My Family

I do have a sister, though I’m not sure we’re truly related.  She doesn’t sew, has no interest in gardening, canning; little interest in cooking; but she knows all the fashion designers’ names and shops like a fiend . . we can’t truly be sisters but my parents swear we are.


The picture is kinda dark but it was the only one I snapped of her.  Thanks to her, I do have a fantastic niece and nephew.  My niece . . not too sure about her either.  She’s a clean freak.  Always cleaning.  She has four kids and her house is spotless and . . she has absolutely no clutter.  If she doesn’t use it . . it’s gone.   How did I miss out on those genes?


Always cleaning and always talking!  I think I got the talking gene but definitely not the cleaning gene.


I love this girl but these kids of hers . . don’t tell my husband or my son or my dog or my chickens, but it wouldn’t take much for me just to stay right here with them and never leave!  Her two youngest daughters were visiting this morning.



Check out the slippers!  They had been swimming so I’m not real sure about this robe and slipper garb they have on but . . these two are not to be questioned!




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    Karla says

    Judy, I too have a sister that is a clean freak and an athlete to boot, There is no clutter in her house, she doesn’t sew or enjoy the fabric habit, but she can clean a mean house.:)

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    It’s amazing how different members of the same family can be. Both my kids, daughter AND son, are much more into cleaning than I am. Both my DD & DDIL can barely find a scissors in their houses much less a needle & thread.

    Don’t those girls just have the greatest smiles?

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    Rebecca says

    It came out during my family visit that I’m the only one the “gardening” gene skipped…heck, I’m only two generations removed from actual farmers!

    Also, I’ve dreamed of collaborative quilting with my sisters. One says the extent of her sewing is to “sew on a button”; another asks “How do you start a quilt? Where do you get your ideas? Where do you buy the fabric?”; leaving only one who does any at all (but she’s actually making a quilt for her daughter.

    It’s confusing!

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    They look like the kind of girls it would be fun to have around the house. Probably a good thing your sister isn’t like you, then you wouldn’t be the very special person to your family that you are, because you would have shared atributes. Sounds funny, but you know what I mean, lol.