Miss Organized

Or should that say “Disorganized”?  Yes, that’s what it should say.

You’ve seen these blocks on my design wall for well over a year!


Kansas City Star is doing a second “My Stars” book and they had a list of blocks they were including.  This blocks was one of the ones they’re featuring.  My blocks were made . . or mostly made!  I sent them a picture of the EQ drawing and told them all my blocks were made and I could finish the quilt if they wanted to use it.  We talked back and forth and on a Friday, they decided to use it and asked me when I could have it done.  Soon!  The blocks are all done!

Well, it had been a while since I’d seen anything other than those few blocks on the design wall.  Not a problem .. they’re somewhere.  Probably with the iPod!  I found a box that has 2 more blocks and pieces of several more, as well as all the dark blue fabric.  No background fabric though.  The rest of those blocks are somewhere!  I know I made all those blocks.  But, I said I’d have the quilt ready to mail the next week.  So, I set about making another one!  In five days, I chose the fabrics, made the top, quilted the top, did the binding and got it in the mail.  One day I’m going to come across those other blocks . . and maybe I’ll find my iPod too! 🙂

Next picture you see of my design wall, these blocks are going to be . . gone!



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    You amaze me with your productivity – in everything! I’m sure the blocks will turn up soon – I usually find something when I don’t need it anymore.

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    Well, while you’re looking for your blocks and your iPod, there are a few things I can’t find. I’ll send you a list, just in case you run across them at your house!

    You’re amazing! I can’t believe you made the quilt that quickly! Can’t wait to see it!

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    pdudgeon says

    LOL when you can’t find it, make another! i’ll have to remember that one. Smart thinking, Judy!

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    LOL. I guess that’s one way to get choosen for the book – to ginix yourself LOL

    I remember when they put out a call for block/quilt photos for their next book. Congratulations Judy on being included!

    Love from TX! Bonnie