The Best Part of My Day

Yesterday was such a good day!  I had the best news to tell my mom and dad and my friend but we played phone tag and I never did talk to her and she’s busy today getting ready to go out of town so she’ll just have to read my great news instead of hearing it from me personally!

What was so exciting yesterday?  Was it that I put up 10 quarts of frozen peaches, though I forgot to take a picture?  No!

Was it that my spaghetti sauce simmered all day and my house smelled so good that I almost forgot that I don’t like spaghetti sauce?


That was good, but that wasn’t what had me jumping for joy!

Was it that all 12 quarts of spaghetti sauce sealed without problems?


Nope, I’m always happy when all my jars seal but that wasn’t what had me grabbing my phone to share my good news.

Was it that I made a blackberry clafouti to celebrate the end of the summer semester for Vince?


Nope, it was yummy but that wasn’t what had me singing in the rain (though it wasn’t really raining!).

Was it that my new cake pans arrived?


Nope, but I can’t wait to make a beautiful cakes using these pans.

Was it that I made 7 more quarts of tomato soup?


Nope, not even another 7 quarts of tomato soup had me all fired up.  Again, I was really happy all 7 jars sealed though.

Was it having just enough soup left over to have a bowl for myself?


I’ll bet that in a  million years, I couldn’t do that again . . without measuring, dump tomato juice into a pot, simmer it all day and end up with 7 quarts of soup with just enough left over for me to have one little bowl for myself.  I did that two nights in a row.  I amaze myself sometimes!  🙂   But, nope, not even that is what had me so excited.

Could it have been . .


Oh, yes!  One little egg from one little hen!  I don’t even know which one left this for me but I’m betting it was a Gold Star.  I have thanked them all and fed them an extra helping of tomato pulp, which they love.

I was so afraid they were going to lay before I got home from Louisiana but they waited for me!  They do love me . . don’t they?  🙂  I told Vince they were going to lay before they got into their new home but in fairness to Vince (and you all know I’m always fair to Vince!) . . the house is ready but he waited til I got back so I could see their faces when they see their new home and since I got back late Monday, we decided to move them over the weekend.  And, Vince read that they don’t lay til they’re 5 months old.  I read that they lay between 4 and 5 months.  Vince was determined he was right and they wouldn’t be laying til exactly their 5 month birthday hatchday, which would have them laying on August 24.  He was wrong; I was right!   Isn’t that wonderful?  (that he was wrong and I was right . . not that I got an egg!)

I have my very first egg from my very own chickens and I’m so excited.  The whole truth is . . I’m a bit afraid to crack it though. I can’t wait til I can go out there with a basket and get 8 or 10 eggs.



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      I love my chickens! I was a bit concerned that after I got them, I might wish I hadn’t since I had begged for them for so long and Vince wasn’t as crazy about getting them as I was but we both are so happy to have them.

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    Julie says

    It’s a beautiful egg! I am sure that the little lady must have waited just for you! I’m envious – I just have to settle for cage free eggs from Sprouts – the farm market – a chain store with wonderful produce! Who gets to eat the first egg?

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      I’m able to buy fresh eggs from the Amish and if we stopped to consider the cost of our eggs, we’d probably bonk ourselves on the head but we’re happy to have our chickens.

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    Laura says

    I am excited for you. Who will get the egg to eat, the number one construction worker?

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    Marilyn says

    That is something to be excited about but,that blackberry clafouti
    looks awful darn good to me. I hate to say it but maybe better
    than the egg.

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    Sandy says

    How exciting! Your first egg! And to think they were waiting for “mama” to get home before they did it. I bet you will be eating fresh eggs daily before long.

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    Yeah for the first egg!!! (I can’t wait to use my cute red basket for collecting eggs. ) And yeah for being right! And how sweet is he to wait for you to get home before moving day and that hen, waiting for you to give her gift… Lucky you.

    You are such a busy girl! Look at all the beautiful red goodness. And blackberry clafouti!!! Yum, yum, yum 🙂

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    Gosh, I’m plumb worn out reading all that you did! Congrats on your egg! Your little chickies are big girls now! xo

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    Jerzydeb says

    I think you should blow out the egg – and decorate it with you favorite chickenish quilt pattern and put it in it’s very own shadow box on the coffeee table – course, then you could make the box it’s very own tiny quilt to keep said egg shell warm during the cold months ….

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    Madison says

    Finally! The announcement many of us have been waiting to hear. Since the first egg is so very special, it should definitely be **coddled**! 😉

    Congrats, Judy!

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      I was afraid I was going to break it before getting the picture! I’d heard that some first eggs are real soft and even mushy so I wouldn’t even pick it up . . had Vince do that!

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    Glenda says

    CONGRATS !!!! You are right, the gold star laid that one. Soon they will lay one a day, sometimes every other day. They will get larger as they lay more. Now’s the time to switch them to Layena. We mix scratch and Layena together for them after they start laying. Oh, those beautiful large black chicks I showed you, they’re ROOSTERS !!!! Want one or two ? Glenda

  10. 17


    …and here we all are cackling over this one little egg like a bunch of, well, face it – hens!

    congratulations on that first egg. we’ll all want pictures of the chookies in their new condo of course.

