Men are From Where?

Just a note . . I’m not complaining about the 2.9% charge.  I understand it completely.  The school is passing along a cost which is the cost the company collecting the money is charging them.  I can easily pay by check and would rather do that than pay the extra 2.9% but I left my checkbook in Louisiana and so far haven’t been able to find my extra checks.  I told mom “just keep it til I’m back home . . I never write checks!”  Guess I’d better start looking for those extra checks!

I think saying men are from Mars might be giving them too much credit! 🙂  Not that we’re in the midst of a family dispute or anything but read this scenario and tell me if you understand exactly what I meant.

Yesterday Chad received a packet from school.  Last night Chad and I were going over all the info.  Vince was sitting in the living room, hearing and knowing what we were doing.  I said:

Oh, if we pay dorm and/or tuition by credit card, they’re going to add 2.9%.

If you understand what that means, please just respond by saying . . I understand.

If it isn’t totally clear, knowing the times in which we live with the economy and all and you think  . .

  • maybe if we use our credit card, the school is going to give us a 2.9% bonus
  • maybe if we use our credit card, the school is going to raise Chad’s GPA by 2.9%
  • maybe if we use our credit card, the credit card company is going to give us back an extra 2.9%

If even 25% of you don’t understand my statement, then I’ll accept that I was wrong.  If most of you understand my statement, my husband is living on bread and water for a month  .. bread that he buys from Wal-Mart and water from the sewer!  🙂



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    Gwynette says

    Judy, men do NOT listen to us. If they do, they only pick out the parts they WANT to hear. I understand!!! I live with a man…….. ‘Nough said…LOL

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    Gee, it looks like the school is planning on charging you the merchant fee that they have to pay for accepting a credit card.

    Did I understand or am I with Vince (in the dog house)???

    In peace & pieces,

    Sherry V.

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    CindyC says

    I understand. I have to tell people that at work all the time. The merchant fee is collected by the agency offering the service; not the school.

    He’s just not thinking it through.

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    I understood it to mean that they will be charging more if you use the credit card. Sad how it has come to that.
    PS~ congrat’s on your first egg!

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    I understand!!!!! The University my daughter is attending is doing the same thing.

    Do you ever feel like they are some things you shouldn’t discuss together? Its just easier to go ahead and do it and not discuss it.

    Karen L

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    Lynn H. says

    I understand but it seems like a hard concept for them to get – like if you use an ABM that is not you own bank card then you get charged service charges at each end – had to show that to my three univeristy age children many times – added up the charges on the bank statments and showed them how much extra money they would have had each month – I got ” Oh MOM ! “

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    I understand.

    They are passing the merchant fee onto the user. Haven’t they passed by the big trucker gas stations with the blinking signs that state “one price for cash and a higher one for credit”?

    However, I can remember a long time ago when reviewing the bank agreement for credit cards that it was specifically stated that we had to accept all cc payments, regardless of size and that we could not pass the merchant fee along. So, times have changed.

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    I understand.

    They are passing the merchant fee onto the user. Haven’t they passed by the big trucker gas stations with the blinking signs that state “one price for cash and a higher one for credit”?

    However, I can remember a long time ago when reviewing the bank agreement for credit cards that it was specifically stated that we had to accept all cc payments, regardless of size and that we could not pass the merchant fee along. So, times have changed.

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    Penny says

    I understand, we have that a lot in the UK. You book tickets online say, and the company charges you for using a card. How else do you pay over the net? We don’t get it in “proper”shops and businesses though. (yet) It seems a bit mean on the part of the college/uni though. Its expensive enough to send your kids off to college without extra charges.
    I love reading your blog – I’ve been stuck at home following foot surgery and have really enjoyed my forays into blogland. I’m not sure how you find the time to do all that you do, puts the rest of us to shame!

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    Cindy says

    Maybe it was your tone of voice. If you said it like you were saying you found out that first egg was really made of gold, then I guess he could have been listening to your tone and not the content.

    Was it one of those, “But that was NOT what you said, you said, blah, blah, blah!” kind of arguments?

    I hate those.

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    Tricia says

    I understand. The school is passing on to you the 2.9% fee that the credit card company charges to use your card.

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    I understood you perfectly, but I don’t think you can make a blanket statement about “men” on this one — because I know my engineer/farmer husband would have gotten it too…

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    As my grandma was overheard saying, “He takes a lof of crap from her.” The bread from WM is edible, so he will live. 2.9% is a lot when you are talking tuition & dorm rates…

  14. 28


    I understand.

    Maybe he should have to deal with the finances until he gets it. 🙂

    My husband keeps trying that one on me – maybe I should have to wash the windows until I learn to do it without streaks. I say he already is an expert at it, and why do we need two experts at window washing?

