Taste of Home

My friend Eileen doesn’t cook.  I don’t ever remember her cooking much . . not sure if she just doesn’t like to cook or if her husband likes to cook so much that she just handed over kitchen duties to him.  Ever since I first met them, Roger was the cook at their house.

Over the weekend Roger had a crab/shrimp boil.


There were also big shrimp, yummy potatoes and corn but as soon as I saw the crabs, I put the camera away, rolled up my sleeves and went to work on the crabs.  They were so full and so good!

Roger also made creme brulee!  It was the best creme brulee I’ve ever had!


And, it was their daughter-in-law’s birthday!


Three kids and probably 15 years later, Amy is cuter and sweeter than I remember her being when she and Rick were dating.

Family, friends and great food . . it wasn’t easy leaving Louisiana!



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    It was a great time! I’ll send you pictures I took later today. Miss you and hope you are having a safe trip home with no bridges to surprise you. I know Chad and Vince and Speck are ready to have you back!