Sweet Treet

One of the first things I usually do when I arrive at mom and dad’s is head for Jo’s Party House.  It was hard to believe I’d been here 6 days and had not managed to get by there.  I had been just down the street from them but kept forgetting to go by.  When I can forget about cupcakes, that’s really bad.


I’m so glad I stuck them away til after dinner because after dinner, or they may have been blamed for my trip to the ER!  Do these weird things happen to anyone else?  Please say yes.   I’m allegic to something and without going through all the allergy tests, I cannot figure out what it is.  I think I just commented to Vicky this week how lucky I am to have no allergies.  My friend and I ate at O’Charley’s and then went to her house.  I had no sooner sat down on the sofa, when my hands started itching . . the kind of itch that makes you want to scratch with razor blades.  My epi-pen was at mom’s and I knew there was a good chance my throat would be swelling soon.  My friend had her grandkids so she couldn’t really come with me.  I jumped in my car, raced to the closest ER, which was probably about 6 or 8 minutes away.  They took one look at me . . by then everything was itching and in hives.  I was immediately placed in a room with an IV and some of whatever is in the epi-pen, benadryl, a steroid and something for my tummy in case the meds caused me to be sick.

I ate the same things I’ve eaten for years — nothing new.  This is the 6th or 7th time this has happened and I’ve never been able to come up with a single thing that I’ve eaten within the last 12 hours that I hadn’t eaten zillions of times before.  It’s happened in KY, MO and now Louisiana so if it’s environmental, I just don’t know.  You can bet the epi-pen will be close by my side from now on.

I looked back on the blog and the last time it happened was August 11.  It happens just about every 2 years.

Of course, I couldn’t drive home so mom and dad had to come over in one car so one of them could drive my car home.  My sweet friend came to the hospital to check on me as soon as as her grandkids had been picked up.

Today it’s been 3 years since my nephew was killed.  I explained to the nurse who was calling them to be sure they knew I was alright . . just needed a driver.  The last thing they needed was a call that I was in the ER.

Got home about 15 minutes ago.  We’ve all had a cupcake so we all feel good!  If this time is anything like the last time, I’ll sleep for about 48 hours.  Heading to bed now . . for a long winter’s nap! 🙂



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    Linda H says

    I’m glad you’re ok now! Yeah, probly keep the Epi very nearby. I know it’s a pain. My husband is very uncooperative with his. Take care!

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    Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. Good friends shuldn’t let their good friend drive themselves to the hospital. I feel like I failed you miserably. What a night. I’ll be rethinking this one for some time. I’m so glad you are okay! Love you!!!!!

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    I’m glad everything worked out….your new motto………..”epi pen, don’t leave home with out it”. The cupcakes look wonderful, I’m glad you were able to enjoy them. Enjoy your good nights sleep.

    Karen L

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    becky says

    I’ve had this same type of thing happen once about 5 years ago while at a quilt show! Scared the bejesus out of me. The only thing the Dr could figure out was maybe something I ate was treated with something that caused the reaction. I was fine and then wake up in the middle of the night in the hotel with the rash. Boy, I must have been a site with calemine lotion all over me. I was lucky though with just the rash. I hope it never happens again but no one mentioned the medipen either.

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    That is scary, but I think the hives etc you experienced is brought on by stress. Either accumulated, or extreme. I used to have that happen to me once in a while when my son was growing up, and once he left I didn’t have that happen anymore, lol. My old fashioned doctor at the time told me the problem was stress. Good luck and try to not let it bother you too much. Just keep the epi close by.

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    I’m sorry this happens to you periodically but glad you are okay. I’m not able to keep up on blogs with my granddaughter here this week, but she is still sleeping so I took the chance to check a few and yours was one of them…….enjoy the rest of your trip!

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    Carol says

    Having gone through the testing, I can tell you — unless you have a clue as to what it was you ate, they can’t test you for food allergies. Or they couldn’t back in the 80s. The approach was/is to keep a journal of what and where you eat, hoping to find a trend.

    But you might want to consult an allergist anyway because if you need an epi-pen, you really should know what to avoid if possible.Maybe the testing has improved in the past 25 years…

    Meanwhile, in the memorable words of Karl Malden: “Don’t Leave Home Without It”! That is WAY to scarey!

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    Julianne says

    So glad you are OK. I have had this happen with cantaloupe. Sometimes I can eat them sometimes I can not even clean them without itching. Sometimes just the smell will make my eyes and throat itch. I asked the doctor about that and he told me that it might be because of the soil that they are grown in. I am sensitive to mold and mildew, Once I bought a bag of potatoes that I could not eat.

    Food allergies and sensitivities are hard to treat. Keep that epipen handy.

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    Oh goodness Judy! I’m so glad you’re ok but I know how scary that can be. I ended up in the ER one time after eating mango. Take care of yourself!

  10. 13


    Judy, glad you’re OK. Following up with an allergist is probably a good idea. Scary to think it can happen with no warning.

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    Linda says

    Glad you’re okay but can I ask you a question…if you don’t have allergies, why do you need an epi pen? Maybe you answered that somewhere else but….
    time for an allergist for you methinks!!

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    I grew up getting “attacks” and they never really figured it out. Had tons of tests and only came up with cat hair. Haven’t had any problems in many years now.

