Yep, New Tires Again


They aren’t quilt related but they do get me to lots of quilt shops and guild meetings . . tires!  I do hope this is the last set of tires I buy for this vehicle, which means if I do need new tires any time within the next four years, the vehicle gets traded.  After four years, it will be time to trade anyway!

This morning I called the tire dealer in Pittsburg, explained what I was hearing . . that my tires are only a year old and have very few miles.  He thought it might be a bearing and told me I could bring it on over so I drove to Pittsburg.  He got in the car with me and we drove around the block.  At least he heard the noise and didn’t think I was nuts.  Yep, four new tires!  Hey, I even got a receipt and a little tire booklet this time . . something we never got from the local tire dealer. The old tires were bought June 10, 2008. I have a blog post about it (don’t I blog about everything?)  I had a wreck the 2nd week in July and here’s a picture of my odometer for the insurance company.


I now have 72,500 miles, which means those tires had less than 5,000 miles on them.  I should not have had to buy new tires but I absolutely will not deal with this tire dealer in town ever again . . warranty work or not!

Because my car is older, I don’t have a place to plug in my iPod or XM Radio.  When I’m in the car by myself, I always have the XM Radio with me or the iPod (when I can find it!).  I decided . . heck, yesterday I was thinking about getting a new CRV.  Since I’m keeping this one . . think of all that money I saved, even with buying new tires, I decided to buy myself a new radio.  Vince went back to Pittsburg with me to an audio shop and we chose a radio and tomorrow we have to go back to have it installed.  That makes me very happy!

I will conveniently forget my iPod at home though . . because I still have not found the old one . . nor have I mentioned that I bought a new one! 🙁  Not a discussion I’ll want to have tomorrow.

This evening I’m hot (heat index at 6 p.m. is 109); I’m tired; I’m staying in the basement and sewing til bed time!



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    OK, first off—109!! Yuk.
    Congrats on the new tires and new stereo. Tires and gas rank right at the top of my hate to spend money on list! You drive about as much as I do.

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    Hey, doesn’t Vince read your blog? Won’t he know about the missing then replaced Ipod? I think it’s pretty funny. He probably hid the old one and is waiting for you to ask him to help you find it or your son has taken it. Just imagine the scenarios. Have a great evening sewing and be safe with those new tires.

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    Jayne says

    Hi Judy, no way should tyres last 5,000 miles. I have the same Honda as you and put new ones on after 20,000 miles (but much of that was choice, they were not completely worn). Any chance you park where the tyres are always in sun and have degraded because of UV damage? Heck, what do I know – other than I’d be sending them back to the manufacturer and demanding a refund.

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    Marla says

    I would be fighting that too. That would make me so hoppin mad I could not see straight. Do you have a receipt somewhere where you bought them last year? Would the tire dealer have it on their computer? I talked to my DH about this today. Two thoughts he brought up…The tires you bought last year could have been stored in the sun which is worse than how old the rubber is or maybe your car was out of alignment enough that it wore your tire out too early? I am having to buy my daughter new tires this week so she can drive to Chicago next weekend. I feel your pain.

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    Penny says

    Did the guy at the new tire store give you a clue as to why they wore out so soon. Maybe they were very old when you bought them (been stored too long.) Now these should last a good long time. Happy Trails!!!

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    Wow – I had almost 45,000 on mine before replacing – they definitely NEEDED it – Dodge Avenger (small, front wheel drive) little driving, and usually garaged when not parked at work in the sun/snow/or freezing. Occasional long drives on highway. This is all too strange. I think you should post the brand of those tires — they stink!