Trip to the Amish Store

Vince was off yesterday for the 4th of July holiday.  It was raining when we woke up so we decided to have breakfast, then head up to the Amish store to get there shortly after they opened at 8.  When we got up there . . I couldn’t believe it!  I’ve never seen so many cars there.  I’m guessing there were at least 20 vehicles parked here and there and more turning in behind us.  It was raining pretty hard and I guess everyone decided to go to the Amish store.

One day I’m going to figure out that going there means more work for me! 🙂

When we got out of the car, I could smell peaches!  Don’t you love peaches that smell like peaches?  You know they’re going to taste like peaches too!  We came home with new potatoes, peaches, blackberries, blueberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, fresh chickens and I’m not sure what else.


I made a peach pie!  I think I probably say this about every pie I make but peach might be my favorite.   I put up 8 quarts and 1 pint of peach pie filling, 6 pints and 6 jelly jars of peach jam, 4 packs of corn for the freezer and I still have 40 ears to do today.  The blueberries and blackberries just went in the fridge . . in the ziplock bags.  I’ll do something with them . . probably freeze them in 1 cup batches for cobblers or cakes.

And, right in the middle of it all, I had to stop and make a batch of Speck food.  I was very, very tired!  🙁



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    Peach pie is definitely my favorite! And homemade peach ice cream! Oh, just your mention of the peach smell made me go all weak in the knees – because the peaches out here have hardly any smell. Have a slice for me, will you?

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    pdudgeon says

    oh yes, definitely peach ice cream! or peach ice cream with raspberry sauce. YUM!

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    Jean Foglein says

    Okay – you are making me tired …. wow – you go girl – what energy.

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    Yup……..peach pie is the best (only when made with “good” peaches)………..good ones are so hard to find here. And all those future peach pies……..did I say how peach is my favorite!!

    When I’m at the mall……… DD always knows where to find me…… Creative Kitchen.

    Karen L

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    Judy, I would love to know how you prepare and freeze your fruit and your corn!

    What kind of pressure canner do you have?

    Thanks, Julia

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    Why did want a garden? You are so lucky to have the Amish store and I am so jealous!
    I have my jars all ready and just waiting for the peaches to become ripe around here. Nothing like going into the pantry in the dead of winter and getting a jar of good peaches out to have with homemade bread toast for breakfast. 🙂

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    Lisa Stewart says

    Judy did you go to the Amish store just north of Nevada or to the one outside Rich Hill? The reason I ask is I have never seen fresh chickens at Rich Hill, of course I am never there at 8 a.m. either. Rich Hill has home made bread to die for though and then when you slather on the homemade blackberry jam.

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    Cari Jimison says

    My first husbands mom made both a peach and apple pie filling she then canned. I have looked high and low for the recipes and processing times. She also made a great soup mix with a mix of veggies from the garden canned in quart jars. She unfortunately would not share recipes. Do you mind passing along your information and how-to’s?

    Cari J.

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    Oh, Judy, I envy you your fresh peaches. No such thing to be had in Montana–I’ll have to make a trip home to Arkansas if I want fresh peaches and no way am I doing that in the middle of summer. Enjoy all your goodies and I hope those chickens get moved into their new home soon.

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    The sight of that pie and your talk about peaches makes me want to make a peach pie right now with the peach pie filling I made and canned last summer. Wouldn’t be good for my blood sugar at all, but oh my, it would be soooooo good.

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    carol craven says

    i would be real interested in knowing how you “put up” corn for the freezer. Now recall I dont “cook” much and no pressure cooker or anything, but i do love fresh corn. But never have I bought any or used any. I dont seem to know really how to cook it, Birdseye does my ears of corn-lol
    or when I had a older friend many years ago she got me hooked on it!

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    No wonder you didn’t use any fabric this week. You’ve been very busy in the kitchen department. Can I move in? I don’t like cooking or canning but I love food. I’ll even do the dishes and I won’t complain if the vacuum wakes me up!

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    Cindy says

    I bought fresh peaches at Whole Foods in KC last week. I bet you paid way less for them than I did. I barely bought enough to eat, let alone enough to make a pie.

    I also bought some white peaches, they are my favorite. I mushed up one and mixed it with ice cream, using my stick blender. I might have put some cream in there too.

    I’m not sure, but I think I got a nectarine or 2 mixed in with my peaches. I’m not as crazy about them.

    I also bought cherries. Soooo good.

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    That pie looks so good. You’re making me want one. Would you tell me what type of pressure canner you have? I’m shopping for one and have never canned before. I’d also love to have the recipe for the peach pie filling

    thanks and have a great week,
    Robin in VA

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    Where is the Amish Store at? I am thinking you mentioned in a previous post. I think I see a road trip coming on!

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    Judy will you share how you do corn for freezor and peach pie filling for canning? I did corn last year, and I just cut if off the cob and froze it. (I didn’t blanch) But I want to know should I blanch.
    Also, I canned peaches (pickled -because my beloved aunt kate use to and now she is gone and I can’t ask her how she did it –my peaches were too pickled and not as good as hers were, and my regular peaches canned somehow ended up with few peaches and lots of juice and I follwed the Ball recipes for both of these) I think I had rather do peach pie canning.