Busy Saturday

I’m such a homebody and the only day this week I’ve been home was Monday!  Tuesday and Wednesday I was teaching, Thursday in Joplin to get the air conditioner fixed, Friday to Pittsburg to get new tires and then back again that afternoon for Vince to pick up the other tires, today back to Pittsburg (that’s 3 times in 2 days I’ve been to Pittsburg!) to get the radio installed.  I can’t believe I waited so long to get the new radio . . it wasn’t expensive and I can plug in the XM Radio and the iPod . . just what I’ve been wanting!

Most everyone knows I do not like eating off a buffet and I do not like Chinese food.  Vince loves it and I knew he wanted to eat Chinese in Pittsburg today so I agreed . . after all . . I was getting a new radio and the whole trip over there was to get it installed so I was a good wife and agreed to eat at the Chinese buffet.

Speaking of good wife . . Vince said . . it’s your car . . you drive!  I didn’t mind driving because our rule is that the driver gets to pick the radio station and we do not listen to the same music.  But I’m driving over and we’re talking about the iPod and the radio.  If you haven’t read the story about Vince’s iPod, it’s here.  Long story short, he’s never ever once taken it out of the box.  He drives about 2 miles to work and he never ever take sthe pickup anywhere except to work and back.  So . . I’m driving along on our way to Pittsburg, just barely left home and here’s our conversation.

Vince:   I may have a new radio put in my pickup so I can listen to my iPod.

Me:  OK.

Vince:  Are you still using your original iPod?

Me:  Thinking . . Oh, crud!  I would be IF I could find it!  But, he knows I want the new radio so I can listen to the iPod in the car. So, I said . . well, I have a newer one too!

He didn’t care but darn it . . I didn’t bring the iPod because I didn’t want to have an argument about why I had a new one.  Got that discussion over with anyway.  He was more aggravated at me that I’ve lost the iPod again than he was that I bought a new one.

I promise to have some quilt related posts coming soon!



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    I have a husband who RAVES about the local Chinese buffet and is constantly trying to get others to go with him. (I go once in awhile.) The husband of one of my friends enjoys it, so they do go whenever she and I are off on some quilting adventure….so that keeps him happy most of the time. (I did hear him talk to another friend and her husband yesterday, though, about us all going there to lunch one day this week…UGH).

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    Oh my gosh!! I’ve been following your blog for a while, but I almost spazzed out today when I saw “Joplin” and “Pittsburg”!! I spent 3 years in Pittsburg as a hall director at Pitt State…..and spent a LOT of time traveling to Joplin to go shopping….so reading your post felt like I was back there again!

    That being said, I HAVE to ask….where was the Chinese restaurant you were talking about? Was it the buffet that is on the main street in Pittsburg? Because that one is INCREDIBLE!!

    And, you may already know this, but if you’re driving through Pittsburg and need gas, Ed Malle has a gas station there and will take excellent care of you! (I worked with his wife at PSU, and they are AWESOME people!)

    Thanks for the brief trip down memory lane…it’s almost like being there!!

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    Funny, Friday we had lunch with hubby at the local Chinese buffet. Not my favorite but he and DGD like it. I’d just as soon hit McDs drive thru and I’m not a fan of that either. 🙂
    Glad you have your tunes in your car. I need a new stereo in my car………hmmmm may have to bring that up.

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    The radio in my car hasn’t worked since it got smashed into in front of the library at least 4 yrs. ago. I think the auto body guy might have forgot to hook up the antenna after he did the body work……….but do you think I can ever remember to stop & have him check? Have I ever mentioned that I kind of like silence when I drive? And yet I have about 800 songs on my MP3 player? Why?

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    Cars are such a pain, aren’t they?!? They take so much time and money that I would rather put into quilting. But in my neck of the woods, it would be a very lonely quilting existence without a car. How would I get to quilt shops and quilt guild and quilt bee days…?!?!

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    Jerzydeb says

    We went to Chinese Buffet for Fathers Day (his choice). Actually, we went to two – the first one wanted to charge our 9yo and 12 yo as adults – the 12yo I can understand – but 9? Just because she is tall? So we went elsewhere, and had a wonderful dinner, and they gave dh and ds (6yo) real chinese fans for Fathers Day.

    Ipods – just bought dd (the 12yo) a new one – from Buy dot com. It was refurbished, but looked brand new when I opened the box. Came with 30GB storage – and for $20 I was able to get a replacement warranty from Square Trade. Of course, since it was such a good buy (less than $100 for the Ipod) I bought myself a new Zune player…. I’m sure there’s a holiday coming up so I can gift it to myself ???

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    Bon says

    Chinese buffets — I love them for the most part. There are a couple here in town that I won’t ever go to again. I have an mp3 player but hardly ever use it. Number 1 — it’s usually lost. Number 2 — Why use it when I have XM in my car. Although right now I’m listening to a book on CD. Tried that on the mp3 player once. It shuffled the tracks all around. Not the way to listen to a book. Real confusing.

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    I like being at home too. Seems we have been going full tilt since the beginning of summer. It makes me feel unsettled after awhile. This week I am staying home! hmph! Except for Tuesday and the whole grocery shopping thing….then Weds there is the book store……have some errands to run on Thursday….sheesh!

    We also get to be in control of the music when driving. Love that rule!!!

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    Sherry says

    What, no picture of dinner? I’m disappointed. About the only Chinese food I like is sweet & sour chicken and sesame chicken.
    Glad you didn’t get into too much trouble over the new Ipod.