Rarely . . I Quilt!

Does it seem to you like it’s been forever since I had a quilt related post?  Well, it seems that way to me too.

Remember when I had to hurry up and make a quilt because I couldn’t find the blocks I’d already made and had a deadline?  This week I received the quilt back from Kansas City Star.


Simple framed pinwheels and one of the borders I shared in this post.   I even used leftover strips for the binding.  Maybe eventually I’ll come across the first set of blocks (and my ipod) and I’ll have two quilts! 🙂



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    Norma says

    Oh Judy, what a colorful quilt. Love the borders, they look so complicated but I’ll bet they are strip pieced. Your other blocks and ipod will turn up eventually. You probably just put them in a safe place.

    It’s great fun reading about your daily adventures, you have such a captivating way of writing about them.

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    sorry if I’m the only one who is a little mixed up when you say that they sent it back….. sent it back b/c they were finnished using it? or sent back b/c they didn’t use it? Maybe I’m just not awake yet to read it correctly ?

    Reguardless it is so bright and so very you 😉 I really like the boarders on it 😉 and you are right I’m sure those 1st blocks are right there beside your other ipod jamin 😉 as they hide from you.

    Have a great day & Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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      I’m sorry. I most of the time know in my head what I’m thinking but it doesn’t always come across in my words. Kansas City Star needed the quilt to photograph and once it was photographed, they returned it to me.

      • says

        oh good… that was what I was thinking but then second guessed myself when I read it… It was probably that I hadn’t woken up 100% yet this am 😉 LOL

        It will be exciting to see it in their next book coming out. Lucky you to have a quilt in it and receive a free copy. 😉

        Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    What a great quilt to see first thing in the morning! I love the bright colors and the geometry. My day just got a little better.

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    pdudgeon says

    the border definitely adds to the quilt, but i really love how you framed each block with sashing of the same color that was in the block. That’s what turns an ordinary pinwheel into something extraordinary. Great job, Judy!

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    Nancy Page says

    Love the quilt. The borders make it pop. Great design. Thanks for sharing.

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    JoanS says

    Gorgeous quilt!! And I think the chicken stories are real hoots – or should I say clucks?!

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    Linda C says

    Ooo that’s pretty! Like another poster I really think the sashing makes the quilt. Sparkly!

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    Becky in GA says

    Georgous quilt! I really do like the way you use color. Keep up the good work.

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    Valerie says

    Judy your quilt and border are wonderful! I loved your post about the borders. It is very helpful! I am new to your site so I don’t know much about what you do. Do you ever teach classes at the quilt shows? I just attended the Long Beach International Quilt show and took two classes which were great! I think you would be a wonderful addition! I appreciate your writing style and helpful tips.


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    Very pretty! I like the use of the same color for the framing as used for the pinwheels…all your colors are great.