I love my family but there’s no place like home.  My own bed; my own shower . . neither of which I’ve experienced yet today.  I left Lake Charles at 5:39 a.m. and arrived home at 5:45 p.m.  Long day on the road.  I was gone 12 days and while Vince and Chad did great with the house (that’s a bit of a stretch), they had dinner waiting for me but the white carpet had not been vacuumed in 12 days; the stairs had not been vacuumed in 12 days, the kitchen/hallway had not been swept in 12 days.  I didn’t know if the sheets on the bed had been washed so as soon as Vince left for class, I yanked the sheets off the bed, ran the vacuum cleaner, swept, dusted the bedroom and I think I’m about ready to drop!

My trip there was great.  The trip home . . I saw a dog get hit and I saw an 18 wheeler turned over and they hadn’t gotten the driver out yet.  Both those incidents had me in tears.

Mom got a Kindle while I was there and I think she has all the buttons figured out.  She’s scared she’s going to mess up something.  Dad got a new camera and Picasa installed on his desktop and laptop.  When I’m the one showing them how to work electronics . . we’re all in trouble!

I came home with a bunch of deer sausage from Kristy and her husband; eggplant, shrimp, shelled and frozen purple hull peas from mom and dad; and a big box of jars and lids from my aunt.  Stopped at a fruit stand in TX and bought peaches and figs.

Tomorrow I see the doctor to see what he says about the allergic reaction.  Then I think I’ll run up to the Amish store and see what I see up there.



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    Welcome home Judy. I can relate – as much as I love to visit friends and family I’m always glad to get home again. My dad used to say that his favorite vacation days were the day he left on vacation and the day he got home.
    Regarding the vacuuming/sweeping/etc. I think it’s a ‘man’ thing – unless it’s moving they don’t notice dust or dog hair. It was nice that they fixed dinner for you.
    Rest up.

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    I was snowed in today and didn’t see your email. But I was thinking about you all day — wondering where you were on your trip! Welcome home!

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    Hey, welcome home….but, but…. you got home after driving all day and then you did all that cleaning!!!!

    You deserve a medal….but, enjoy your own bed tonight!

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    Cindy says

    I hate to tell you this, but my house has not been swept for 12 days either… and I’ve been home every day.

    Was Speck glad to see you or is he going to make you pay for leaving him.

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    Susan says

    Hi Judy
    What allergic reaction? Got hives. Please don’t forget to mention the crabs to the doctor. Shellfish allergies can kill & once your start getting them, they get worse. Allergy testing gives false positives and negatives. Ask me how I know…
    Good luck.

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    Susan says

    Oh yeh, and the shrimp. by the way, that was a Got Hives?? a question, not a statement.

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    I’m glad you are home safely and had a nice trip. Since you were able to help mom and dad with the electronics, you must know more about electronic gadgets than you thought!!! GOOD for you!!

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    Oh, yes…..maybe the floors weren’t swept in 12 days because the two guys were so busy getting the chickens into their new coop?????????