    Hope you’ve been taking it easy. It’s scary, but I’ve always heard that several cupcakes will cure it! ILY

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    I’m glad you’re OK…..and glad too it WASN’T those cupcakes you love that caused it. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time you look into taking those allergy tests.

  14. 18


    It sounds like you really don’t have much choice-you’re going to have to go through the testing. Wouldn’t it be much better to know so you can avoid whatever it is that is doing this to you?
    Take care of yourself!!

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    Ida Lively says

    Glad to hear that you’re okay.

    I had an ‘attack’ at the Arkansas Alligator Farm in Hot Springs, AR. You know how many ppl in this world are allergic to reptiles? Not very darn many. But, it turned out not to be the ‘gators, but the baby bobcats in the ‘zoo’ to which I was allergic. Apparently, the bigger the cat (the more the dander?) the quicker I ‘react.’ The hives/itching caused me to scratch … and I ended up scratching my cornea, and had the ‘pleasure’ of wearing an eye patch for a week while on vacation .. when my son was about 2-3. Amazing how quickly he realized my peripheral vision was impaired on that side. 😉

    I had another ‘incident’ with a bug bite when I was in Muffreesboro, AR (Crater of Diamonds State Park), where my entire arm swelled, and started to tingle (because it was swelling sooooo much). The ‘hive’ was the size of 3/4 of my forearm and raised/welted at least 1/4 inch.

    It’s kind of difficult to drive from PA to TX to visit my sister w/out adding a lot of extra miles while avoiding Arkansas. 😉 The shortest route takes me to Memphis … then I need to zap myself right over to Texarkana, TX. 😉 Actually, I just made sure that I didn’t stop anywhere in AR — not for gas, not for food, not for restroom, not for nuthin’ (no way, no how!).

    And, avoiding Arkansas isn’t too horrible. I have driven through East on I-70, St. Louis, Joplin and hit Vinita, OK (then the World’s Largest McDonald’s) … which only added 3 driving hours to the trip. That is the way that 20-years ago, AAA sent me as the ‘shortest’ route.

    Actually, I’ve been through Arkansas several times since those incidents .. I just carry a lot of Benadryl with me.

    So, Judy, no, you’re not the only one that seems to have odd episodes while traveling. 😉

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    Regina says

    WOW! You sure had an adventure. Judy I have food allergies and I have found that if I can track down an allergy attack to a meal out, it means my food came in contact with something I am allergic to when it was being prepared. I keep an epi-pen at home and one in my purse. I was caught without it once when I needed it and my doctor threaten me good. Now I keep it close. I think my MD might make me wear my allergy list like a scarlet letter on my chest, hahahaha. You be safe.

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    Colleen Gander says

    Glad to hear that all’s well now and that you are napping. Similar pattern to my discovery that I had an allergy to salicylic acid (sp?) or ASA. However, it’s not all the time. I have to watch fresh strawberries, tomatoes and the cooked form too. It took 3 ER trips before a smart doctor suggested that might be the cause and nothing showed up until I was nearly 40. Hope you figure it out!

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    Evelyn says

    Epi-pen, epi-pen, epi-pen. Gad that you were close enough to the hospital to get some fast help. My son has allergies and I never go anywhere without the benedryl in the car door pocket… just in case. Could be the disinfectants that are legal to spray on restaurant food… that would certainly be something that you wouldn’t come in contact with at home. I hope you get to the bottom of the cause.

  19. 23


    Judy, one of the reasons it took years to identify some of my most troublesome allergies is that often I have no symptoms for 48 to 72 hours. Makes identification difficult.
    I’m so glad that you’re doing better!

  20. 24


    I’m certainly glad that you are doing ok now. I know how that can scare you. Son has an allergy to anything with asprin. Taken him to hospital more than once for that.
    Just thankful you were close to the hospital and are alright. Be careful coming back home.

  21. 25


    Both my boys have allergies and asthma but my hubby and myself don’t have either aflictions. Only one boy has been prescribes an epi-pen even though he spent most of his second year of life in the ER and then being admitted to the hospital, usually for a week at a time. This was 23 years ago and the doctor just got around to prescribing him an epi-pen. He has numerous food allergies including peanuts and eggs and is currently working as a cook. Go figure! He’s very careful about what he touches and even more careful about what he eats. So far, so good. But that pen never leaves his side. A couple of things about those pens is that they are a one-time use and they have an expiry date on them. Be sure to check yours. And then when you use the pen you are supposed to get medical care immediatley also. The pens are just supposed to treat you until either help arrives, like an ambulance, or you get to the nearest ER. I just thought that I’d let you know these things, in case you didn’t know about them. I hope you find out what’s causing your reactions. Just get the allergy tests. It’s not all that bad. Both boys had them when they were babies and then again in their teens.

  22. 26


    Oh my Judy! Do you know if it might be soy protein? It’s a very common allergan and they seem to put soy protein in everything nowadays. I’m severely allergic to it too. Imagine my surprise when I got really sick from eating some fish sticks I bought at Costco! Who in the world would expect them to put soy protein in fish? Fish is protein, right? Why do they need to supplement it? Anyway. I get that kind of reaction from the soy. I can have products with soy lecithin (a smoothing agent) and I can eat a bit of soy sauce with no reaction. Anything with soy protein, and I’m the elephant woman!