Organizing the Posts

I’m really trying to keep the blog organized and easy for you to find things you might want to find.  99.9% of the posts here are mere chatter and not worth re-reading but for those that might be notewothy, here’s what I’ve done over on the sidebar.


  1. Under General Info, I’ve added a link to the Binding – Finishing by Machine.  If you click on that link, it will take you to the post with the youtube video.  At the bottom of that particular post, I added links to “related posts” that concerned binding by machine.  So, if you click on that link, it will get you in the right direction to finding all the posts related to binding by machine.
  2. Under “Free Patterns & Projects”, you’ll find:
  • Free Patterns (these lead you whatever  patterns for whole quilts are currently available for free)
  • Border Info (where I am linking to the border posts I’m currently doing)
  • Border Patterns (where patterns for borders you can use for your own quilt will eventually be shared)

Does that help?

Is there anything else you go back to often that you’d like to see on the sidebar so you don’t have to search for it?




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    I guess we aren’t having a separate category for recipes? (Or for chicken stories??? LOL) I do like what you’ve organized so far……very good and kind of you to do that so we can refer easily to things when we need them. Thanks!

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    Linda H says

    Wow, Judy! You are so organized. Thanks for that. I’m enjoying your border series. It is so nice of you to share your thoughts and methods with us.

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    On each post, you do list a “posted” note – which corresponds to your pages on top. However, you also use tags, but there is no tag cloud on the side bar. So, if we wanted to find a story about the chickens, we would have to look under home and garden, find a post with a chicken tag and then click on that to find all chicken stories?

    I usually don’t need to look at a chicken story again, but I do have to agree with Pat that you do have some interesting recipes. I’ve learned to cut & paste some of those recipes to save them on my laptop in order to be able to find them again. ( I have a folder called “recipes” under “my docs”, just to save recipes from various sources – easier than printing them out and filing them!)

    Could you have a “recipe” tag, so all we have to do is find one post with a recipe and then locate all of them? Or have a sidebar section on just recipes. You wouldn’t have to list them, just point us to that area.

    Of course, another trick I have used is to make a blog post of my own, referencing/linking to someone else’s post for a good tutorial or recipe or whatever. At least , I’ll always be able to get to the original post.


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      Yikes, I just saw that you have a Recipe link on the side…. sorry, I guess I missed it! Ignore the above comment…

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    Oh yes, the wheat bread recipe! I can’t tell you how many people I have shared that with….and I never remembered to bookmark it until the other day! And that darn brownie recipe. 😉

    It’s a lot of work getting organized!

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      Judy, do you have your wheat bread recipe somewhere? I looked under recipes.
      I made the oatmeal bread from Artisan Bread cookbook after you posted your photos of bread. After the 3rd day, it was on the dry side but fine for toast. Also, crumbly. I think it was my fault by adding too much of my King Arthur flour.

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    Brilliant I should have thought of this instead I ‘ve started additional blogs to keep things more organised. Came over from French Knots after seeing your chicken comment.