Not to be Outdone

At one time Chad wanted to be a chef.   Once he began checking into everything, he found there was more to it than coming up with recipes that involved massive amounts of garlic, and decided to choose another career path.  Yesterday Chad decided to make cookies.  He had a recipe he wanted to try.  He knew his cookies would be better than the ones I made over the weekend.  I told him he could make cookies so long as he cleaned up his mess.  Here’s what he made:


Sorry I didn’t get a picture before some of them were consumed.  They are very good.  Did he clean the kitchen?  We have different ideas of clean.  I scrubbed the red food coloring from the wood trim on the cabinets; another few moppings and the pink will be gone from the tile grout. Yes, he piled all his dirty dishes in the sink and the kitchen was clean . . according to Chad.    August 24! The first day of school! 🙂



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    They do look yummy!

    I’ve got four kids that are always wanting to help me cook. It’s difficult for me to let go. I keep telling myself that chefs have sous chefs, right. They need to learn how to cook. I keep telling myself if they learn then I won’t have to as much. I’d gladly clean up the kitchen if someone else would cook. I’m not as much of a fan of cooking as you are. LOL

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    He made you patchwork cookies. Gotta love that! They look yummy. maybe better with frosting? My boys all learned to cook the things they liked to eat. It saved me doing it for them and their wives appreciate it a lot!

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    Kathy C. says

    and to think of all the tears when he first went away to school last year… those cookies look yummie!

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    Gwynette says

    An empty nest CAN be good. They always swoop in for a visit and then they are gone!!!! He does have a sense for color…. see, he included a color to make the cookies pop!

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    sounds like a lesson in few more homemaking skills needed,,,,, he home…. make use of him. Have him try out one of those handy dandy 3m sponges.

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    Well, they really ARE cute! Sorry about the mess … men tend not to see that part. 8-))

    I once asked DH to clean out the refrig, and 4 hours later, he was still hard at it, but griping, complaing, what a terrible job it was.

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    Linda H says

    Patchwork cookies! His inner quilter is revealing itself?
    Your Chad’s cooking/cleaning perspective reminds me of my DH. The older he gets, the more interested in the foodworks he becomes. What a mess! Every doorknob/handle in the house needs constant attention. Grout is a lost cause, etc.
    At least you can expect relief in August. 🙂

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    Loretta says

    I smile everytime I read something that you have written about Chad going back to school, because I so vividly remember last summer, when you thought your world was ending instead of just taking a new direction.
    Enjoy the rest of his vacation.

    Did either of you watch LSU win the College World Series?
    Geaux Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!

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    See how fast those empty nest feelings change!
    I have a theory that some things are just ‘boy brain’ traits – like not asking for directions, channel surfing, piling dishes in the sink, etc.

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    I think it is so funny how you were so tearful when he first went to school and now you can’t wait for hiim to leave again.

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    I’m on a school countdown too..but my problem is SPORTS! I have to listen to him spout his opinions, BUT if I have an opinion i’m WRONG! Gee I’m glad I have a sewing room and that my dh will be home today! WHEW…and our school starts Aug 10 WHEEEE~