Whistling Dixie

Remember this?


It’s been just a few days short of one year since my little accident and I still have a whistle around that door.  I hardly noticed it because (1) the a/c wasn’t working and was always on high and I didn’t hear anything but the a/c blowing hot air and (2) there was so much road noise from the tires but after getting the a/c fixed last month and new tires . . the whistle around that door was making me crazy.  The body shop guy knew I was still having problems with it so he ordered a new part, worked on it last week and . . no more whistle!  I kinda miss it!



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    Deb says

    I HATE car noises! If I could, I would just get a new car as soon as the old one started to rattle, shake and shimmy- and whistle! my mechanic is good about it, and tries to fix what he can. Glad yours is fixed. sounds like a whole new car!

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    Carol says

    LOL. Isn’t it interesting about things that we can’t stand but when they’re gone, we miss them. I lived about a block away from a train station. At first, I couldn’t stand the night runs. Once night, the 2:30 train was removed from service. Wouldn’t you know it, I didn’t hear it and I woke up. Weird, huh!