Really good friends are hard to come by.  In my experience, and I’m sure almost everyone would say the same thing . . I’ve had friends who I thought were really good friends and then either through fault on my own part, fault on their part or maybe no one’s fault  . . something happened.  Sometimes feelings were hurt, sometimes there was anger but true friends, in my opinion, don’t come easy.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m probably a hard person to befriend.  I don’t have a lot of spare time; things are pretty black and white with me in that I expect if someone says something, that’s what they mean and I have little tolerance for people who tell me one thing and then tell another something else.  I have four great girlfriends – one in CA, one a couple of hours from me in MO, one in KY, and one in KS — I can count on those ladies for anything.  If I called in the middle of the night with a problem, they’d have it solved before morning.  I so appreciate those kinds of friends.  Not to mention that any of them will be there to get me across those scary bridges and never make fun of me for being a wimp.

Roger and Eileen are the kind of friends everyone needs!  They’re both so precious!  I met them in the late 70’s.  We were immediately good friends, although I’m surprised they put up with me.  They probably really didn’t like me at all but tolerated me because they were friends with my husband.  I was young and had never been around young children and they had two; I had no idea about having a family, being a working mom and coming home to children  . . I was probably pretty demanding on their time and not very understanding about getting a baby sitter.  They probably laughed a lot at me when Chad came along about 8 years later.  By then, their children were old enough to be left alone and I had an infant.  My world revolved around Chad and I wasn’t about to leave him with a sitter so he either came along or they came to our house for all our get togethers.

We spent hours and hours playing games, eating out and . . just being friends.  I don’t think back then I was the kind of friend I should have been but I’m older and wiser now . . I hope!

Yesterday I had a fantastic visit with them; the first time I’d seen them in at 14 or 15 years. Eileen and I laughed til we cried, remembering the old times.  She would remember something that caused me to remember something and we talked non-stop for about five hours before Roger got home and I could’ve sworn it had been 15 minutes.  There were so many funny stories.  I can’t help but laugh just sitting here remembering yesterday.


After a while, Roger came home and we went to eat dinner.


Chad always thought “Roger Dodger” walked on water.  He’s such a practical joker.  We sat and ate and talked and laughed.  We had lots of time to make up.  I think I’ll get to see them again before I leave town.  I’m so happy to be in contact with them again.



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    Linda H says

    I think you are too hard on yourself. We ALL are older and wiser now….better friends, better spouses. Your friend sounds like a super special person to cherish. Aren’t friends wonderful!
    —-And I might add to that…online friends are special, too. I’m thankful for my online friends…and I include you as an OL friend, too

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      This is the sweetest thing – it stunned me! We always loved you and you were always a GREAT friend and still are. I’m so glad we are back in touch again. Looking forward to eating crabs and taking better pictures this weekend. Love you, Eileen

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    Cindy says

    Yeah, but… what did you eat? You better not be eating crawfish. I mean it, I will be so mad. You’re eating crawfish pie, aren’t you.

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    My mom used to say that if you can count your closest friends on one hand you are very blessed…friends are pure gold.


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    You have soooo many friends reading your blogs……I like you as a friend…..your a quilter…..quilters are nice people.

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      That is so special. I’m glad you had such a great visit. I think I’ll call MY best friend today and chat a while!

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    Does anyone else think they look enough alike to be sisters?

    Glad you’re having a grerat time visiting…. enjoy the cajun food!

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    Thanks for this post Judy.

    I called my dear friend today. We both get so busy we don’t keep in touch. We need our friends, sometimes more than we know.

    Enjoy your friend time. 🙂

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    Well, I just sent my very very special friend an email and told her to buy those darn CUPCAKES!! Special friends are — well, they’re just special!!!!

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    Elaine says

    Judy, you are one of my “on one hand” kinda friends too. I love being able to get you over those bridges!

    I’m so tickled to get to see a picture of Eileen so now I know what she looks like. She’s a great lookin’ lady and I’d be thrilled to get to know her too!

    Love you,

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    So glad you renewed your connections with your friends- they are obviously special friends and know that you are pretty special too.
    I am sure you will enjoy your times together and have lots of new memories to add to the older ones. The thing about your dearest friends is that whether you are with them frequently or only occasionally, you just pick up where you left off. Before you know it many hours have passed and you wonder how the time passed so fast… To friendship- one of life’s special gifts !!!
    Warmest regards,

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    Rebecca says

    Just catching up with the blog after visiting family and re-connecting with an old friend. It was wonderful! I got to visit her briefly one year ago, and it was so comfortable, like we hadn’t been apart. This year there was more “catch-up” time, and she was able to help me with a problem as nobody else has! We’ll stay in better touch now.