Louisana Accomplishments

I truly thought I’d get some sewing done while at mom’s but I never touched the sewing machine.  I brought 4 quilts that needed the binding finished and had planned to do those but . . did I say that I never touched the sewing machine? Nothing quilt related to show.  Mom has the Go Cutter and I thought I’d play around with that but didn’t do that either.  What did I do for 10 days?  I read, I knitted, I ate, I visited with family and friends . . it was a great vacation.  I did accomplish a couple of little things.  I helped Dad with his new camera; loaded Picasa on his desktop and laptop and showed him how to use it; helped Mom learn to use her Kindle and I knitted a bit.  Oh, I helped wash dishes once!

I knitted the second pink sock.


I knitted one sock out of my newest yarn.


Back to reality now . . cooking, cleaning, laundry and . . quilting! 🙂



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    It’s nice that you just RELAXED and enjoyed your trip so much. As for the “reality” of housework, I have learned that it’s always there when I’m ready to do it and……if I choose to do something else instead, I DO it.

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    Marilyn says

    You are one busy girl , I wish I had your energy. It sure sounds like
    you had the best kind of vacation family and good times.

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      Pam says

      Agree with Vicky. Vacations are for relaxation and rejuvenation and it sounds like you accomplished that.

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    pdudgeon says

    LOL i’ll second that! vacations are for fun and relaxing and being with family and friends. sounds like you put your time to very good use doing exactly that.

    (oh yea, and eating lots of steamed crabs! can’t forget those)

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    Angie says

    Nice socks! Your Mom & Dad sound like they are enjoying life! Glad you could spend time with them and you had a nice break from cooking, cleaning, laundry and yes, even quilting needs a break sometime!

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    Evelyn says

    Too many people need a vacation to recover from vacation! Sounds like you had my kind of kick-back, relax and visit vacation. Knitting is very social and relaxing – often times in Austria I knit while visiting because I struggle with keeping up with the German language, so knitting is a good filler for me when the family really gets going and I lose the thread!

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    Sounds like a great vacation to me. Just doing nothing is the best kind of vacation. I am sure you are rested up for another year of all of the activities you are engaged in, thank heavens for we, the lucky souls you give so much information to.

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    I think you did the really important things—–really being with your mom and dad and doing things for them that they probably wouldn’t do if you hadn’t been there. What a great daughter you are to them. God bless all of you.