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    Linda says

    I totally understand…but men have their own logic, at least I suppose it makes sense to them!!LOL

  16. 30


    I understand what you meant and I am here to tell you that men (especially husbands) have selective hearing and block us out a LOT.

  17. 31


    I think I understand, but then maybe I don’t understand? If you use your credit card to pay tuition/board there is a 2.9% fee added to the cost. Why was this so hard to understand?

    It is rediculous to think that the school CHARGES for you to use your credit card. How many people can pay cash?, whether it be by check or debit card?

    And most likely your credit card is going to go through. Wonder how many checks bounce?

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    Karleen Taylor says

    I understand that it will cost you an additional 2.9% if you pay with your credit card. My husband is an electrical engineer and as smart as he is he would not understand this until he had asked me about 4 questions. Eerrgghh.

  19. 36

    pdudgeon says

    i understand.
    now if he thought you got a super deal with a new low rate of 2.9% interest on your credit card, then i would worry! LOL

  20. 37


    I understand.

    We are seeing more and more “Convience Fees” here for using your credit card instead of cash. A lot of time it is the same amount that the credit card companies charge as the merchant fee. We even have one fast food chain that charges $2 everytime you use your ATM or Credit Card.

  21. 39


    I understand…. it was perfectly clear to me that you were saying they will add a surcharge to your total for the privelege of paying by credit card.

    Men are NOT from Mars… they are from another Universe!!

  22. 40

    Linda Zeider says

    Sorry I agree with hubby. More and more places are doing this. My LQS won’t use Discover because they charge so much. Soory I guess I’m in the doghouse too.


  23. 41

    Barb in MI says

    I understand, Judy! Maybe it’s time to give Vince a lesson in credit card fees! LOL

    Barb in MI

  24. 43

    Lizzy Hentze says

    Even when your comment travelled half way round the world and forward in time(!) to Australia, I understood! Oh well, I am sure Vince will come to appreciate the taste of your home cooked meals and fresh water even more next week!!

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    Cindy B says

    I understand. You will be paying more if you use the credit card. Stores add the credit card pay fee to the cost of all items, consumers just don’t realize it. Of course no option to pay less if you don’t pay with credit card. At least the school is fair in letting you know you can pay less.

  26. 45

    CAROL C says

    i understand

    our tMobile bill, or our DISH bill they charge us extra if we pay cash or a credit card, 2.00 on the phn bill if we pay cash
    they dont even take a credit card at this location-so we get
    charged to pay locally! I think its the pits. and getting to be a real PIA, they charge us to pay the dern bills! and DISH is 5.00 ! with the credit card on the phone. its ditzy

  27. 47

    Lydia says

    I understand.

    My husband wouldn’t get it from overhearing a conversation, either. He’d take telling a couple of times, and have to ask a few questions. But then I handle the money in our house, so he doesn’t get involved in all of that.

  28. 50

    patchkat ~ Susan in TX says

    Looks like you’re going to pay the Credit Card fee FOR the University (to accept the payment through a Credit Card). They’re going to get the tuition + the Credit Card fee!!!

  29. 51

    Evelyn says

    I think it is against the merchant agreements to charge an additional fee for using a credit card. I would find out who the merchant is from the school and call that company directly to find out. If you ask me – I would want to use my credit card because of the points – I always pay my charges off, and last year I got enough gift certificates from Best Buy to buy a new laptop of my choice. Right now I have 3 nights at the Ritz Carlton (isn’t going to happen anytime soon, but it gives me something to look forward to!). I know a commercial fisherman who puts all his diesel on a card – and goes on vacation every year – all completely paid for in points. Cash may be King, but there are no additional perks.

  30. 52

    Sheila says

    I understood your comment.

    Aside from Vince’s misunderstanding, if this were worded as $xxxx for costs (including the 2.9% rise) with a discount for paying cash/check, is that not the same? What would we do if it was fabric?? lol

  31. 53


    That’s how it works at SDSU. But it kinda makes you want to get a wheelbarrow and pay in quarters. On the other hand, if your credit card purchases gain you cash or fabric back…

    We do have an option for electronic debit to a checking account that will avoid the upcharge.

  32. 54

    Kristin Farwig says

    I also understood exactly what you meant.

    Greenville Tech charged me $15.00 to pay my tuition by credit card. I didn’t think that was right, so I called Bank of America, which issued my VISA card, and they refunded my $15.00.

    Kristin Farwig

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    Regina says

    I understand you completely and I hate, hate, hate when orgs charge you for their credit card fee. Our school district started letting us charge school lunch with our credit card for a fee. Why in the world would I do this when I can send a check to school for free 🙂 Now if only the 9 year old would remember to give it to the lunch lady….

  34. 57


    I forgot to add—-they would be ahead with the credit card because they would not have to deal with chance of a bad check or waiting for check to clear, etc.