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    How did you manage to not use any fabric this week? Was it all bindings that you had already precut? I think this is a first for you.

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    some where I have miscounted the weeks …I will correct that next week…but at least i am back on line and i did remember to report in

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    I bought a lot of fabric this week, but Judy, you’ve made me think before I buy! Only fabric I need to finish a top I’m working on, and a piece of backing for some other blocks. I feel GOOD about my purchases.

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    Julianne says

    I am not sure how my link is showing up with the stash busters. I did not post it and I am not stash busting… I don’t mind but I just do not know why It is there.

    I wish every one that is stash busting the best of luck.

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    I was very bad this week… While home in KY visiting, the local quilt store recently closed up shop and had her Going Out Of Business Sale the week before we arrived but sine I know her & there were several bolts left she opened up just for me today… I had Nora with me and let’s just say that we carried out 86 yards in 6-8 plastic bags FULL & thankfully they all fit in the van’s “Stoe-N-Go” so they are outta sight. We drive back to TX tomorrow so later on this week I will take photos and blog about it 😛 then use your linky thing.

    Love from KY! -bonnie