Life in the New Coop

Moving day had arrived.  The coop had been inspected by a few chickens but when it was time to actually get in the coop for the night, it just wasn’t happening.  By 10 p.m., we were sure the chickens weren’t going in on their own.  We tried leading them in with the flashlight.  Sometimes they’ll follow a light.  They followed right up to the door of the coop and then they “flew the coop”!  They wanted nothing to do with it.  Vince decided he’d run to Wal-Mart and get battery powered lanterns and put inside.  Maybe the chickens would be attracted to the light and feel more comfortable.  The solar panels aren’t hooked up yet so something battery powered was all we could use.

In the meantime, I had tried everything I could think of.  I had caught a few of them and put them in the coop through the door, with the hatch door down so they couldn’t get back out.  They were all scared to death and I hated doing that to them.  Chad came out and decided he’d crawl into the run, catch them one by one, hand them to me and I could put them in the coop.   That was fine til we got down to the last chicken.  You know which one it was . . Smokey!  I’m scared of that chicken so Chad had to catch her, and then he had to get himself and the chicken out of the run and put Smokey in the coop.


By the time Vince got home with his battery powered LED lanterns, Chad and I had all the chickens in the coop and we were hot, sweaty and tired!    See that little lantern in the window?  We leave it on for them every night.

Monday morning I was leaving to go out of town and I knew I’d wake up and find they’d all had heart attacks after all that excitement.  I’m happy to report that they were all alive and well, and didn’t seem upset or frustrated at all.  I walked out to the coop to check for eggs several times before leaving and each time, the 6 gold stars strutted right into the coop, hopped up into the nesting boxes so they were eye ball to eye ball with me when I opened the egg door.  In fact, Tuesday night one of them came sailing out of the nesting box, right onto the ground, while Vince had the egg door open.  The gold stars just can’t get close enough to us but they are easy to catch . . they just want to be held.

I was out of town Monday night but Vince said the chickens were in the coop . . calm, cool and collected . . before 8:30.  This is how I found them Tuesday night.


They’re now perfectly happy in their new home.  I’m thrilled that they’re in their new home and I’m sure Vince is more than thrilled to be done with this project.


Just look at that face!  Don’t  you think she’s thrilled with her new home?

By the way, 2 more eggs were laid Tuesday, for a total of 6 eggs now.  I believe I have two hens laying.  For those who told me that their combs get redder when they start laying . . I do have two with really red combs.



  1. 1


    I really wish there was video to go with this story. 🙂 Chad backing down with Smokey would have been fun to see. Did you ever think you would be so passionate about chickens? You should write a book about your chicken adventure.
    Keep the stories coming.

  2. 2

    Toni says

    Now we have heard the whole story. What an adventure the chicks and humans have had. We all enjoyed this saga so much.

  3. 3


    I too have enjoyed reading about the chickens! What fun. And what lucky, lucky chickens they are to have a mama that worries about them so much. Love the pictures too; thanks for sharing your chicken adventures!

  4. 6

    pdudgeon says

    what an adventure. so glad your chickens have finally managed to come to their new home to roost.

  5. 8


    Watching Chad crawling around in the run catching chickens must have been interesting, to say the least. Not a soul could say that you don’t go all out for your chickens.

  6. 9


    And all is well that ends well, as the saying goes. I too have enjoyed the chicken saga. By the way, have you eaten any of the eggs yet? Do they taste divine?

  7. 10


    There’s nothing great than “first timer” stories on the farm… or even in town. LOL Thanks for sharing, and I’m glad the chickens are finally roosting in the castle!

  8. 11

    Carol says

    I’m with Judy; a video of the latest episode in the Chicken Saga would have been hysterical. Have you thought about reality TV? Just kidding. Keep the stories coming. Thanks again for sharing and bringing smiles to our faces.

  9. 12

    Norma says

    I agree with Judy, you should write a book. This story has fascinated the adults but what a wonderful children’s book complete with illustrations this would be.

    I have a feeling this saga’s not over yet.