Design Wall Monday July 13


These are the cutout heart blocks I started working on a while back.  I’m hoping to get more done on them this week.  Not sure I like the setting with the blue plain squares so I may play around with it and try to come up with a different setting.

What’s on your design wall (or bed or floor)?



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    Hey Judy – these links are all for the stashbusting report:) I’ll be back – nothing new on my wall though. It’s empty! I finished my top. Will post later.

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    Becky I says

    I’ll be back. It looks like I linked to the stashbusting report not the design wall report. Have a great day!

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    I am early to get my design wall posted today. More applique for you, huh? Keep playing with the alternating squares, not sure I like the blue either.

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    I just ran across your Design Wall Monday last week and I think it is a cool idea. Love seeing what others have on thier walls!

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    Linda C says

    The ‘design wall’ in the fifthwheel is the bed, and I just finished a quilt top that got it’s start in one of your Quiltathons, so here it is.

  6. 9


    Nothing ON the wall today as I finished my top. So I’m showing it off:) trying to motivate myself to get the backing on and done! Thanks for sharing everyone. I like the hearts Judy. Wonder if you’ll find something brighter for your accent blocks:)

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    No, I don’t like the blue…it needs something more exciting but I’m sure you’ll figure it out. I wish I had something more exciting than the last 5 blocks on my Stars and Pinwheels quilt to work on this week.

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    My design wall has 5 large blocks – the beginning of what I’m calling a “manly” quilt for my husband. I’ll be able to add a few more when I get home from this trip.

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    too late to add my design wall… Oh well at least i’ve
    figured it out
    hearts are good…why not an hour glass to frame them