Please Not Tires Again!

I tell you . . life had to have been more simple when we got from here to there in a horse and buggy.  Spent the day getting the a/c fixed in my car.  Coming home, I noticed a new noise.  Vince listened to it.  He thinks I have a problem with a tire.


Went back and looked on the blog and here’s the car in the tire shop, getting new tires . . June, 08 . . same shop where Chad got his tires that didn’t last long.  I am not going back there.  Vince says I should . . I’m not!  I’m not dealing with them any more.  I’ll take it to Pittsburg, KS next week where my friend, Cindy, has recommended a tire dealer.  If I have to buy four new tires . . so be it!

We looked at new CRV’s today and Vince was kinda teetering on getting a new one.  I knew that would happen because he’s starting to think . . she may want to drive the Highlander to Louisiana and I do believe he’d rather buy me a new car than have me drive his.  I do not want a new car.  I cannot keep my car clean.  I love my Honda.

Did I ever tell you about when we were going to buy a new car last time?  I had an old Mazda van . . 9 years old.  (The CRV is 8 years old!).  The van was falling apart. (The Honda is not falling apart!)  We couldn’t depend on the van; we had put a new transmission in it and it was in the shop more than it was at home but I loved it.  So, we were at the Ford/Mazda dealer in Owensboro.  I wanted another one just like it.  We had made the deal and the paper work was being prepared.  I said “What are you going to do with my old van?”  The guy said “We’ll stick it out there on the back of the lot and then they’ll have an auction for the older vehicles.  It will probably be sold for scrap!”  WHAT? Not wanting to be a wimp in front of everyone, I walked outside . . crying!  Vince came out and said “What the heck is your problem?”  I tried to explain that I just couldn’t get rid of the van . . the van that I had loved for so long . . and have it sold as junk!  He walked back in and canceled the deal.  We went home.  He wes not happy!  The van really was a problem but Vince decided he’d trade his car in and he would drive the van but we ended up talking to our trusty mechanic who recommended the Honda CRV so . . we traded Vince’s car in on the Honda CRV and kept the van.  Vince drove it maybe twice and ended up buying himself another car.

So, today when we dropped my car off at the Honda repair shop, we looked at the new CRV’s.  I kinda nudged Vince and said “I really love my car!”  I think he knew exactly what that meant . . and we told the salesman that we really needed to think about what we were going to do.  I would be perfectly happy if I could keep this car for the rest of my driving years.  I love my car.  I do not love my tires!  We’ll see what the tire dealer in Pittsburg says next week.



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    Nancy says

    I also own a Honda. It’s my 2nd one. I love(d) them both, so I totally understand. I only got the 2nd one when I was getting tired of the 9 year old one…185,000 miles, too.

    Re: tires. I recently put 4 new ones on my Accord. I tire shopped and got an education in the process. Did you know that tires have a birthdate stamped on them? Yes, they do. There in plain sight. You just have to know what digits to look for. (Here’s a site to explain manufacturer date:

    So…at the 1st tire place, they were trying to sell me tires that were about 14 months old. No. Too old, I said. Then I was steered to a dedicated tire dealership who deal with tires all day long. I bought there. They’ll rotate them forever for no charge. And they were 2 months old! Hadn’t been subjected to high heat, sun, etc., causing them to deterioriate. Yes, I got an education!

    (Now how did this all come about on a quilting blog????)

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    Mary Carole says

    I am still driving my 1987 Honda Prelude! I will drive it to the end – mine or hers. She is fine on tires but death on batteries! Honda’s Rock!!

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    Mariel says

    If and when you decide to get rid of your Honda, is there anything one could say or do to persuade you to buy, say maybe a Chevy Traverse or Equinox? How about a Buick Enclave? Guess you know who I work for huh? Us folks here at GM would love ya forever! (BFF)

    I love reading your blog and enjoy your cooking(something I could definitely improve in) and quilting. I don’t know how you manage to do so much in the course of a day.

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    I just got a new CRV last week. My old quiltmobile was totalled in a crash (nobody hurt). I love it. Wish I could have afforded to get the leather seats model because the cloth seats always give me a shock when I get out and close the door. We’re definitely a Honda family, this is our 5th one.

