Pesto Potatoes

If you love basil, you should like this recipe and it’s real easy.


Cut however many potatoes you want into small chunks.  Brown them (I used bacon fat but I’m betting some of you are squealing in horror after reading that!).  Season them but don’t put as much salt as you might otherwise.

DSC07171Lightly toast some pine nuts.

DSC07172Dump the pine nuts in with the potatoes.

DSC07173Squirt in some Pesto.  As much or as little as  you’d like.  We like a lot!  If you can’t find this at your local store, you can order it from  That’s what I have to do.

DSC07174Mix it all up.  Yummmm!



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    What would you eat with it? It’s a side dish, right? Another food I’ve never had-pesto. I know it has basil in it, that’s all.

    BTW, I like your feathers on that quilt. 🙂

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    thanks Judy for another great recipe and wow I still cannot believe all that you do! what awesome work!

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    gina says

    Judy! I am so surprised that you dont make your own pesto and freeze in ice cube trays! I thought you had a guest blogger!!! You want my recipe and give it a whirl? The tube looks easier! LOL

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      I can’t grow enough basil to get us through the year and if you could see how bad the basil in the local stores looks, you would see why I don’t make all of my own pesto.

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    ah…..everything tastes better fried in bacon grease….

    I should send you the recipe for the fried corn. Frozen Corn, bacon and onion. DELISH!!!

    I have never had pesto OR pine nuts. I live a sheltered life I guess…

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    I agree that some foods taste better in a little bit of bacon grease. I have a jar in the fridge for that purpose.

    I also thought that you would have used some fresh pesto – though it is good to have a back-up source. I guess you don’t have to refrigerate it until after you have opened it up. And, the tube says it is from Italy! I haven’t seen it in my local stores, though I do get anchovy paste and tomato paste in tubes.

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    I’ve seen that pesto tube on Rachael Ray’s show. I do like pesto but to me a little can go a long way! The recipe sure sounds yummy. I love pine nuts too. Thanks for sharing.