Mr. Linky, Eggs, Whatever

First, if anyone of you in blogland lives near Cassville, MO, will you please write me an email?  Thanks!

Don’t ask my why Mr. Linky isn’t working and I don’t have time to try to figure it out now. I’m doing what I’ve always done and had hoped last week’s problems were because I was out of town . . don’t ask me why I thought that but obviously, that isn’t the problem. We’ve come too far with the stash reports to stop now and I like seeing everyone’s design wall and it motivates me to have new stuff on my own design wall and maybe . . when I’m home for a few days each week, it will motivate me to finish some projects.

Tomorrow I leave again so when I get back, I’ll see if I can figure out Mr. Linky’s problem.

About the eggs . . several have commented that they do not have to be refrigerated.  They do not but they will last longer if they are refrigerated.  Once my chickens start laying, I’ll get up to four dozen eggs a week during peak season from them.  With 10 chickens, from what we’ve been told, we’ll get 5 eggs per week from each chicken.  That’s probably about max . . it may slack off some with longer nights of winter and higher temps of summer or stress caused by the mean hen that may result in me having only nine chickens! 🙂

Sandy, one of my blog readers, sent me this article from Mother Earth news about storing eggs.  It’s an excellent article and fun to read.  The bottom line for me is . . if I’m getting fresh eggs a dozen or two at a time, leaving them at room temp is fine but if I’m getting lots of eggs or starting with eggs that have already been in the fridge, I think they’re best stored in the fridge.



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    Cindy B says

    My grandmother told me her mother would coat the fresh eggs in paraffin to give them a long shelf life. No air to get in the shells to cause decay. She had no fridge just a root cellar. I do know you never wash fresh laid eggs until ready to use. I don’t know if this is reasonable these days but in case you ever have to keep eggs for a long time……..