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    did you know you can trade in old cars.. for a $4- 5k credit… called a junker deal,,, sponsored by the Obama money fund.

    The idea is for more folks to get good mileage type cars. and take the oldies off the roads….. not sure the years of cars involved.

    get the facts frm your car dealer

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    We had 2 CR-Vs. They were leases so we turned them in. DD loved them so much as a kid, she wants to buy one. Not a new one, she wants the old body style!
    I don’t have a car right now. We’re 3 drivers with 2 cars and since I work at home, guess who’s on foot? When we get another car, I want to go back to a CR-V.
    If your tires are less than a year old, aren’t they still under warranty?

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    Marla says

    If you need tires this soon, there is definitely something wrong. You should still be under warranty. I don’t blame you for wanting to deal with someone else but I would make the first place give you a new tire though! Good luck!

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    Jerzydeb says

    I know just how you feel. My dh has been threatening for 2 years now to get me a new Suburban. Mine only has 210K miles on it (I have 4 kids, they all play sports, so yes, I do kinda “need” a gas guzzler). I love my truck. If the kids spill something – no worries. Ketchup drips off their fries? No Worries. It has hardly ever let me down. No when I need to travel longer distances without all the kids, I will either use dh’s vehicle, or rent a smaller car … but I love my Suburban. I know one day I will wake up and “Bessie” will be gone…sigh.

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    Michelle F says

    My inlaws have a CRV that they bought used and they love it! I drove it when they were down here and I now know why. It is super roomy for hauling stuff and fun to drive. I totally understand why you love yours!

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    Donna in KS says

    Come up here and I (or hubby) will get you on a good set of tires! I don’t know what brand he buys, but he always gets excellent mileage and dependability out of them. And…..can we possibly persuade you to “buy American”? I grew up on GM (Dad sold) and have just recently got Chrysler products. Husband ordered a PT Cruiser as a surprise b/day gift several years ago when they were still hard to get. I did like that vehicle! Then he found a beautiful blue Aspen at the dealers and decided I needed it; I REALLY like it! Blue is the only thing that got me out of that PT!

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    Ida Lively says

    I have an Accord that I absolutely love.

    Before that, I had a Civic that I adored … it died a horrible death in AccuWeather’s parking lot at the hands of my husband, and a co-worker [hubby was backing out of a space, co-worker was speeding through the lot … CRASH/BAM/BOOM … totaled!] Totaled a week before I was due to drive to Navy Boot Camp graduation in Great Lakes, IL (a 10 hour drive, not counting rest-breaks). My baby, was bought new with only 90 test-drive miles on her. She was 10 years old with at least a ‘light second’ of miles on her — hubby made quite the fuss when it hit 186,000 miles. (Yup, we’re geeks!). It was a 2-door coupe in what I called “arrest me red” — statistically red cars get pulled over more than any other color.

    My Accord was a Honda Certified used. Had 23,000 original miles on her, purchased in 2006. She’s a beauty. Her color is burgundy.

    When my ex was looking for cars, I steered him toward Honda. He now owns a 2008 CRV – in what he calls “bird kill blue.” He has hit more birds in the car [probably really called sky-blue] because … we’re convinced … the birds think that the car is simply more ‘sky’. Sky coming at them at 65 mph. ;(

    When my son was ready to purchase his first car, I went back to my Honda salesman. Dear Son (former sailor) is now driving a ’98 CRV in Forest Green. It was a medium-mileage car — low mileage for the year. It met the requirements for living in New Hampshire: 1) 4-wheel drive (all wheel), 2) Not WHITE. Like birds can’t see ex’s car, you can’t see white cars coming at you in New Hampshire in winter … and there’s a heck of a lot of snow on the roads up there for a heck of a long part of the calendar, and 3) Not RED [see above comment about red cars].

    I love my Honda. 😉

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    Betty says

    I love my Honda’s, too. I had a red 1991 Civic hatchback and drive it for 15 years, then traded for a Civic SI but my husband hated it as he kept banging his head getting into it because granny had to have a sportscar! Also it was black and these Canadian drivers can’t see black and I was cut off too many times and too many near misses. I traded it in last year for a CR-V but again Granny needed the top of the line so I have leather, moon roof, etc. and I love being up high were I can see everything and now I can be the cut offer!!!!