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I often share things I’ve bought and while I don’t generally share normal day to day appliances and gizmos, I share those that are a bit out of the ordinary, or to me they are anyway.  Do you ever wonder what I think of them after having used them for a while?  Well, here you go! 🙂

ironIt’s been a while since I bought this T-Fal iron.  I got it for about $30 at Amazon, where it’s no longer available.  I love it!  Doesn’t leak a drop, and has great steam.  I am using bottled water in it because our water goes through the water softener and it says not to use softened water.


The BlackBerry . . it works as it’s supposed to work.  I’m not one of those who lives with the cell phone attached to my ear.  In fact, most of the time I don’t have a clue where it is but when I’m traveling, it does what I need for it to do.  The other day I was out and wanted to know the name of the auto audio guy here in our town so I got out my phone, googled “auto audio Nevada, MO” and up popped the shop with the phone number.  I clicked on the phone number right there and called the shop!  That’s pretty neat! As far as doing what it’s supposed to do, it’s great.  As far as whether I could live without it . . yes, I could but I have to have some kind of cell phone so I’m glad I have it though if I could only grab one thing to take with me, I doubt it would be the BlackBerry.


This was pretty pricey as far as rice cookers go and I wondered if I’d regret buying it but my old rice cooker was pretty worthless.  I can cook white rice great on the stove but some of the more exotic brown rices gave me a hard time and I often didn’t have a spare burner on the stove.  This rice cooker is amazing!  I’ve made several types of brown rice (Golden Rose is our favorite) and they’ve always turned out perfect!  Even Vince thinks it was worth the price and that doesn’t happen often . . Mr. Bargain Hunter! 🙂

kindleNot sure I can describe how much I love this little gadget.  It isn’t for everyone but if you’ve been wanting one and it’s in the budget, please order it!   I had read about it for a while and then kept wondering if I’d rather have the Kindle DX or the Kindle 2 so I waited til the DX was out, read reviews and decided the Kindle 2 was for me.   I love it!  Did you know that you can download the first chapter or some small portion of a book for free to decide if you want to buy it or not?  Even with authors that I love, there have been times when I bought a book and just couldn’t get into it.  Being able to read the first chapter pretty much tells me if I’m going to want to read the book or not.  I’m so glad I got this!

OK . . that’s it!  I’m not buying anything else for a very long time but for those who wondered how I like some of my recent purchases, now you know.



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    Love my Blackberry. Like you, I could live without it, but I sure do like it. I just need to learn to use all the features on it. And the Kindle 2 – you’d have to draw swords to get it away from me, and even then, don’t count on winning that battle! I love that thing, and it goes everywhere with me. Best purchase I’ve made in a long time.

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    Nancy says

    In the market for a Blackberry. Anyone want to share pros and cons on the model they use?

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      I love my Blackberry 8330 Curve, it’s red and it’s wonderful!! I’ve had touch screen smartphones in the past but I’m in love with this non touch screen gadget! I’m thrilled to have finally found a phone that I really love and can use to it’s full potential. I can manage Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, 5 different email accounts, my calendar and even messenger accounts….Oh and it makes phone calls too. Interfaces perfectly with my new car’s built in Bluetooth system as well. I rsisted buying a Blackberry for a long time and now I wonder why LOL

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    That is nice to know that you can download just one chapter before you decide whether or not you want to BUY the book for the electronic book reader. Thanks for giving us your “review” of these items!

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    peggy says

    Bought the iron a few months ago. Love it. The steam is great. I know I’ll never clean that little valve doodah. I just got the Samsung Exclaim phone through Sprint. Love it! Will I ever figure out all the features? Maybe. I do love the thought that in my 6th decade, I am a gadget girl. I find I am TMing all the time to those younger than I am. Isn’t technology wonderful?

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    Bon says

    So Judy, two things: 1- How long is a long time?
    2- You could be the next Billy Mays!!! “Hey folks, it’s JudyL here. Let me tell you about the Kindle2.” Guess it should be in all caps. LOL

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    Love my blackberry, and also my itouch. For someone like me who in NOT computer savvy, these two items have been wonderful! (plus the itouch was a gift from my dear kiddos 🙂

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    I am lucky. I have a steam generator iron (4 years old) that works great, I have a Blackberry that works great, I have a rice cooker (8 years old) that works great. But I don’t have a Kindle even though I have been talking about one for several months. I guess 3 out of 4 ain’t bad: but I really want a Kindle.

