Who Loves Grocery Shopping?

A while back I was in Kansas City with some time to kill between appointments.  There were several things I wouldn’t mind having from the mall — a new pair of navy shoes, a couple of summer shirts, who knows what else might have tempted me.  There was a day when I couldn’t spend enough time in the mall.  Honestly, I walked into Macy’s and immediately though . . I’m out of my comfort zone and I have to get out of here! I walked around in the shoe department, made my way to the kitchen area, and left . . without buying anything.  I went to Whole Foods and immediately thought . . I wish I lived in this store! Don’t tell anyone I said this but I’d rather spend time in a great grocery store than in a quilt shop.  Maybe that’s because I can mail order what I need from quilt shops and though I can mail order from grocers, I’d rather be there and see the actual merchandise.  Or, maybe it’s because when the Discover Card arrives, a purchase from Whole Foods is just fine; a purchase from a quilt shop and I run and hide!  Not really but I do hear a bit of grumbling about some of my purchases.

Anyway, this is some of what came home with me from Whole Foods:


Left to right:  Red Quinoa, Raspberry Granola, Brown Rice, Steel Cut Oats, Yellow Grits and Golden Rose Rice.

Good stuff! 🙂



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    Happy 4th, Judy!!!
    Golden Rose rice-how is it different than brown rice? Is it long grain?
    We don’t have Whole Foods around here and there aren’t any natural grocery stores, only the big chains.
    We’re 3 hours from Lancaster County, PA so that’s not an option either.
    Plus, have you ever noticed that good food costs a whole lot more than junk food? And the gov’t wonders why the obesity problem is so bad in our country.
    Sorry, I’ll stop now. Enjoy some peach pie for me.

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    I am so happy that I live less than 10 miles from a Whole Foods now. They have all of the weird foods I have to eat because of my allergies.

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    When the twins were babies, grocery shopping was my “out”… now its my least favorite job.



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    I have never been in our Macy’s store. We have a Whole Foods in town and I’ve never been there either. I need to go check it out.
    Are these things sold in bulk?

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    carol craven says

    I have never been in a Macy’s store, or any department store in so many years, Wal something has been the thing to use around here, but lately I wanna go to Whole FOods and seeing your display makes it so appealing, that is real pretty! and I need some jars like that too-as soon as it gets
    cool say late Sept. I am hitting yard sales again! Wow, the dog is so lucky to get eggs! My cat knocks his bowl around too, and the water bowl oh man-is he spoiled or what, with it hot outside he HAS to have ice in his too.

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    Ok so what is the secret about Steel Cut Oatmeal. I made some and it was so bland tasting. What am I doing wrong?


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    I spend more time grocery shopping than anything else! When daughter was little, I would go at night when DH could babysit, and I could take my list and shop in peace. I’m more a “looker” than a shopper, I hate the mall. Shoe shopping, maybe! Quilt fabric, definitely! But groceries are a necessity! But you’ve already realized when Chad’s out of the house, less cooking! So every year it seems I can less and less. Whole pork loins are cut into small packages. Sigh I kinda MISS cooking, and sometimes just invite the relatives over to have an excuse to cook!

  8. 11


    I’m going to have to look for red quinoa….
    (I “never” go to the bulk section of whole foods…)