What’s On Your Design Wall – July 6, 2009


This is what’s on my design wall.  I’ll do a separate post so as not to bog down all the links to other quilter’s blogs.

Will you share what’s on your design wall this first Monday in July, 2009?  Sounds kinda historic, huh?


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    pdudgeon says

    now that’s a totally amazing quilt, Judy. looks like all it needs is to be quilted and bound.

  2. 3


    Is that applique I see. I haven’t seen applique on one of your quilts in forever or ever? I love the colors!

  3. 4

    Becky I says

    One of these days I will try the mariner’s compass. I love that block but I am not brave enough to try it yet. Thanks for encouraging us to used pieced borders. The link to what’s on my design wall has a quilt that I will use a pieced border that is one of 6 borders. It is all your fault Judy. I like your quilts so much that you have challenged me to give it a try. Keep encouraging others to stretch their abilities!

  4. 9

    Cindy says

    Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Now that’s not a huge quilt. And it has applique on it. Exactly who made that quilt, missy!

    I really, really love it.

    But I DO want to see a closeup of that applique to make sure it’s not a preprinted border.

  5. 10


    I love the outer most blue, Judy. The peach works great. It is one of my least favourite colours to work with as it can be so picky and change the mood of a quilt. This is beautiful work.

  6. 11


    Posted and Linked as promised. Just in case Judy didn’t see already the feathers I tried in some inner borders of my DGD string flower quilt!!! I like you round robin style quilt too. You’ve been holding out on us…

  7. 12


    OMG, is that Applique I see?

    My pink and brown Stars and Pinwheels are still on the design wall but I did get a couple more blocks done before I left on the 26th of June — hopefully, I’ll get more made this week too.

  8. 13


    Well, now I have my puter up and running, and i have been busy…felt good to be able to post again.

    love the quilt JUDY!


  9. 16


    I’m a little late in posting. But this really is what has been on my wall all week. I’m tired of looking at it, so I hope to get the larger nine-patches made this weekend and put something new up.