Bug Parts

Just because we were talking about cooties, I did a bit of reseach about allowable bug/cootie/critter particles allowed in our food.

Check out this site – http://www.ca.uky.edu/entomology/dept/bugfood1.asp

Do the math on how many grams in a pound of flour . . and see how many bug parts can be in a 5 pound bag of flour.Ā  I’m not saying bug parts are bad and I’m not saying I don’t trust the government or its agencies to be absolutely sure our food is 100% safe.Ā  I’m just saying . . I do the best I can on my end!



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    Sorry…bug parts are bad in my book! Yucky. It is surprising isn’t it, that a certain amount is allowable. I have been so enjoying watching you make bread! I bet it smells heavenly!

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    Alrighty then…..you’ve got my attention……LOL……I’m going to be looking every closely (microscope) at all my foods……LOL…..no, really…thanks for the the tip.
    Take care.

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    I guess I’ve always been aware that there’s an allowable amount of bug bits in flour, etc. I guess I’m surprised at how high the allowable parts per whatever are. Of course, that’s the highest allowable amount, and I choose to think that whatever I buy is, of course, at the low end of bugginess.

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    Regina says

    Judy, thanks so much for sharing this site šŸ™ I am just about to go to lunch and I am figuring I will spend the hour looking for bug parts in my food. I can’t wait to share this link with my 12 and 9 year old picky eaters. I figure I can cut my grocery bill by 75%!!! hahahaha

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    When we lived in Japan we had to carefully open anything that had a powdery substance in it….flour…bisquick…cornbread…things like that cause they had bugs in them at least half of the time. It was pretty gross! We even had to check our rice when we opened the package.
    Bugs!!! Ewww!

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    Carol says

    Yuck. Many years ago I was pouring out a bowl of cereal and a locust leg poured out. The locust leg went into the trash, I didn’t eat the cereal and for many years afterword, just looking a cereal box made me gag. I’ve gotten over my aversion but knowing “things” are in the food I eat is a little scary.

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    lori R says

    That was an interesting story, bad enough I deal with some kind of critters in our spaghetti boxes. I think I’ll start freezing those now.