An Eating Machine

It’s amazing how much Chad eats!  I’m not sure I can afford to feed him til he goes back to school!  Send donations! 🙂   I’ve mentioned before that my recipe for bread makes 2 loaves.  While Chad was away at school, I was having to keep bread in the fridge so it wouldn’t get moldy.  Now I make it, turn around and it’s gone!

Saturday night I had put oatmeal in the rice cooker for breakfast so that was going to be an easy meal.  Spaghetti was made so lunch was an easy meal.  A brisket was seasoned and going in the smoker for dinner so that was an easy meal.  I could sew all day.  Says who??

The first thing I realized was that we didn’t even have enough bread to make it through the day.  Apparently Chad’s been having sandwiches as midnight snacks.  When he heard we were having brisket, he said “Oh, can you please put sesame seeds on the hamburger buns?”  Who said I was making homemade hamburger buns?  But . . I aim to please.


There you go . . homemade hamburger buns and fresh bread.

Then he said “Mom, how long since you’ve made cookies with icing?”  OK!  Cookies with icing it shall be.  Who wanted to sew anyway?


August 24 . . will I cry when he leaves or will I do a happy dance?



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    Evelyn says

    I love cooking for my little guy – his smile alone is worth it! I don’t think I am as good as a cook as you are though – but it sure is nice to cook for someone who really appreciates it!

  2. 3


    Cry or happy dance? Probably both at the same time. Ask me how I know.
    I AM A CITY GIRL!!! I shouldn’t want to know how to make my own bread but here I am; I’m actually considering. You are taking the city out of the girl. No fair!!!!

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      If I could buy great bread, I might not be making my own. Now that we’ve gotten used to having our own homemade bread, we probably won’t go back to buying it, even if we could.

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    Isn’t it amazing how soon we get used to having our own time – at least more than we had before – when the kids are gone? I felt happy & sad when the they left after summer vacation – than a little guilty because I was glad to have my routine back again.

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    Deb says

    I hate to see the girl who has to compete with you when he takes a wife! And dont say she wont have to, we all do on some level. In my case it is worse, as I have to compete with the X-wife! She was the excellent cook and housekeeper (and mmother of his children). Well, I dont, so-OH WELL!! The best you can do is TEACH her, IF she wants to learn! Which of course he will WANT her too!

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      The good news is that no matter what type of housekeeper the wife may be, she’ll be 100% better than I am! 🙂 I’ll be happy to teach her if she’s interested in learning but that’s her choice. Most young women I’ve met haven’t seemed real interested in that kind of stuff but you never know.

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    Marilyn says


    I think you will cry and have moldy bread again…..LOL. Wish I had half of your
    ambition, I love to cook but being by myself it just isn’t worth it sometimes.

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      I wouldn’t do nearly what I do if I were only cooking for myself. Even with Chad gone, and just having Vince and me here, I cook way less.

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    Oh Judy, this shows what a great mom you are! He’s missed all the good food. And you know you are going to cry your eyes out when he goes back to school–in how many days?!?

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    You will cry as you do the happy dance. You will also look forward to when he comes home. (voice of experience)
    You are making it tough for his future wife…trust me, I married a spoiled son. He’s still spoiled -32yrs. later.

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    Glenda in Florida says

    You will do both, and then you might just take a little vacation from cooking, and sew for a week:-) However, I think the answer is to teach Chad to cook all his favorite foods, and then his future wife won’t have to compete.

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      Vince and Chad both know that I don’t like anyone else in my kitchen. Chad would love to make his own bread. I tell him he can do that when he has his own kitchen. No one in the laundry room either . . I’d rather do it all myself.

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    I had two boys and it was a full time job cooking to keep them fed. I miss cooking for a crowd, but I sure don’t miss paying the grocery bill!

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      I don’t mind taking care of my men and I also don’t want Chad using my wheat grinder (or my wheat stash) and my mixer.

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    peg says

    You’ll do both. Here’s a thought – go back to your blogs written when you were preparing to ship him off to school and the first week he was gone. Ahhh…

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    Candace says

    Judy, the new look is great! You’re right about the fresh look and easy navigation, WTG! I think you’ll be happy Chad’s off to live another chapter of his life and grateful he spent this time with you. My son is leaving for basic military training in two weeks. This past week he has started hanging out here at home again, eating meals here, and teaching his Dad to play his online computer war games. I’m happy to cook for him but as you said, the groceries are flying out of the cupboards! I know I will cry when he goes but for now the joy is bittersweet. Later, Candace

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    Judy, I’m making your white bread recipe and have a question. Raising the dough at 85 degrees is no problem this week in Iowa. :o) I just put it on the back porch table. But what do you do in the wintertime? Do you warm up one of your ovens and put the dough in there?

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    You are so normal, When he leaves you may get a lump in your throat, but your grocery bill will be much less. I still cook for my boys when they come home…I even ask them what they want so I have the groceries on hand.

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    Julie says

    You’ll be crying when he leaves, but the tears get less. After 10 years I still cry when DS goes back to his home, but it’s OK. Cooking less? I cook before he comes, when he’s here, and then send Mom’s cooking home with him. He does all the cooking, his wife doesn’t enjoy it. I think he might be ready for a lesson in bread making — he loves homemade toast! Enjoy the time with Chad, cook all his favorites and be ready to send those left overs back with him! Life IS good!

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    Hazel says

    I knew you would be OK way back when you were so sad Chad was leaving! It just gets easier with time. Cookies looked sooooo good!

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    Ronda K Beyer says

    You will cry, I always dry my eyes when the kids leave, always have, it is called being a Mom who cannot get enough of her kids and enjoys them with their entire being….. You amaze me with all you do!

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    Diane says

    It is AMAZING how much the kids ate! Now I just have one at home, but when he leaves I may only cook two or three times a week as I haven’t figured out how to make small meals yet. Bread will definitily go bad if I don’t freeze part of it.
    When my oldest son came for a visit I made many of his favorite dishes and thought I was making a gracious plenty but we never had any leftovers for the next day.

    You might cry when he leaves but you will feel better fast. I thought I would never get used to my kids not being home. I moped and whined for what seemed like ages. Then they would come for a visit and I would be guilty of wondering when they would leave so I could have my solitude back.

  18. 24


    You’ll cry WHILE doing the happy dance !! I always did say the school lunchroom could feed my kids lots cheaper than I could.

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    dawn says

    hm……can I also get some cookies? LOL it is nice to cook when you have someone to cook for. I used to cook a lot more when the kids were home. Now it is me and hubby and we take turns. that way the burden isnt on one and sometimes the other comes up with an idea for a meal that you wouldnt have and it is a good thing.
    I too vote that you will cry as you are doing the happy dance. that is what moms are for.
    Dawn in MA

  20. 27


    It is so sweet how much you cook. I feel really guilty. I cook but hardly ever bread. Except your onion rolls, I just can’t get the hang of it. I would cherish Chad–it will be too soon he is gone and married. Then you can cherish two!

  21. 29


    If it were me, I would do the happy dance first, before you start feeling guilty, but you know you will miss him when he goes off again.

  22. 30


    There are times I look at my son in awe at all he can eat in a sitting…and he is so thin!
    I’m feeling your pain over here my friend. 🙂 Thank goodness they are both cute!

  23. 31


    Judy, I have 4 teenage BOYS in my home! I’m always cooking up some thing for them! They eat eat and eat…. And I love the fact that they love their mom’s cooking!! And can you imagine what my kitchen is like when their friend’s come over??? OMG!!! I have to cook almost triple the amount, but I just stand there and watch them devour the food. Gotta lov’em!