More Questions Answered

I’m sure I’ll forget some of the questions I’ve been asked lately but here’s my best shot for now.

  1. Were the chickens injured when the coop fell over?  No, they were not yet in it.  And, just to be sure you all know how patient and loving and kind and totally exasperated I am . . they still are not in it.  Another weekend has come and gone!
  2. Why is the coop facing the direction it is, with it’s back to my house?  Beats me . . Vince handles all the technical issues around here.  And no matter which way it should be facing . . the way it’s facing is where it’s staying!
  3. When will the solar panels go on the roof?  They won’t.  The coop is sitting under trees for shading purposes.  The solar panels will be sitting out in the sun (absorbing whatever solar panels get from the sun!) and a cord will transmit the “juice” to the battery near the coop which will power the fans/lights/heater as needed.
  4. Where is the Amish store?  If I knew directions, I would be a great help but . . here’s how I get there.  From south of Rich Hill (because I’m south of Rich Hill), I go to Rich Hill on 71 Highway, I get off and I go left.  If you’re heading south on 71 Highway,  you’re going to exit and go right.  Go through town.  When you get to a really large cemetery on the left, take a left.  There’s a sign off to your right but it’s kinda faded and it says something about Bates County Fruit & Vegetables . . something like that.  Take that left and then just stay on that road.  Make curves, you’ll come to a big white house on the left that looks like it could be an Amish house.  It isn’t . . keep going.   Not far past there,  on your left you’ll see the little store, some kind of little warehouse, a porta potty of some sort.  You’re there!
  5. What kind of canner do I use.  Presto 23 quart.  You can read more about it here in a canning post I did a while back.
  6. What’s my recipe for Peach Pie?  It’s just a basic recipe I’ve used for years.  I’m downstairs now and it’s upstairs and I’m too tired to walk up there and get it.  Sad, huh?  Here’s one that’s almost exactly what I use but mine has 1/2 tsp. almond extract and I bake mine at 400 for 45 – 50 minutes.  Don’t forget to sprinkle a couple teaspoons instant or minute tapioca in the bottom of the crust before adding the filling.  It will help absorb some of that yummy peach juice and make your pie not so runny.  I do that with all my fruit pies that are going to be baked  . . not pies that are not baked like strawberry pie.
  7. How do I put up corn?  We only like it fried so I blanch it on the cob, then cut it off the cob, cutting only about the top half of the kernels.  Then I scrape the cob with a knife to get the “milk” or juice to make it more like cream style corn.  I know that 18 – 20 ounces will give us a meal (when it’s just Vince and me) with enough left over for one lunch so I put it up in 18 – 20 ounces in ziplock freezer bags or FoodSaver bags.
  8. When do you freeze and when do you can?  I freeze what I like frozen and can what I like canned.  I freeze corn, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, most peas (purple hull, fresh pinto beans, cream peas, etc.), chopped bell peppers . . probably more but that’s all I can think of now.  I can green beans, pie fillings, tomatoes, all my jams and jellies, broths . . that’s all I can remember now but I’m sure there’s more.
  9. Am I going to write a book about borders?  Probably not but you never know.

If there were more questions I forgot to answer, please send them to me and I’ll update this post.



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    Fried corn? For true? Oh please enlighten me!

    I think those chickens were destined to be house pets. LOL

  2. 2


    I liked reading all your answers (even though I wasn’t one of the people bright enough to ask any of the questions)!!!

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    Linda says

    Love your directions to the store!! And they didn’t seem strange at all……….it’s the way people give them around here, only they throw in things like, “go past where so-and-so’s place used to be.” Right, about 60 yrs. ago. If you haven’t lived here the majority of your life you’re up a creek.