Sock Yarn

My favorite yarn shop, Simply Sock Yarn, like most shops, sends out an email newsletter and it gets me every time!  I wish I were half as strong when it comes to sock yarn purchases as I am for fabric purchases.  There’s a better chance I’ll use all my fabric than I will my sock yarn but . . it’s just another hobby.  Simply Sock Yarn always has the most fantastic yarns and the best customer service.  The mail lady brought me a much awaited yarn package yesterday.  Here’s what I got:


This is sKNITches, Bebop Sock.  Color:  Shrimp on the Barbie.  Content:  75% superwash wool/25% nylon.  I haven’t knit sKNITches yarn before but it seems to be pretty popular.


This one is Schaefer Heather.  Color: Simply Socks.  This yarn was dyed for the Simply Sock Yarn Company’s 4th anniversary!  Content:  55% superwash wool; 30% silk; 15% nylon.  I have knit Heather yarn before and I love it!


This one is Alpaca Sox.   Color: 1847 – Blue Jay.  Content:  60% alpaca; 20% merino wool; 20% nylon.  I haven’t knit this yarn before but it feels so good!


Another Alpaca Sox.  Color: 1857 – NorEaster.  They must be out of this color . . don’t see it on the website.

I think I’m all set and may not need any sock yarn for a while but you know that when that little email newsletter arrives, I’ll be poking more buttons!

And, if you’re wanting to see the quilt used as the back drop for my yarn, here’s the back side of it.


How do you like those feathers? 🙂



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    Evelyn says

    Beautiful yarn! I need to start a few new pairs for my son for when schools starts in the fall… he generally only likes handknit socks. Have you tried INOX knitting needles? The points are very sharp and I find I knit much faster with INOX needles than other brands. They are a very nice needle for finer yarns!

  2. 2


    I love seeing the yarn, but have yet to learn how to knit socks. I still want to, though. Got an email yesterday that one of the two local yarn shops is closing. They’ve only been open since 2007. What a shame.
    Since you’re showing us only the back, can we assume this quilt is for the next book? Hmm……………………???

    • 2.1


      Oh, no, you’ll see the front of this one. It’s an old one that was in the binding stack and I just grabbed it because the backing was solid and I needed something on which to photograph the sock yarn.

  3. 3

    pdudgeon says

    those are beautiful yarns! have you ever ventured out and knit sox for the men in your life?

    love the quilting. that’s a fabulous quilt front and back.

  4. 5


    Sock yarn is as tempting as a box of chocolates, and your choices look heavenly. And you have yours wound into balls already! I have a vacation coming up and will have my sock yarn packed and ready to start knitting! Your feathers are beautiful. Is that yesterday’s wall hanging?

    • 5.1


      I ball my yarn as soon as it comes in or I’d never do it! Nope, not yesterday’s wall hanging. It’s still sitting on the design wall.

  5. 6

    Cindy Kuipers says

    Why do you ball the yarn? I have never done that, just knitted right from the skein.

  6. 7


    Knitting is one thing I haven’t gotten into…….which is good cause I don’t need another stash to deal with. Anyway most of the good sock yarn has wool in it and my skin doesn’t favor wool at all. The feathers look great, I look forward to seeing the front.

    Karen L

  7. 9

    Denise says

    You are just plain evil – now I’m going to have to see what goodies are at SimplySocks. My brother loved his birthday socks – he got the first ones I made!

  8. 12


    The yarn looks so beautiful!….. I do feel compelled to ask though….do we need to start a “Yarn Stash” report? 😉

  9. 13


    Ohh I know what you mean about sock yarn. It’s very addictive. I received my first order from Simply Sock Yarn a few weeks ago and it’s stunning. I’m seriously tempted to order more but so far have resisted although the temptation is back full force after seeing your lovely yarns….vbg. Ahhhhh – so much for my “I will not buy any more yarn until I have used up some of my stash” theory.