Last Quilt Delivered


Taylor loved her quilt!  I got here Thursday and finally, on Monday, she had a break from her busy schedule and was able to come by and visit for a while!  That girl!  And there comes the little one . . he’s loving all these newe quilts.


Yep, that boy is definitely a bundle of energy!



  1. 3

    Judi says

    Beautiful quilt and the little guy reminds me of my own grandkids who really can be a handful.

  2. 4

    Pam says

    I really like the stripe in the border and the mitered corner! How did you get the stripes to match! Gorgeous!

  3. 6


    Purple and green are such a fresh and young combo, they surely go with that fresh and young niece! Beautiful job on that, Judy, lots of movement and detail to keep the eye on it (but watch out for that little boy!)

  4. 7

    RAM says

    Boy, I wouldn’t let him near that quilt with that sippy cup. LOL He’s so cute and she’s a beauty. Both look so happy to have Auntie around!

    Have fun!


  5. 8

    neen says

    Well, look at you just givin’ that lime green fabric away, in quilts, now! Man, it just makes that quilt shine all the way over here.

    Good job!


  6. 9


    Gorgeous quilt. The kids are pretty cute too. That little guy looks like he could lead you on a merry chase!