  11. 18


    Man, the suspense of this post about killed me!! Great egg…and trust me, it’s not just anyone who carefully arranges an egg on a hand knitted dishcloth and takes a pictures of it to share with all of us online. Now it will be interesting to see if all of them start laying or if they wait until Vince’s “hatchday” deadline & the one who laid this one is just an overachiever.

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    Bobbie says

    Happy Day-be sure and mark it on your calender. I’m glad your not having any roosters–I liked to died the 1st. time I broke a egg with the start of a chick in it. Couldn’t eat a boiled egg until I found a lady that candles her eggs and knew no babies in there. I have found 2 ladies right close to me that sells fresh eggs, so I’m not pouting so much over not getting my very own chickens. Hugs, Bobbie–$2.00 a dozen in case your wondering.

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    YAY….what GREAT news, Judy. (Halfway through the post, I suspected your happy news involved the chickens, but I thought it was them getting into the new house….didn’t dream it was an egg already!!! Yippeeeee!!! Thanks for sharing this news with us and it looks like such a PRETTY egg the way you “posed” it for the photo. 🙂

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    Norma says

    Wow, Judy that is exciting. After all of Vince’s and your hard work you are finally rewarded!

    I’m wondering why some of the jars don’t always seal? This week I’ve made pepper jelly and fig preserves and had the same problem and don’t know what the problem is. Any insight on this or suggestions?


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    Rebecca says

    It’s what you’ve been waiting for! How exciting is that. I think I’ll forward this to a friend who just acquired chickens…I was telling her about Vince’s Deeluxe chicken house.

    Oh, dear! One of the ads at the top of the page is titled “Egg McMuffin”.

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    Brenda says

    Judy your joy in the moment was lovely to read about May you soon have a basket groaning with eggs.

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    dawn says

    Judy and the golden egg

    Judy had some hens
    and kept them fed and fat
    Hubby built them a home
    and this house was all that!

    One day her sweet girls
    surprised her as she fed
    A cute first time egg
    lay in the old straw bed.

    Now Judy was excited
    how would she cook the first
    scramble,boil or poached
    nope, it fell … and she cursed!

    only kidding. congrats on the first egg! how exciting…..your girls DO love you.
    (and you wont drop them, I promise) LOL

    Dawn in MA

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    Eve says

    Congratulations, Mama!!! That’s such a pretty egg, and I love how you laid it out for the pic!
    Man, that just makes me miss eggs even more than I already did!!

    And I love the idea about blowing out the egg and then decorating the shell!! My Grandmother made some absolutely gorgeous ornaments that way for many, many years. I have two, but my Daddy (her DSIL, NOT her DS!!) has an entire tree’s worth!! Eve

  19. 28

    Lynn Kelly says

    Where in the H _ _ _ do you get all the time to do that much in ONE day?

    Oh, you didn’t quilt that day! I got it!


  20. 29

    Lynn Kelly says

    Did you know…………. that those hens have about 5 more eggs in the egg duct while they are laying THAT one?

    I loved it when I had chickens! And I loved getting the eggs.

    Our daughters gathered them most of the time. One day my daughter (age 9) went out to gather and I heard her screaming her lungs out! “A snake! A snake! Mommie, there’s a snake in the hen house and he’s got one of the eggs in his mouth!”

    Of course, being the protective mother, I ran and got MY FATHER (who had just an an aneurysm repaired in his chest) and he killed the snake! We rescued the egg in his mouth as it popped out when Dad hit the snake. Not even cracked yet. There were 2 more in his body we noticed later.


    Live and learn.


  21. 31


    ROTFLMAO, I love it that YOU are RIGHT…….. Catching my breath here, I would be afraid to break the egg too, I think Vince should make you a nice warm egg sandwich, yummmm, maybe I need one sounds good… Still laughing, mark your calendar….

  22. 33


    Woohoo, hope you enjoy the egg. What a busy day you had too. I made a Tiramisu yesterday to take to a dinner today, and thought I was positively a Domestic Goddess, but you did more in your kitchen in one day than I do in a year I think.

  23. 34

    CAROL C says

    i really like those pans, and have NEVER seen anything like them, can you share where you got them?

    and not to be brown noseing-but one part of my day I rather save for night time to have a little enjoyment without
    any hassle is to save your blog send and read it. it really
    makes the end of the day worth it. thanks

  24. 36


    Got behind on my reading and didn’t even see this egg post! Congratulations on eggness.* I must now sing you the Eggness Song:

    Happy eggness to you
    Happy eggness to you
    Happy eggness, many more
    Happy eggness to you.

    *eggness: That sublime state of being when one’s laying hens are producing.

  25. 37


    LOL what a great post! 🙂

    I will can one batch a day of whatever. period. You’re my hero!