I should know, I grew up on a small family farm in the fifties. Dating myself, aren’t I? Anyway it made me smile as soon as I saw it.

  18. 48

    Patchkat ~ Susan in TX says

    Love the layout…the clean, uncluttered look. Ya done good!!!

    Wish you had gone with slightly darker shades of your colors for the logo and the side bars. The light colored bars are hard on my eyes for some reason. I think for my eyes, there’s not enough contrast….just me, I’m sure 🙂

  19. 51


    Very retro…I like it… And all the new features on the side are handy. Even recent comments. How’d they do that? I need a turtorial.

  20. 52

    Caryl W says

    I like the new look and the logo is so “you”….at least the “you” that we know through this blog. 🙂

  21. 58

    Bon says

    I had forgotten you said you were going to change it and when I got here I thought I was on the wrong site. Big change. I like it! Yup, I really like it. Great job by your helpers.

  22. 59

    Sandy says

    I really like the new format. It is easy to read and the pink check border with the chicken and sewing machine are just too cute! Very, very nice.