The One That Didn’t Get Away

Look at the size of this fish!


24″ but we didn’t weigh it.  Chad could fish every single day and never get tired of it.

And, look at these jeans.  I don’t think even Tide could get them clean!


He had spent two mornings helping his friends re-surface an asphalt driveway at their church in Schell City.  Then . . “Mr. Loves to Dress Up” wore these clothes to Springfield to return the rented equipment and went out to eat looking like this.  Nasty!!  Once they got back to Schell City, they couldn’t stand it any longer . . 2 days without fishing and this is what he came home with.

The fish was cleaned and went in the freezer; the jeans went in the garbage!



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    What a good friend Chad is to help with asphalt…..nasty, stinky job! And then to be rewarded with an awesome fish like that, it was a good day!

    That fish just needs some lemon and onion and wrapped in foil and placed on that bbq. 🙂

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    LOL!! I have a die-hard fisherman in one of my sons too. He’ll drop a line in a mud puddle if that’s the only water around!! Luckily, he lives in Florida now, so he’s never far from water!!

    I would have thrown the jeans in the garbage too, but with my kid, I’d have to fight him for them first!!

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    Marsha says

    Which church in Schell City. That is my hometown. Love lyour stories about your chickens. Marsha

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    Ronda K Beyer says

    I love the smile, you know I think the older Chad gets the more handsome he becomes and look at his tan… I remember my son smiling like that he loved to fish and hunt and I remember being one proud Mommy too…….
    WooHooo Chad you go, come on out her with your Mom to Oregon the fishing salmon fishing is starting here soon, now those are some big fish, you can also fish for Sturgeon and if you get lucky you can hook one that is 9 feet long, you cannot keep them but you will feel your age even at 18 fighting on of those for 2 hours to the boat, then I look at the ugly things and think and I used to waterski here and these things really do exist Ewwww…..

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    Chris says

    I’ve been married to my sweet forester for 37 1/2 years, and I’ve seen pants like that on a daily basis. Soak, wash on heavy, and rinse twice. I’d have to throw away every pair he has otherwise. (And I don’t wash his pickups–4-wheel drives in mud up to the running boards when the road thaws after they’ve gone in…)

    Chris in (the wilds of) Idaho

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    CAROL C says

    cute guy, great fish
    now those jeans could use some oxi clean and be cut up for a rag quilt for the fishing guy