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    I like when you do your reviews…….you always tell things like it is. I love my blackberry…..I have to many different kinds of irons (I have different ones for when I teach and that way my students can decide which one they like better). I was thinking about getting a kindle……..but I can only take so much technology in my life so for now I’ll pass on it.

    Karen L

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    I have a Kindle 1 and I really do love it. I also have an Iphone and am able to read my kindle downloads on it. Talk about being spoiled, lol. I don’t go anywhere without my Iphone, I even got rid of my land line. Life is good when you have a book at your fingertips all the time.

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    When I bought the Kindle 2 I gave Mom the Kindle 1 and by leaving both on my account we can *share* all the books I buy….she’s had it since Mother’s Day and is loving it.

    I also highly recommend the Kindle!

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      Jerzydeb says

      Have the iron, want the phone LOL. Cook lots of rice here – so we go through rice cookers about every other year – will keep yours in mind next time I’m shopping – cause I saw you made steel cut oats in yours the other day – one of my favorite breakfasts when I have time.

      One of the best gadgets I bought was this spinning clothesline – not the old fashioned type that could take off your head – this one folds up when not in use – and I’ve had mine for over 2 years – and even here at the shore – it hasn’t shown any signs of rust – Not sure if I can link it here -you can find it at Amazon – Legacy-Umbrella-Style-Outdoor If you’re ever in the market – LMK – I dealt with a mom-and-pop store to buy mine – better prices, and then had excellent customer service.

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    Thanks for the reviews. I’ve been eyeing the kindle for several weeks now. Last year I took 2 bags of books for a month-long trip – boy, wouldn’t a kindle save me packing space! Looks like that’s going to be my next pricy purchase. Now that I’m retired I have to space out my pricy purchases. LOL.
    As soon as my cell phone account is eligible for an upgrade I’m going to get the Iphone. My daughter loves hers.

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    Susan H says

    C & T Publishing now has a fair number of E-books by quilters & quilt artists, download them cheaper than buying & some of really good ones never seem to make it to Amazon used books. (recycle!!!)

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    Susan H says

    By the way, I’m curious with the Kindle, are you told that it is copyright infringement to share the books you purchase? This is so with the E-Book downloads from C & T Publishing. I guess we’re ok if we don’t set up peer-to-peer networks of quilting E-books (grin!!!)

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    I’m dying for the Kindle now, but I’m also dying for the new Bernina software coming out and I just got hubby a new iPhone (which is WAY too cool!) so I’m going to have to choose… sigh!

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    Jane from PA says

    Speaking of pricey items, do you own a serger? I am trying to decide if I need(read “want”) one. What would I use it for? Everyone I know has one and tells me that I will love it; but, I want a Kindle, too, and there is only so much money to go around. I have a chance at buying a used serger for $500.00 don’t kow if that is a bargain or not. It has 5 threads and the man who repairs all my sewing machines is selling it and says it’s the easiest thing to thread–it’s a Viking.So, please tell me why I would want a serger.

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      Nancy says

      I love mine. It’s a Babylock, but I had a Bernette for years, finally gave it to my daughter and it’s a work horse still going strong! What to sew? What not to sew is the better question. Wonderful for sewing seams quickly, especially good for children’s clothes. So maybe it depends on what kind of sewing you do. Probably not so good for quilting.

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    Hmm I have an interest in the Kindle. The problem is…we have such a good library system..and don’t really HAVE to buy books. But then….I read a lot and it does appeal to me.


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    Thanks to you and all the comments I just ordered a Kindle. I’m a gadget geek and it’s hard for me to resist these things. Thanks to everyone’s comments I succombed! I went with the Kindle 2 – the smaller size is more appealing to me for carrying around in my purse and for travel. Now, I can’t wait for it to get here.

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    I was interested in the Kindle, but I have a great library system nearby. So, I have resisted the urge. Maybe later in life, I’ll go with it. Now, downloading quilt books would be a good thing, especially if you can set up a search for a particular pattern or technique.

    I have seen articles on the net concerning the Kindle and downloading issues, in particular the limits on how many downloads you can do and to how many devices. Actually, the main issue is the lack of disclosure on what the limits are, so you can make an informed decision on buying a e-book. For those interested, query the net since I am sure the number of articles is increasing and new info is coming out daily.