So, It’s Monday . . Again!

Last night when I went to bed, I was thinking . . Goodness, the weekends are too short! Vince has so much to do on weekends and our schedule is not so rigid and we have more time together and then my next thought was . . I’m so glad tomorrow is Monday.  I wish Chad wasn’t off work all day! A day to myself.  Is that  normal?  I enjoy spending time with my family but I enjoy my time alone too.

Star BOM

Star BOM

I’d love to get this top quilted.  I’m using it in one of my lecture presentations and the edges are beginning to ravel a bit.

One of the first blogs I click on each day is Ronda’s Creating Quilting.   Go check it out.  I’ll wait right here til you get back . .

Not only is Ronda showing a quilt with lime green but look at that quilting!  Ronda mentions Sherry Rogers-Harrison.  Sherry has the patience of Job!  When I got my first machine more than 10 years ago, I found Sherry on the internet.  I loved her feathers. I must’ve bugged the heck out of that dear lady but she was so helpful.  I guess I didn’t practice enough because my quilting surely doesn’t look like Ronda’s quilting.

I’m going to learn to do those borders!  I’m going to learn to do them soon.  I have some quilting for customers to get done before I can practice anything though.  This is going to be a very busy week . . going north, going south, going west . . I’ll be thinking out these feathers in my head as I’m driving but I can’t wait to get started actually quilting them.



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    If you need me to, I can send you one of my tops to practice that quilting on! Yes, she does beautiful work.
    I had the same thoughts last night. I couldn’t wait for today, I don’t have to go anywhere, do anything for anyone else, just be home alone. I feel kind of selfish. But I’ll snap out of that soon. 😉

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    I also have a couple of quilts that you could practice on. Your practicing is guaranteed to be better than anything I could do. And yes, her quilting is gorgeous. It’s a lot of work but it looks great.

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    hahahaha….love the idea of the others who said they would volunteer to send tops so you could practice…….

    That quilting of Ronda’s is UNBELIEVABLE. Thanks for the link……

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    Oh, yes……it is perfectly normal (at least in my opinion) to want some alone time. My DH retired 6 years ago next month and has been home SINCE then……..goes to band practice twice a month for a few hours and then does a few band jobs here and there, BUT….otherwise, he is here ALL the time. Like you said, time together is nice, but….there is a limit (which is why I am involved in a LOT of things….or I’d tear my hair out here with him 24 / 7 )

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    Ronda K Beyer says

    Judy, you are so sweet and waaaay to kind, today I will post an OOPS! and see if you can find it, if you can then I will have to RIP, UGH! You need no practice I am in awe of your quilting, your designing and everything you accomplish, I don;t want my husband to know that you quilt, cook and clean too, YIKES! he may require me to do the same… Hugs to you and thank you so much for your ongoing support, from the simple quilter here in cold Oregon…..

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    It is DEFINITELY normal to want a day to yourself. I love the winter because my husband has a snowboarding habit (and I don’t) and it gives me entire Sundays all to myself to devote to quilting! Now I just need to find something for him for the summer so I can have time then, too. 🙂

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    My DH retired 4 years 5.75 months ago, and he too is home ALL THE TIME. I love him dearly, but I so miss having five days a week to myself. Now I wish for five minutes.

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    Judy! I love this quilt! I think its my favorite of yours. I love the colors!
    Clicked on that link…Oh My! Beautiful! Did you see the bright color blocks on white from the 6/19?? or was it 6/17 post? Oh that is incredible!
    I found a new blog with lots of eye candy… Check out;
    I like the quilts show in the last 3 pictures. I’m not much into pastels, but I love those.
    And I LOVE the quilt shown in this post;
    She has many more beautiful creations, but these were two of my favorite posts that I’ve read thus far.
    Hope the air has been fixed in the car. Its too hot to be traveling without it.
    Wishing for Winter! Julie

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    The quilt is gorgeous!! And no, it is not just you. I love my family as well but I love when I have the house to myself. 🙂

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    Deb says

    I can only DREAM to ever get that good! I dont have a full size long arm, just a short arm, (no room in the house, not even the LIVING ROOM. Sad, but true, or I woudl have had one years ago. But a new house…now THAT might be an option! But you might trade my spot for your basement…I cna guess Chad would, as we are on the lake (with lots of fish) and in the north woods…it is nice, but I too dream of farms with lots of land…
    ANYWAY, I digress, I will be keeping an eye on Ronda’s web site now also-AWESOME!

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    Glenda says

    Whoa !! I don’t check out your blog for an hour or two and it changes ! Looks good, but a shock. Glenda

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    shannon says

    I was looking forward to my Monday, too. Sure my four kids were all going to be home, but dh was supposed to be at work. He called in today because his tummy was bothering him. He totally invaded my day and I’m not happy about it.

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    Well I was going to volunteer one of my tops for you to practice on, but it looks like others have beat me to it. So… I’ll just take the finished product please – Grin-

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    The new look is great, Judy! I hope you find some alone time to get your quilting started, not that I ever notice you laying about!

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    Patty says

    My DH travels 90% of the time. My job is quite stressful and fast paced. I really enjoy the peace and quiet when he’s gone and I am alone. Retirement will be interesting. Guess I’ll just have to bop him with a newspaper now and then(grin) to get him to leave me alone for awhile.

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    I thought I was at the wrong web page at first! LOL. I do like the new look, very refreshing and clean.

    I also LOVE Ronda’s blog and quilting. I take so many photos of her quilts at MQS every year that I have used up whole disks just on her quilts! The more you look, the more you see. Beautiful colors too!

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    When I was working I always loved a day to myself. Now we are both retired, and DH doesn’t go out much, I would give (almost) anything for a day to myself, but it;s not going to happen anytime soon. Off now to look at the websites you mentioned.

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    Love the new look!! You’ll have to let me know if AdSense works for you.
    I absolutely understand the need for alone time. DD Keri works from 2pm-10pm so she’s home every morning. She needs to vent sometimes so I get each and every detail. Kills the creativity, believe me!!
    Ronda’s quilts are exquisite but so are yours. Your quilt at MQX in 2003 was my inspiration to find you and your quilting style.