What’s on Your Design Wall – June 29

What’s on you design wall this fine Monday?


Mine is kinda pathetic!  Not what I thought I’d be showing today.  The Chicken Dance quilt . . not finished but put away for another top that needs to be finished.  A top that will hopefully be finished by the end of today.  I believe in miracles! 🙂

Please share what’s on you design wall.


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    That looks like an interesting block on your design wall…look forward to seeing what it is going to be! We started a new group quilt and I have some of my blocks on my design wall this week. Happy QUilting!

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    It’s funny that when you work on other things, the design wall doesn’t change. But this and the WISP challenge keeps me thinking about being more organized in getting things done. Thanks.

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    Go Judy! Cheering you on here in Espanola where it’s another rainy day so I should be getting alot done! But it’s summer holidays for my daughter so, the sewing gets mixed in with playtime and is not always productive:) But great fun. Off to play with scissors!

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    The colours you are using for the new blocks look very nice. I like that blue and pink combination very much.
    Today I’ve got a bunch of colour blocks up on my wall. Most of these are going to the summer block swap by Margaret.

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    I am inspired by the fact that you have a “design wall”, I have a “design carpet” that has nothing but a fine mist of dog hair at the moment…tee hee
    I love the chicken dance blocks!

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    Ok, I finally have something up there and have taken a picture of it, lol. Love looking at what everyone is working on.

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    And, the funny thing is after I wrote up my blog entry to show my new design wall set-up, I checked Perry’s post and we have the same block on our walls…. must be something in the water in OKC!

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    Kerstin says

    I’m a day late but what I posted was on my design wall Monday. I finished the final borders late last night.

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    Well, I’m a day late but I got something I could show since I’m taking a brake from challenge quilts. I hope you get your quilt done.

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    I’m doing my own version of a virtual charity quilt fest. I’ve challenged myself to make as much as I can and blog about it for two weeks. So far, I’ve gotten three preemie quilts off for a ‘shop and drop’ with a friend, and have three throw to twin size in the works…one to the binding stage, one to the border stage, and one in the works. They’re going on a mission trip, to hospice care, and eventually a patriotic to the nearest V.A. hospital. Then, i have 2 itty bitty AAQI quiltlets to donate to the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative. I use, btw, a ‘design floor’ and its cat heaven right now 😉 And in the middle of all of this potential chaos…so I am I !