Shipshewana Retreat

Please go to Ruthie’s blog and check out a retreat she’s planning for October, 2010.

A little thought had been running through my mind about planning a retreat for quilting bloggers in my area but a bigger thought ran through my mind that I have a bit too much going on right now to plan anything.  While in Paducah, the four of us — Ruthie, Becky from KY and Elaine from Springfield, MO, began talking about getting together in Shipshewana for a retreat in 2010.  Ruthie put it all together for us and she’s been to this retreat place before and says it’s fantastic.

I assure you that Ruthie, Becky and Elaine are the sweetest, funniest girls you’ll ever meet.

If any of you are interested in attending, please check out Ruthie’s blog and get with Ruthie to get it all set up for you and your buddies to attend.



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    Cindy says

    You’ll love it. Lolly’s & Yoder’s for fabric. Jo Jo’s for a pretzell. Yoder’s has a meat and cheese place across the street from their department store. Restaurants like the Blue Gate, Das Essenhous, and Tiffany’s in Topeka.

    Clip Clop of horse’s hooves. Seeing all the horses and buggies at Subway.

    It’s a really fun place.

  2. 2

    Gina says

    come over to california for ronda beyer retreat here at my Inn! 8/21/09 Cambria! You know! Come on, it will be a blast!!! You can fly into san luis obispo, I’ll pick you up!

  3. 3


    It would be fun attending a retreat with you…… you ever plan on coming Northward……..seems like when you travel its east or south. Enjoy the retreat.

    Karen L

  4. 4


    You will absolutely love Shipshewana! Lolly’s and Yoder’s are a definite must, as well as the Blue Gate. Blue Gate has a great breakfast buffet. What would a retreat be without great food!

  5. 5

    Denise says

    Hmmm.. Judy – just for fun checked to see and Amtrak stops just 20 miles from Shipshewana …hmmmm something to contemplate…. 🙂

  6. 6

    Donna in KS says

    I left a comment on Ruthie’s blog. I am putting this on my calendar and planning to be there! What fun! I will have to see if I try to convince a friend from here to travel with me.