Moving Day



The screens were on the windows.  The “tunnel” was built.  Moving day had finally arrived.  Excitement was building.  I’d been outside a dozen times saying “Is it time yet?”  Chad had helped.  The chickens  . . I’m sure they were excited too!  Sunday afternoon, Vince announced that it was time move the chickens!


The gates were opened and they began their trek to their new home.


Slowly . . they all made their way up to the top of the stairs.


They were a bit apprehensive!  Was there a pot of boiling water inside this building?  Not a single chicken rushed in to check out their new home.


Hmmm . . looks interesting!


Two, maybe three chickens entered the coop.  They seemed to like what they saw.


Well, look at that!  One little red hen hopped right up in a nesting box and fluffed and flittered and decided she might just stay there.


Can’t a girl get a little peace and quiet . . while trying to sit on her nest . . even if there are no eggs in the nest?

They all exited the castle and went back into their run and pretended the castle did not exist.  No one mentioned it; no one looked at it  . . they just stayed in the run and ate fresh grass.

Darkness began to fall and they were still avoiding the new coop.  They were always on their roost in the box by about 8:45.  By 9:15, not only were they not in the new coop but they were truly frustrated.  They wanted their old wooden box . . the one where they were scrunched up on the roost like sardines and if anyone got off the roost, it was a hen fight to find a spot on that roost again.  Have you ever seen 10 chickens in full panic mode?  They were flying around running into each other, making the most awful noises but they weren’t about to get in that new coop.  We weren’t about to leave them in the run for the night as it isn’t terribly secure from those critters living just beyond the property line . . waiting for a meal of fresh chicken.

OK .. this has gotten too long.   I’ll finish it soon.



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    OH, darn….I’ll be asleep by the time you finish this (and probably not able to check blogs again until later tomorrow). I’m thinking Judy went to the rescue?????

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    Gwynette says

    We always put our new chickens in the coop and close them in for a couple of days until they are used to their new home, THEN let them out. After roosting in the new castle for a couple of nights, they are eager to return to it after the first day out.

  3. 9


    I want the rest of the story!!!!!!!!!

    Are those lights outside in the overhang ceiling? If they are, you have yourself one super smart builder! 🙂

  4. 11

    Linda C says

    Cliffhanger! Aaa!

    …stay tuned for the continuing saga of the House that Vince Built!

  5. 12

    peggy says

    I’m waiting with everyone else! Dang, I have to go to work for 12 hours. I won’t find out the end until after 7:30 PM PDT. I hope the conclusion to the drama is here when I come home!

  6. 14


    LOL. I’m waiting with everyone else!

    It just occurred to me — how do you get the eggs out of the new castle?

    • 14.1


      The purple board under the windows raises up and the nesting boxes are under there. I just raise that board and grab my eggs before a chicken escapes.

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    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    Well-written suspense story!

    Stay tuned for the next chapter in our thrilling saga of “To Be A Chicken in the Castle.”

  8. 18

    Linda (Petey) says

    Oh, I HATE cliffhangers!
    Maybe it is like at our house…the poor old hen doesn’t know how good she has it until cocky rooster explains it. They settle in, kick back, and live happily ever after (40 years coming up Aug. 15…yikes…that is only days away now)!
    O.K. Judy, tell us how your story goes.

  9. 20

    Just Me says

    Inquiring minds want to know!!! Let us know the outcome soon or the chickens won’t be the only ones not sleeping!!!