Places I Should Not Go

There are places I should never, ever visit.  Through no real fault of their own, Office Depot seems to be one of those places I should stay away from.

Any long term readers may remember the fiasco with my former laptop . . a laptop I really liked (unlike the current laptop.)  Here are a few posts – it’s long and boring so unless you have nothing better to do, just skip to the next paragraph: Broken laptopMy poor laptopMy complaintsIt was finally resolved (and I got an HP Pavillion that I truly loved but so did Chad and since it had an extended warranty, he got it for his college computer and now I have this Toshiba that I truly do not love but only because it’s just too big).

Anyway, my dad needs a new digital camera.  I had given him one of my old ones just to see if he would use it and like it and he did but after a month or so, he lost the charger.  Sound like anyone else you know?  Guess I’m just a chip off the old block . . so to speak!  So, we went looking at cameras.

We decided to get a Sony just like the one I’d given him but a newer model.


The problem is . . we went to Office Depot.  We decided on the camera, got the memory stick but wait . . Dad needed an adapter for the Sony memory stick pro duo.  The Office Depot guy was bound and determined that we did NOT need an adapter.  Listen Mister!  I’m telling you we need an adapter! Nope . . you do not need an adapter on any of the newer model computers.  Dad has the same laptop that Chad has and I knew he needed the adapter.  The guy said “what computer do you have?”  So, I showed him the exact same computer . . they still have the same model on display.  Then he decided that the memory stick I’m using is too short because NO!  You do NOT need an adapter.

Just so happens I had an extra memory stick in my purse.  I showed it to him.  What do you think he does . . the “tech guy” for Office Depot?  He sticks my memory stick, full of my photos, in the slot . . oops . . it’s gone!  Can’t get it out!  He tried everything and we were stuck in Office Depot for over an hour while he had to take all the screws out of the laptop, take everything apart and he still couldn’t get to the memory stick.  (Don’t buy a Toshiba 18″ widescreen laptop from display at Office Depot in Lake Charles).  No one had tweezers which would have helped.  I kept digging in my purse for something that would work.  I finally found some toothpicks and he was able to get hold of the memory stick with those . . . kinda like chopsticks, and dig out the memory stick.

I felt bad for the guy but dang it . . I told him we needed an adapter.  He felt bad and said he’d never do that again but at least he knows that some models do need adapters.  We got an adapter, got the camera, got the memory stick and got home and I think there’s just something about Office Depot . . I should stay away!



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    You are too funny!!! We could have told that guy he shoulda listened to you!! Glad it all worked out for your dad!

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    OMG….How funny is that. I think you have the same computer my hubby has and I hate to type on it. It seems to have all the keys in the wrong place and I can’t hit a one.

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    Judi says

    that is to funny! We were told that the larger screens on the laptops have a tendency to go out so you really don’t want a screen that is bigger then 17″ we had one go out and they wanted over $200 just to replace the screen and then labor on top of that, for another couple hundred you can get a new laptop with all the bells and whistle.

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    Cheryl L says

    Hey Judy, if this quilting gig doesn’t work out, sounds like there’s a good chance you’d be more than qualified for a job at Office Depot!!!:=)

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    Angie says

    I’m glad you memory card didn’t get broken! Maybe there is a computer that you don’t need an adaptor for, but I have two fairly new computers, and both need adaptors. Yes, maybe you should find another electronic place to shop at! It’s a funny story, but not ha-ha funny when it’s happening to you! Glad it had a happy ending!

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    For crying out loud….HOW did you keep your cool while all that was going on? I’d have been freaking out and very annoyed to think I might never have seen my memory stick OR my photos again. I’d stay away from them, too……*sigh*

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    Those sales people are just ALWAYS right!! The thing is, when I go to buy something I have done my research and I know exactly what I want and what I need to make things work the way I need them to work. I swear, if those stores hired more overweight grandmas, like me, who actually do more on their computers than play games & IM they would be much further ahead of the game. We may not LOOK trendy & dynamic but we have something between our ears other than hair roots. LOL

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    I wonder if the little guy at the Hammond Office Depot has moved to Lake Charles? You know…the one who insisted I needed the wrong cartridge for my printer and then I was stuck with it because I had opened it to try to put it in my printer…and of course it didn’t fit…because it wasn’t the right cartridge.