Design Wall Monday – July 20, 2009

What’s on you design wall?  It doesn’t happen often but I have absolutely nothing to show.  Next week . . I’ll have something good I hope.

Please share a link to your blog post but be sure it’s to a specific post and not to your main blog.  Thanks!


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    I am working on a variation of your peaches and cream. I appliqued circles to solid materials, used your peaches/cream pattern down one side and am calling it Geometry. I’m trying to quilt it with triangles.

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    I know you’re out of your home state and having fun, so no design wall to post about. The kids and their quilts are cute. Did you go home for your father’s b-day specifically? Here’s my design wall link. I like having to change it. I’m still doing the grandchildren quilts but had to take a break and work on these pretty 30’s fabrics. When a pattern hits you in the face and says, “do me”, you have to drop everything and do it, right? I posted red white and blue ones last Monday of the Pat Speth method, with no comments. Check those out while you’re at my BLOG too.

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    that’s funny b/c I have N-O-T-H-I-N-G on mine too. 😉 I had heartstrings all up on it and showed a photo last week… but took them all down to mail off.

    Looking forward to hopefully getting something put up there this week as I finish off my 1930’s Jewel Box Blocks for a swap.

    Hope you have a great week Judy. Love from Texas! ~bonnie