Week 29 Stash Report

A little stash enhancing for me this week.


Looks just like fabric I would buy, huh?  Nothing used this week, 8 yards added.

Used:  301 yards
Added:  87 yards
Net Used: 214 yards

How’d you do this week?

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    Evelyn says

    Wow, I didn’t realize you were so much in the positive for your stash busting this year! That sure is a lot of fabric to use! Pretty new enhancers there – I see that when you buy fabric it seems like you buy alot of yardage so you have enough for borders or backgrounds, etc.

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    I have stopped buy and I’m sewing. I used up about 3 yards. I have been loving the moda layer cakes and charm packs. Love the color choices on your purchases.

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    Just Me says

    I love reading this blog and realize I am in a different league.
    Not much stash here, just lots of kits or pieces for planned projects.
    In fact I am in the process of redoing my sewing room- big time- so I am cleaning out.
    I am buried in a mound of scraps that have 2 chances of getting used: Slim and None!!
    So I am donating most of it to the local Charity Thrift store in hopes someone will be able to use it.
    I doubt there is any hope of me getting up to the stash that I see others have.
    I have set my sights on sewing out the projects I have already planned.
    (I figure this plan will last about a week or two!!)

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    Debquilts says

    Well I am not part of the OFFICAL stash busting group. Mainly because I did not realize I had so much stash until a couple of Months ago.

    But I need to stash bust, So I am starting this week.

    00 yards in
    6.5 yards out

    So far so good


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    Here’s my report for the week……..I used nothing……I got to do some sewing but it was all other peoples stuff……I think I need to raise my hourly rate on those as I’m getting way to many bindings to sew on. Nothing was added either……..but one of these weeks when no one else needs my attention………I’m going shopping to buy some new fabric……actually, all i want to do is go to a quilt shop and just feel some new fabric………I don’t want to buy it…….just feel it.