Life doesn’t seem very fair when you’re the only girl in the house.  The chickens are all girls (I hope) but they’re not actually inside my house so they can’t really count.  Vince and Chad are both so used to having good food available any time they want it.  Speck has learned from them apparently.

As soon as I start cooking, Speck starts hitting his bowl . . kinda wiggling it around on the tile floor so it makes enough noise that I notice he wants to eat too.  If I don’t immediately jump to attention, grab the bowl and fill it up, he gets more aggressive with bouncing the bowl around.  I usually just pick the bowl up if I’m not going to fill it immediately and that stops the noise.

When I was fixing breakfast over the weekend, I guess my mind was somewhere else and I wasn’t paying attention to him.  First thing I knew, he’d pushed his bowl all the way in the kitchen . . right in front of me.


Guess he thinks there’s more than one way to get my attention.


He did finally get his eggs!   Please excuse the dirt at the kick vent.  I sweep in the morning and don’t turn it on til Chad wakes up because it makes noise when I turn it on.  No need to wake him any earlier than necessary . . another mouth to feed! 🙂



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    I laughed so hard when I read this. Daisy woke me up several times by banging her food bowl against the kitchen cabinets. The first time that happened, I thought someone was trying to break in the house!

    I’m fastinated by your kick vent!

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    Ah, spoiled dog syndrome, we know it well in our house!

    I had to chuckle at your being overwhelmed by boys… we had 3 in the house… and of course I had the hubby too! I had to spray Lysol just to get rid of the testosterone! 🙂

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    My last doxie used to carry her bowl to wherever I was. If I ignored her she would try to put it either on my feet or in my lap. Aren’t they fun?

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    Our dog has been known to use his teeth to carry a dish to where we are. Not too spoiled, huh? LOL

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    Nothing like a spoiled dog. I have a ridiculously spoiled Schnauzer. Osama Bin named because she looks like Osama and is a terrorist.


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    Our Bo smacks the side of his water dish to let us know it’s empty, sending it spinning around the kitchen. He’s so funny.

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    Deb says

    First of all, you HAVE to quit pointing things our in your photos. Not too many of us would notice the dirt by the kick vent, or the garbage can WAAAYYYY back by the house in the chicken coop shot if you didnt point it out, then we HAVE to find it!!

    Yes, we feed the dogs in the morning, and we get the “feed me duck” quacking away as soon as they know we are awake. (Sometimes it is the cow mooing). And one of our labs has a “thing” for plastic dishes so I had to switch everyones to metal or ceramic. She is really funny tho. And I have labs, so they ALWAYS want food!
    They have us so well trained, dont they!

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    It has been interesting to hear all the “dog moving the dish” stories…………mine is the opposite………..the only indoor pet we had was anorecix………….getting him to eat anything was a problem, never once did I see him move his dish………..coupled with the fact he was allergic to everything green…….going outside in the summertime was just aweful….at the time there wasn’t a dog food that didn’t have a grain involved, so I like you made all the food he ate and most I ended up throwing away cause he just wouldn’t eat. Most years we spent more on vet bills than we did on medical bills for my very young child.

    Karen L

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    Chesty starts slapping his dish around when he wants to eat too but I pick it up until it’s time to feed him.